Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday | Mummy

Dear Mummy,


I just realised yesterday was 15th February and luckily I come online today, otherwise I might upload this late. Anyways, I would like to give you a birthday present.

JiaXin, please do me a favor, go to my room, search through those A4 boxes and you will find a small present with a card. I know, I know, there are lots of A4 boxes and they all looked the same! So I'm gonna give you a hint:

  • Search through the A4 box with a STAR sign on in.

I believe you've gone through the box the other day, and I am hoping you did not mess up mom's present.

Pass both the little present and the card to her for me. Thank you.

Once again, would love to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and hope you like the present I got you. Though it's small and not really a nice one. My other messages can be found in the card.

Enjoy. Take care. Be healthy always!

Your beloved son.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good weather today!

Finally back on track, don't forget to read the entry about yesterday, posted on the same day too. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.


11 Feb 2010 1045hr Adelaide time

Today’s weather is considered very good! Why? Let’s start with the time I woke up. Since my room is facing the east, every morning when the sun shines, even though there is a sun shade/blanks blocking, the heat can still be transmitted through and my room will become like an oven. I will start sweating and it really feels so uncomfortable! Then from day 1 till yesterday, I will definitely wake up before 0800hr which is 5.30am Malaysia time. But today, with good weather, mainly because it was kinda cloudy outside, I woke up at 9 instead! I do sweat though, but not as much as usual.

It then started drizzling when we were about to leave to Uni. I left the Uni around 1600hr wanting to go to the city and it was still drizzling, luckily it stopped when I reached the city.

Today, I went to Ikea for dinner. William and Javin told me about the pasta buffet in Ikea, meaing we will have unlimited rounds of pasta, and you only need to pay once! How cool is it? Since I skipped lunch again, I had 3 plate of pasta, damn fattening I tell you.

Later on, we headed to Harbour Town and went into Woolworths aka Woolies (according to them) for some grocery shopping (again). Headed back to the city at 2100hr and took the other bus back to my place.

Well, this is it. I’ve spent my day travelling around and spending so much now. Broking soon though!! But I like the way I am going to the city, 6 days in a row since Day 1.

Visiting China Town

Another backdated entry on 10 Feb. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.


10 Feb 2010 1145hr Adelaide time

Well, what happened today? We went to the Uni thinking of doing some amendments on our fees and health care insurance but they ended up telling us to make an appointment with the person in charge tomorrow. So after that, we went to the computer barn and log in to the net in order to go through on our subjects since we are supposed to enroll tomorrow. I really don’t know what to do, or which subject to choose as there are so many courses available. Some of them seem to be really interesting but I am not allowed to pick that due to some reason.

Well, we will see how tomorrow.

William contacted me today and we met up in the city. Basically I went to Randle Mall and met up with Ivan and Javin first then William came over to their place for a meet up. Had a chit-chat session at their place till dinner time, only we headed to China Town for dinner. Woohoo, first time going to China Town!

After that, we pass by this ice cream shop, Ivan said that it’s really nice and he bought a tub of ice cream. William got me a cone and guess what, it cost $4 per cone!! We went back to Ivan’s place and had some more ice cream!

I left around 2150hr to the bus stop, and my bus reached around 2215hr. Well, basically had a great day today =) It’s supposed to rain today, but it’s still not raining! And I hate the wind cause it creates some weird noise on the roof and it sounds so freaky!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4th Day in Adelaide

Wanna know what happened to me on my 3rd day of arrival? Do read on! The following entry will be one of the backdated posts I've typed out on Microsoft Words during my free time. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.


09 Feb 2010 1159hr Adelaide time

Today was considered a special day. In the morning, we went to the city again to work of our stuff. And so, finally we got our self a bank account and an Australian phone number! Finally get to contact people and all I need now is to get more contact from my friends and Uni mates. We went to one of the food court around and had lunch before heading to a shop by the name ‘Cheap as Chip’ for some grocery shopping.

Shopping here you need to bring your own plastic/recycle bag. They will never give you plastic bag unless you request for it and that you need to pay 10 cent each. So if you want to save on that, buy a recycle bag for $1 or 99 cent at some places and bring it along wherever you go.

