Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HATE Money

Yes, you are not seeing things. I HATE MONEY ! I HATE MONEY THAT I CAN SEE, I CAN TOUCH, I CAN COUNT, I CAN SMELL BUT I CAN'T USE !!! Well, when you have such high reputation, is such trustworthy person, and people around you actually believes in you, and voted you as the treasurer for all sorts of events, then you will have the same feeling as me.

Let's see, I have been a treasurer since Form 3, which mean when I was 15. And until today, even for the carnival which had just over, I am still the treasurer holding and keeping so much money at home, and the only thing I can do is to count count and count !

And do you know how ironic is it when you keep telling people that you are broke, but there are about 1K keeping under your drawer? But again, those money are not suppose for personal use. I am a professional treasurer okay? That's why I am a trustworthy person. People vote me for a reason =)

There is a camp coming up soon, organized by my club, and do you know what is my post this time? Try have a wild guess. TREASURER ! Hahahaha~ Hated this position so much, but what can do? This is what I am good at. However, I would like to try being a normal committee member next time. Perhaps I will enjoy myself more than locking myself in an empty room, and do counting every 15 minutes, thinking that the money will just walk or even fly away then I need to pay the debt myself.

Money Money Money, must be funny, in the rich mans world; Money money money, always sunny, in the rich mans world; Aha-ahaaaa...

Sounds familiar? For those who watched Mamma Mia will definitely heard this line ! I am not a rich man, so money is not funny nor sunny in my world.

So yea, I am broke. Anyone wanna give me some money? I will ignore you if you ask me to use the money collected from whatever event I hold the treasurer post.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Media Carnival 08

Have you imagine how terrible is it when you need someone to bring you to the clinic but coincidentally everyone is not free or is working so they can't help you? Your parents are not at home at the same time leaving you with your younger sibling who don't know how to drive. At the end of the day, you have to drive yourself to the nearest clinic even though you don't feel yourself? Let me tell you, THAT IS TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE AND MISERABLE ! Anyways, I had already met the doctor and got some medicine from her. She told me there are no side effect but I think it makes me feel dizzy. I cant move too much though.

Back to the topic. You guys probably thinking what is the picture above relates to the topic and what on earth is that picture. What does those icons represent. Well, if you have read my previous entry, you will probably understand what it is all about. However, this entry gonna have less words and more pictures (mainly pictures of myself), so please bear with it. Oh yea, pictures credit to Winnie and Jason, thanks for being such genius in taking all the photos !

Do you remember I mention about "team work" at this entry? Don't you think the picture below actually reflects the term "team work"? Which I can seldom see? Sob... sob... I am tearing seeing this scene, so touching !

And these people below, are actually miming. Know what is a mime? According to Dictionary.com, a mime is the art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures and bodily movements, also known as a pantomime. You may click here for more definition. So yea, we are mimes ! There are 2 groups of them, I am in the second group which was located downstairs near the auditorium.

The opening ceremony. And since I was one of the mime, I can't join the crowds for the opening ceremony and have to be upstairs for another task.

The performances were held during the afternoon session. And these are the pictures taken by Winnie. 

Okay, done with performances. Do you guys still remember these? Bet you guys are still figuring what these are right? Scroll down for the answer yoz!

Tadaa ! Yeap, cupcakes ! Looks nice right? I tell you what, it is very delicious ! Seriously, no joke ! That's the reason why I have such expression. Told you guys you will regret for not coming to our carnival ! You had missed the fun, you had missed the spirit, you even missed the delicious food !!!

Alright ! Pictures below are kinda funny and weird. Well, it's all because we are too stressed up, that's why we will have such reaction.

And yeap, thanks to these two fella above, namely Winnie and Jason, for all the pictures above !

Actually, not much pictures were taken, everyone was very busy that point of time and I believe that is the reason why. Anyways, I got to run now. Even though I am sick, I am still here blogging. Need to continue my assignments before it is too late. Good luck !

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Officially Sick

Hey there everyone ! I am suppose to blog about the prom night that was ended last night. Unfortunately, I fell sick and not in the right mind to blog about that, even worst, I can't do my assignments. Anyways, I need to wait for the pictures too so once I got those picture I will post it up here.

Just a short information about myself now. I am having slight fever, headache, cough, flu, nose block and kinda dizzy at times. However, assignments are awaiting for me still and I need to finish it everything before it's too late.

Wish me luck and take care of your health !

