Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad holiday

Hmmm, I guess Im gonna be dead next week. Imagine having 2 research paper due the week after. I just hate this kind of holiday, can't really enjoy it much. Try to study even but it doesn't seem to work.

So guess Im having my holiday for the time being, but next week I will suffer.

In Glynburn currently. Gonna go get some fruits and possibly some soft drinks later. Unhealthy life style, I know =D

Haih, I need a job. I've been wasting money like water, and if I don't control my expenditure again, I'll be dead.

I realized Im not good in describing. So bad that I keep repeating the same thing. Guess Im just tired now. Will probably update later =D


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another short update!

Im currently in the library doing my assignment, and clearly Im sort of distracted from my assignments hence this blog post is created. Just plan to post a little update on what I did these few days.

Since Im one of the volunteers for the upcoming Moon Lantern Festival event, I was given the opportunity to attend one of the shows in conjunction of OZAsia - for free! I was given a choice, which is the Hand Percussion performance by a bunch of Malaysian. It is quite cool to see my fellow Malaysian to be standing on stage in front of me, playing all different kinds of drums. They are all so synchronize and trust me, they are good!

The day after, I've attended a workshop by them, for free also. We were taught and given the opportunity to play with the drum. So all 12 of us, who knows nothing about drums, started learning and sort of 'perform' in front of them, the gurus. It is quite fascinating as every beat or any movement you do during the performance, has a story behind it, if you get what I mean.

Anyway, pictures are not available at the moment, it's still all in my camera. Once I get it out, I can share a video to you guys. A video performed by the gurus. Should be awesome!

Before I leave, let me share a video with you guys. This is my production assignment and I hope you guys like it =D It's not an awesome piece but still okay I hope.

Take care peeps!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm giving an excuse!

And so I've been missing in action for a few days. The reason being I was too busy lately, I don't even have enough time to sleep. Last Saturday, a friend of mine came to Adelaide from Melbourne for vacation. Seeing that she hosted me during my stay in Melbourne a few months back and I've promised that I'll be happy to do the same when she come over, I've to do according to my promises right?

But at the same time, I wasn't aware that I was having lots of assignments to do during that weekends. And a production assignment to due on Tuesday. So what I did was, I bring her around during the day, and do my work at night. And I ended up staying until 3 to 4 in the morning almost every night! I even stayed up throughout the night on Monday as I have some documentation to do.

So, this is my excuse for not being able to come in. Not a good one, I know. But at least I am updating now right?

My production, not that great, but I might be uploading to the net soon. Youtube or Facebook, probably will put in my blog under the right corner. Comment if you like =D

Now, I am re-saving my production again. I need to make sure it works on my laptop this time. And hopefully it will, otherwise I'll feel wasted. Who knows I can use it as part of my portfolio? Even though it's not really that nice. But at least I've done something right?

Oh! It's almost done!! Wooo!

Take care peeps!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thought of being 'COOL'?

Ever thought of being a cool person? By 'cool', I mean you are capable to do something well or creatively. Whenever I am in my own world, yes, I am the coolest person of all as I can do anything I want, be anyone I want to be, and have as many things I can think of and successfully do all things right. That's how cool I am.

In reality, I am not that good. At all. However, I love hanging around with cool people. Sticking with them, makes me feel like I am somewhat cool as well, cause i know them all. It feels like a parasite hogging on it's host and try to feel their limelight. I even tend to be a copy-cat and imitate them once a while. Somehow, I feel satisfied with that. How pathetic?

But sometimes, being around them sort of demotivate myself. You see, I keep telling myself that "you can do it", "think positive" and "believe in yourself", and every time when I look at my work and compare with theirs, I feel like it's useless for me to even try. What's the point trying hard but never succeed? It's so not cool!

Sometimes, I feel like being a loner, being away from all the 'coolness' and just be myself. The most ordinary man of all, and in not far future, pick up a 9 - 6 office job and have a lifeless life. But on the other hand, I do wish I can be successful, be a photographer, be a producer, director, actor, event planner, ect. I just want to be SOMEONE like, just like how you want to be SOMEONE in the future. If, you understand what I mean that is.

Well, I hope my photography skills can be better. I hope my directing and editing can be better. I hope I can be more open minded. And I hope, I can be different!

Good night peeps!

Pressure on my head

By right I was supposed to update my blog last night. But when I get to the lab, it was already too late so I've decided to start doing my editing instead. And oh gosh I stayed there until 4 in the morning but it is still yet to be done! I really wish I can finish it on time, I am so worried now as I don't really have enough shots. What a fail director! And my proposal for Comm&Org, urgghhh!

By the way, a friend of mine just came down from Melbourne and will stay here till Tuesday. Since she and her friend hosted me when I went over to Melbourne, I should be doing the same. But assignments are all on top of my head now, pressuring me, feeling so tired and restless!

Gonna go to the beach tonight. Hopefully can come back early and start doing my editing! And probably think of something for my proposal?

Good afternoon peeps! Guess might have another post tonight, otherwise shall wait for the day after. See ya!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Grumpy day

Gah! I realized today the whole day I've been quite grumpy. It seems like everything annoys me easily, so especially when people are pulling some lame jokes on me, and act stupidly, or blur, I felt annoyed. So sorry if I really did offend anyone today.

I guess what I really need now is 'more rest', but it seems that the word 'rest' is quite far away from me at the moment. Seeing that Drama Production work is still waiting for me, topic of my 3k words Comm&Org research paper is still on pending, and another 1.5k words review or some sort for Light, Space and Sound... I don't even dare thinking about it.

Anyway, today is my second day of blogging after I changed my layout. See how long I can stay updating till the next 'abandon' moment!

Get ready to edit my Drama Production work now! Take care peeps!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Finally, huh?! (This is what you are thinking at the moment, right?)

The past 2 months plus, I've been ignoring all my blogs and my MSN Messenger. And yes, I know I am bad. All I do is enjoy myself, watch movie, do assignments occasionally, Facebook and Twitter. Even when I am in Facebook I tend to close the FB Chat function. I guess if I'm feeling lonely, I'm the one to be blamed of right?

Anyways, as you can see, I have already changed the name and the layout of my blog. Wasted a few hours on something so simple, but yet time has been wasted. So I am not going to spend another few hours to blog.

In fact, I have assignments to do and proposals to prepare, I am not suppose to be lingering around here. So, tata guys! See you guys soon!

Good luck and Happy Holiday people! And not forgetting, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends!!

p.s. Also, I would like to wish my parents HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! May your marriage be blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of your lives!