Guess what? We finally met someone we know from Taylor’s! They are staying downstairs all the while and because we don’t have any kind of connection, they can’t find us and we don’t know how to search for them too! Mas and Rubee are like our savior you know?

We went to the Uni to use the PC. I supposed we are not allowed to use it before registering our self but we were sort of desperate that time. Got online and pay our rental through online banking. Suddenly we saw someone familiar, they were Cindy, Ivan and Javin! What a coincident! Cindy had her friend Ian dropped by and after that, we went back to my apartment for some chit chat.

Later on, Mas and Rubee brought us to Coles. It was a 25 minutes walk from our place and we did some grocery (food) shoping over there. Back home around 2100hr and only get to cook for my own dinner. Dinner was bad though, I had, broccoli, tomato, bacon and an egg. I really need to learn how to cook now! Ish~

My 3rd Day in Adelaide

Wanna know what happened to me on my 3rd day of arrival? Do read on! The following entry will be one of the backdated posts I've typed out on Microsoft Words during my free time. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.


08 Feb 2010 2055hr Adelaide time

Almost 9.00pm and now only the sky got dark, 10 minutes ago it was like 7.30pm in Malaysia. And here I am, sitting in my room, facing my Clarence (my laptop) while typing this. Having 2 breads (one with tuna another with peanut butter) and a fried egg. I don’t know what to eat and just for your information, this is only my second meal! I had breakfast though, just a piece of bread with peanut butter and I skipped lunch due to some reason. Was exploring the city just to search for ANZ Bank’s headquarter, finally found it on King William Street and managed to apply for an account.

Bah~ The weather today is darn freaking hot! I assume it’s hotter than the day before, even now at night, my room is still so freaking warm!!! Damn, I hated summer! Ouch! Getting gastric I supposed, let me chew on something first.. *munch munch munch* Well that’s better!

I promised myself not to cry as I asked for such a life. But when I was eating on my balcony (yes, I chose the room with balcony), I felt so pitiful! So sad~ Arrgghh! Okay, let’s talk about something else.. the only bad thing to live in a room with balcony, to me, is it keeps me thinking that someone might have just climb up and walk into my room. I am quite paranoid in this issue, since I am staying in a three stories tall building, climbing up is quite possible!

What have I done today? Well, went to the University this morning thinking that I can sort out my courses and stuff but failed because the person in charge was not available till 1600hr and so both me and SueMay headed to the bus stop thinking of going to the city to search for the bank. Realizing Bank SA is just around the corner, SueMay decided to stay back while I went to the city alone.

Bumped into Ethel (a Canadian transfer student) in the bus and had a short chatting session till she reaches her stop while me, dropped off a few stops after hers and started my journey to hunt for ANZ Bank headquarter.

After got my bank account, I went back to Rundle Mall trying to get my phone number only realizing SueMay was already there. Since there are so many people in the shop, I’ve decided to drop by tomorrow as we had an appointment to catch. Headed to FoodLand, a mini market to get some stuff before heading home and finally got to meet up with the program support officer (PSO).

Alright. I don’t feel like carry on complaining or mumbling around anymore, I promised myself that I gonna take lunch tomorrow! Get myself some vegetable from FoodLand and cook myself some dinner!

So far, I have still don’t have an Australian number, no Internet access, haven’t been taking fastfood (i.e. Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, KFC,…), am getting darker, not a single drip of rain, and I enjoy walking in the city ALONE!

p.s. Who said it’s easy to bump into friends in the city of Adelaide? I bumped into no one today. Anyways, I guess it’s gonna rain soon, hopefully!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm finally in Adelaide!!

Dear all! I've finally arrived on Saturday (6 Feb) morning and I have no Internet access, so the following entry will be one of the backdated posts I've typed out on Microsoft Words during my free time. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.

07 Feb 2010 2130hr Adelaide time

It’s 9.30pm now and I am still having an empty stomach. Well, was quite tired earlier I slept till 8.30pm just now. Took a bath and still wondering what I want to eat. My second day in Magill, Adelaide and I am not quite used with their closing-shop-at-5.30pm-life-style. I am sorting photographs taken during Jean’s farewell and the more I see, the hungrier I am. Food, I need food.