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Embarrassing Moment

Guess you guys don't know where is this place shown in the picture above. Well, it's actually the JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Nagara) where you will not want to go during the peak hour (especially during holidays) to apply, renew, of whatever you want to do to your IC (Identity Card). Yeap, I was there this morning for one reason, the microprocessor chip spoiled and the plastic cover had peeled off, resulting nothing can be scanned from the chip when I was trying to renew my passport, this morning, in JIM (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia).

I just don't like to go to all these places as I always think that they are always slow, bored, stuffy, and loaded with unfriendly staffs. However I was wrong. Today (or maybe just today) they were quite efficient and friendly. They also play the latest English songs instead of the typical Malay songs. Fans and air conditions are provided and everything just seems so fine. I managed to get my passport within 1.5 hours. Fast right? If you want me to complain, I guess the charges for the photocopy service is quite high. 1 page of black and white document, costed 60 cents ! What on earth they used on their photocopy cartridge? Gold powder? 

Now, I have only a temporary IC which is just a piece of document (paper) and I will only be getting the new one a month later. The picture of my IC was quite ugly due to the old-fashion hair style but it's still so much better than the previous one, which look like a zombie ! Too bad I don't have the zombie picture (but I have the photocopied black and white version), otherwise I can use it to compare with the latest picture. p/s: Okay, I went to scan the pictures just now and here you may see the differences.

OMG. And you know what I found out after comparing both pictures? I GAINED WEIGHT !!! My face actually looks chubbier, again with an ugly hair style !! Arrgghh !! Look at it !

Kinda off topic right? Even the pictures above also quite not on the track. Come, let's begin with my story. 

Okay. I went for a hair cut today, after getting my passport. Waited for the Rapid KL to go to Kelana Jaya Station. The embarrassing moment started once I step into the bus. You see, I only have 1 Five Ringgit note, 1 Ten Ringgit note and 1 Fifty Ringgit note, and the bus fare is only RM 1. When I handed the bus driver my 5 Ringgit note he told me he don't have change and requested me to change myself before paying the fare. Stupid driver should have let me in for free !

Okay, so I approached almost 10 passengers but non of them have enough change. When I was about to approach the secondary school kids, one generous guy about my age handed me 1 Ringgit for me to pay for my bus fare. I tried and willing to exchange my RM 5 with his RM 3 or RM 4 but he keep shacking his head with the 1 Ringgit note on his hand. So I took it and pay for my fare, feeling embarrass and helpless. I don't know what to do to thank him but just saying thank you. He looks familiar though, but I don't think I know him (I wish I do so that I can pay him back).

All because of the driver's fault la ! If he has enough change or willing to let me have a free ride, such embarrassing moment will never happen ! Screw him !

Anyways, this is my new hair style, which I failed to style it back after I took my bath. Darn ! I wish I know what to do with my hair.

So, how is it?

Monday, October 20, 2008


I walked under the rain again today. I just don't know why, most of the time if I sleep late the night before, the next day I will sure walk under the rain. Coincident or what? Yeap, I had only 1.25 hours to sleep last night due to presentation. And the presentation's sucks ! ROAR~

Since I am tired, and my brain is quite lagging, this shall be a short update.

The Media Carnival was a blast ! Even though it was not as good as I expected, but from this event, I managed to see something I don't often see, namely "team work". When everyone forms a line and transport the tables and chairs one by one to the lecturer hall, it looks so awesome ! The team work spirit had managed to flow into our body, till the point where everyone sing songs together to motivate each other the night before the event, I am just SO TOUCH ! Love you guys, seriously. 

Not being superstitious, but for the sake of playing it, Alissa uses her Tarot cards to help me see my past, present and future. According to her reading, I was a happy person in the past: Considering it's partly right, since when I was young, I as naive and have a wonderful life time with my family. 

A confident person present however will meet a pitfall once it reaches the top: Which I suppose I am already falling badly. Since I was quite confident once (last year) but now... 

However, there will be 2 destiny for me to choose in the future. Either one of my choice, will change my life totally: The Judgement card I took. Which is making my life even more interesting since I have to decide which way to choose, or rather what I feel I want most.

What about today?

Class was not really that good though, I was rushing for presentation and presented it badly. Well, I never ever present wonderfully. Went to Pyramid with Geoffrey, Florence and Winnie and had Sakae for lunch. Spent about RM 25 eating.

