Sunday, August 3, 2014

Singapore Trip

The iconic Merlion @ Merlion Park adjacent to One Fullerton
Have I been to Singapore? YES!

Like finally after so many years. I've been wanting to visit the neighbouring country for such a long time, merely because I watch Singaporean production when I was younger, and heard a lot about the country through my friends.

The only reason why I didn't get to go would be the currency. Their currency rate is about RM2.58 = SGD1, which is slightly not affordable for us. This is also why my family never thought of bringing us over.

Maxwell Food Centre @ the heart of China Town
(Located at Kadayanallur Street Road in the Raffles Place District)
Due to the lack of sleep the night before in order to catch the morning flight, we decided to change the original plan of visiting the Gardens of the Bay to visiting Clarke Quay. Dinner was settled in Maxwell Food Centre, which is one of my go-to destination. My tour guide (who has been in Singapore for more than 7 times) went to queue for the famous Chicken Rice and waited for almost 30 minutes for a plate of chicken rice.

To be honest, I cannot tell if this is the famous stall, but there is this saying amongst the friends, "whenever you see a queue, follow and you will never go wrong". But in my opinion, the plate of chicken rice to me was just normal, not sure about Ivan (my personal tour guide).

Clarke Quay is quite a nice place, it somehow reminds me of Darling Harbour in Sydney. Stroll along the riverside you can see a lot of restaurants and drinking place. There are a lot of people especially couples who sits around the riverside and talk whole night.

I wouldn't mind drinking at one of the pubs if I am earning their currency, the environment and ambience is just awesome. Just choose a perfect corner, order a drink and begin to people watch, quite cool don't you think? Maybe one day :)

Sun Setting @ Gardens by the Bay / Marina Bay Sands
Second day was mainly travelling around the city. To keep the entry short, in the morning for brunch we went to Ikkousha Hakata Ramen restaurant for their awesome Ramen located at Tanjong Pagar. After meal, we headed for coffee at The Plain somewhere nearby. Headed to Bugis Street (another to-go destination), explored China Town, coffee again and finally to the Gardens by the Bay.

It did quite a lot of walking, but I still feel fat anyhow from all the food, desserts and coffees I had throughout the trip. Had my camera with me the whole day, beside taking photographs of the scenery, I too shot some random shots of people around, either walking around, or taking selfie/ussie.

One of my best shot would be the one shown below, the panoramic view of the city from the Marina Bay. It was a compilation of 3 shots with the help of Photoshop. Don't know what you think about this but personally I find it awesome!

Panoramic view of the city via Marina Bay
Third day was kinda normal, places covered are mainly the other malls you normally hear from your peers i.e. Suntec City Mall, Vivo City and eventually we went to the Universal Studio Singapore because Ivan wants to trade his Hard Rock Lapel Pins.

It was a long queue if we were to take the train back to Vivo City from the USS, so we decided to walk back. It's quite a long distance to walk bank, but it's good to walk no? Plus, I managed to get another sun set shot, with the view of the cable car. Looks kinda nice as well ;) (self praising)

But seriously, don't you think that the view is awesome?
Final day was spent well in the Orchard Road, however it begin raining heavily at around lunch time and I felt kind of grateful that it did not rain for the past few days when I was travelling around. I would say this is good despite the blazing hot sun and I feel very happy about it.

Overall trip is fine, but it can be better. To be honest, I never plan to visit this country again because of the currency, it simply doesn't worth it. But let's see how, we cannot foresee the future right? Who knows what will happen soon. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Phone Screen Wallpaper

Lately I've been travelling around, took some good shots via my phone, edited it and thought it suits as my phone wallpaper. The third photo (on the right) is my current wallpaper.

This is random. Just thought of sharing and showing off, while keeping the blog updated :)