Even though recently I was not in good mood for anything, but I managed to learn something during the outing this afternoon: Never go shopping with girls if you only had 1.25 hours of sleeping time. I nearly doze off when I was sitting on the bench watching the ducks on the TV provided by Sunway Pyramid. 

However I was lucky to meet up with Eve and Senior. Had a short chat (almost an hour though) and met Eve's brother, Hanson. And they did make my life easier, at least I was awake the whole time.

Pyramid was quite stupid when I alarm rang non stop and the escalator suddenly stop moving. I admit I was being paranoid. I keep thinking that the mall is really on fire, or rather there are terrorists in the building trying to kill all the shoppers. Silly me, as I managed to go home and blog about this issue. Haha !

Alright then, I guess I am done here. Night. Please bear with my short update.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


PEOPLE ! Are you free this Saturday?

Do come for our event in Taylor's College Petaling Jaya (TCPJ) and join our first ever Media Carnival organized by the School of Communication (SOC) students.

I can tell you that if you miss out this event, you will definitely miss out lots of fun ! There will be non stop performances, foods, shopping booths and game activities going on that day from 2pm onwards. You may come any time and enjoy yourself over there, but remember, do bring extra money as there will be a few local boutiques such as Osixnine, Soak Republic and My Dress Room, opening their booth there. However, if you have insufficient money on that day, there will be a Maybank ATM machine available to serve you.

Local artist for example Estrella, Jerome Kugan, Azmyl Yunor and Rendra Zawawi will be coming over to perform ! Besides that, there will be a breakdancing crew from Smash Dance Studio coming to show you their breakdancing skills. In addition, you will get to see the capoeira demonstrations on that day as well. So better not miss it !

I believe the carnival will be a boom ! Not forgetting the most important elements in a carnival, the foods and games, something you cannot miss it ! Prizes including scents from Hugo Boss, clothes vouchers, hampers and gym passes will be waiting for their lucky owner to bring them home. So join the games ! And win yourself all these prizes, I know you want it right?

So do bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friends, parents, brothers, sisters or whoever along and participate this carnival. Win yourself lots of prizes and buy yourself lots of new accessories and cloths. You just don't want to miss it ! Trust me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I know there are quite a few animals I did not mention in the previous entry. However, my fellow friends, don't worry much about it as I am not going to mention about it. At least not now. So, let's proceed to the topic today, ammonia.

To be frank, I hated all the guys in my college. At least those who visited the library, and used the facilities there. Hating them, not because they are luckier than me or able to date with those girls in college, but thanks to them, I need to lock myself in a small cubicle with ammonia gases around. These guys just don't know how to flush the toilet ! They are just like jacoons from the stone age, and why are they wasting money to study here if they don't even know how to flush the toilet properly? I mean, IT IS SO DARN EASY RIGHT? And what's their excuse for not flushing it properly?


Just imagine this situation: You are working hard in the library doing your assignments. You brought your watter bottle in as you need to drink. And after staying in the library for freaking 6 hours and drank 500ml (or more) of water. You are still concentrating and working hard on your assignment and suddenly, nature call, and you realised you have not been to the toilet for more than 8 hours.

Rushed to the toilet and found that no one is in the toilet, with empty cubicles waiting for you. Went into the cubicle and you are ready to release the extra water in your body and guess what, you smell something - ammonia !!

Yea, now you get what I mean right? Those acidic kind of smell, and it's all depends on the 'thickness' of the yellowish liquid, normally can get from the toilet bow or the chemistry lab. Looking at that, you have no other option but to finish off your business as quick as you can ! And if you lucky, you will manage to come out alive, otherwise, you will either found death in the toilet due to suffocation or lung damage.

Wanted to post a picture of the toilet bow with the thickest yellowish urine in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, I can't find one, too bad ! I should have taken the toilet bow's picture and post it up here.

I know, some guys like me actually did make an afford to flush the toilet and try to keep the toilet clean. But if those jacoon still don't change their attitude, nothing much can be done already. I can just say sorry to those who died suffocated or due to lung damage, and also those cleaner for cleaning the toilet.

Such irresponsible act should not be happening these days ! I just don't know why they can't complete such easy task. Haih, guys these days... 

But according to some reliable sources, female toilets are just equally the same. What is happening to those people la ?!

Think about it !

p/s: I know the picture is too large and it load quite slow, I am sorry about it and I am trying to look for a way to resize it. The way Sherry taught me seems not working on my PC. So please bear with it for the moment.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Girls VS Guys

NOTE: This entry might offends some of you as I am going to compare *censor* & *censor* with *censor*. In other word, please stop reading if you think you can't take it and just leave the blog, and please mind your word.

Thank you. Finally, thank God ! I managed to hand in my assignment (NOT) in time and I am done ! DONE as in no need to care about it anymore ! I know I had already made some mistakes and I wish this will not affect too much on my result. At least, don't fail me please.

Why you ask, I did not manage to hand my assignment IN TIME? Well, this is due to some special circumstances, I had been distracted and delayed while preparing my assignment. So yeah, I handed in about 5 minutes after the due time. The lecturer saw me, and I wish that this will not affect my result (again). Screw the day !

Now, to the main topic. I have been thinking for the past few weeks, or perhaps, almost a month, about GIRLS. Yea, I actually think about girls, quite random right? I mean, I don't normally think about girls, I just think about myself ! Yea, a vain person indeed. Narcissistic. Self loving. But what's wrong loving yourself? If you don't love yourself, then why are you still alive then?

Let us get back to the topic today before I go too far away from the track. As I was saying, I was thinking about girls for almost a month. Why? What triggers me to think about them ? Oh well, you see, I had been eating with my course mate (a girl of course) a lot, recently and through her, I realised that some girls are just like this animal...


Yes, cow. But why cow?
Now let me ask you a question, do you know how many stomachs does a cow have?
Answer: Four. Yes, they have freaking four stomachs if you did learn science during your primary education level.

Well, some girls (this is not in general) like to go out with someone (normally with her boyfriend) for lunch or dinner and will never able to finish her food. Telling the partner that she is full and forces the partner to finish off her food. Then, 5 minutes later, she will says "Let's go for dessert," then pull the partner straight into a dessert stall. Now you know why I say they are just like a cow?

However, some girls out there, are as hardworking as a cow ! I mean, this is not a discrimination, but I am just using the cow as an adjective, saying that girls are hardworking than the guys. Some girls can stay up for a few day WITHOUT sleeping and can be as active as usual. Me on the other hand, will straight away fall sick even if I didn't get to sleep for one night. So yea, I am not a cow ! =P

Well, this is not the end yet. Girls have so many similarity with other animals. For example, these two !

peacock & snail. 

Actually, I wanted to talk about these separately as they are two different characteristic but somehow some people just have these two characteristic in herself. It's sort of like a 2 in 1 thing so I put these 2 pictures together. Another reason is because I cant find a creature with the combination of this 2 animals. Imagine the snail with peacock's tail or peacock with the snail's head... OKAY! This is wrong, this is SO WRONG ! Stop imagining !

Anyway, some girls are just like the peacock, look nice outside, nothing inside. Yes, you do look pretty, but how can you not know how to flush the toilet? What I mean is, there are girls outside (not in general) who don't know how to do the simplest thing in the world but they just look pretty, and their 'function' are just like the vase at home.

Being slow is something what girls (again, not in general) like to do most. I mean, if you are going out for some wedding dinner, go ahead ! Go make up, dress up and look pretty. But hello~ If you are going to the night market just to buy five apples, do you need to make up and dress up as if you are going for a fashion show? Causing the whole wide world to wait for you ?!

I have girlfriends like that. And the only thing I can do is to keep quiet.

And about the... combination creature, I don't think I want to further explain about it. You just go ahead and try to imagine la !

Okay, next animal ! Hahaha, I am just enjoying it. Luckily some girls do agree with my theory, otherwise I guess I will get a lot of complain comments later. Anyways, the animal you guys are wonder next will be...


ROAR ! The tigress ! And my mom falls into this category. Girls like this, they are fierce, brave, caring and loving ! And I like them the most, even though sometimes I just can't stand their attitude. For instance, my mom came out with a new ruling at home (the Sam Rule), which I will talk about it sometime later. She is fierce sometimes and you will not want to mess with her when she gets mad. However, it is all because she loves and cares about you. Awww~ what a lovely character.


Hmmm, what do you normally hear when a crow is nearby you? Imagine a hundred of them gather together. Just imagine the volume of voice they can produce. You will know why I put this animal here without much explanation. It's just too obvious.

End discussion.

Now, let's talk about the guys. There is this characteristic I hated the most and one of the closest person in my life actually falls into this category. Let's see.


Different from the cow. The bull is somehow like the most stubborn animal I can think of, at least I do think that my dad is a bull sometimes for not listening to my explanation and just do whatever he thinks he is right, including "killing" us slowly with his cigarette. Guys (not in general) are stubborn and never accept advices or corrections due to the egoism within themselves.

Plus, guys love bull-shitting. Of course, I am not one of them =)


Look at the face. Evil, cunning, unfaithful. There are guys like that you know? Back stabbers are consider in this category. Some actually make use of you, to help them, as you are their "meant to be used" friend. Some will just tell you that you are his best friend then when you turn around, he will point his middle finger at you which you will never know about it. Some, they just treat you like shit. And gives lame excuses for being bad? I don't know. I hated foxes, however I THINK I am one of them. Hahaha ! Kidding~

Anyway, the final characteristic I hated the most will be this.


Yea ! Ghost ! Who haunt you down whenever you became their target. Someone who pops out suddenly and scares the hell out of you. Someone who always annoys you but never know he himself is annoying... someone who... Hey, wait a minute, a ghost is not an animal. Why din't you tell me earlier? Let me change another picture.


Now, that's more like it. Just like a fly, annoying and disgusting. Wonders around you, and never forgets to piss you off. Hahaha ! What? Fly is an insect? Oh, excuse me, so sorry about it, I shall change the picture again.


Now, am I right this time? A wolf is an animal ! And it's most suitable to describe a guy when he sees a female character walking around his "radared" area. Muahahaha ! 

FYI, I am not a wolf  =)
Enjoy reading and please don't curse me. Good night.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slumber Party

I was invited to Sabrina's house yesterday for a party. They call it a slumber party, so called, but I think it's more like a one-night-home-stay program. =)

I always wonder what do girls normally do whenever they have a slumber party or heart-to-heart pillow talk, what do they talk about? What are the topics discussed? Well, I never know because I was never invited to such occasion. 

Slumber party. I think guys will not have such extra time for that, gather around at home, in a room, holding pillow and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Instead they will head to the pub or club, with a bottle of Heineken, or a lighted cigarette on his right hand, sitting in front of the big TV screen (do pubs or clubs have TV?), or perhaps on the dance floor, to show off or talk about their life.

Girls? I don’t know them. You have girlfriends right? Why not you ask them personally for a better and in-depth explanation?

However, thanks to my girlfriends, I was invited to a slumber party (aka one-night-home-stay program) and I am the only guy, together with 4 girls. Was quite an awkward situation, as there is no other guy around and for sure the parents will ask about it, perhaps worry that their daughter might be in danger with 1 guy in the room. 

I know, it sounds so gay that a guy actually joined 4 girls for a slumber party, I felt it too. (Li Ann, perhaps you can post this to the blog you made for me, LOL) 

Nothing much was done last night. Just one round of Risk, junk food session, a discussion on the next trip (hopefully I am allowed to go) and I fell flat on the bed, dreaming. Did not manage to take a group picture too, the only picture can be found in my phone will be this curtain picture I took when I opened my eyes in the morning (guess I am not as lucky as Xie Bin who gets to go out with his girlfriends and managed to take a lot of pictures too). 

So I suppose you understand now why did I say that it feels/sounds just like a one-night-home-stay program, instead of a slumber party. Haha !

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Metamorphosis II

Was looking through my old pictures and I found this. Yeap, this is me when I was young, I mean when I was a baby. How do I look? There are some more pictures of me growing up, so please be patient and let it load a while.

I know I know, I was adorable, cute, photogenic, and suitable to be a baby model for any products. However, that was then, when I grow up a bit, the word adorable and cute no longer suitable for me.

Well, maybe the word cute is still usable but definitely not adorable. Haha, according to the date of the photo, it was taken when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Look kinda skinny like those Afghanistan kids who have not enough nutrient. Nevertheless, if you think I am all the while that skinny until today, you are wrong ! Look at those pictures below.

Ta-daa !! Yeap, this was me ! When I was in my primary schooling life. No Photoshop effect (I am not that good in Photoshoping yet) and no editing. Truly me, no lies. =)

Then I grew up somemore, became more vain and like to take picture of myself, erm, self portrait. This was taken when I was in my secondary schooling life. I am not a sports person, never do sports but I just became skinny again. Don't ask me why or how. It just happened like that... without a reason.

And these are the recent me. I am a college student now with no life, being the same old me all the while due to the strict rules set by my mom. And lately she came out with a new law, and we (me and my sister) name it as the Sam's Law. Will talk about it later, LOL.