Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lame Questions II

Well, I am suppose to do my assignments. But I didn't. Instead, I was wondering around, doing nothing but found some of these questions. Wanna try answering it? And AGAIN, answer it in the comment area, NOT my Cbox. Thanks !

Question 1
What has 4 wheels and flies?

Question 2
Why did the turtle cross the road?

Question 3
Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

Question 4
Why did Micky Mouse go to space?

Happy answering =)

p/s: answers will be revealed a few days later


Answer 1
Garbage Truck

Answer 2
To get to the Shell Station

Answer 3
Because gorillas have big fingers

Answer 4
To see Pluto

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bukit Tinggi

Being part of the Mafias (our group name), we went to Tall Hill (Bukit Tinggi) for the second reunion and guess what? It was even more happening than going to Genting ! For those who likes to take picture (no matter self portrait or scenery), you will never regret going there as you can take N number of pictures, trust me ! However, probably because it's the fasting month and Hari Raya coming up soon, the whole France Village is just like an abandoned village, empty and lifeless, suitable for horror/thriller/ghostly/scary movie shooting. Or am I being exaggerating again?

The entrance of the village
The end of the village

It was totally empty ! Got what I mean? Okay, as I promised, this entry will be having more pictures than usual, so let's allow the pictures to do the talking.

The place we stay
The backyard
The swimming pool
The stairway to the front of the building
Camellia, the name of the building we are staying
The tall tower where you can see the whole village

Besides building and landmarks, you can also take pictures of the plant and scenery. If you have a better camera, you can take more pictures. Since I only have my handphone with me, all I can take are these.

The pathway
Tall tree
Purple flower

The first night was rather dull and bored because we stayed in the room eating, watching TV, resting and sleeping only. I did not managed to sleep while the others were sleeping soundly. Food over there were quite expensive, but consider okay already for a cheap vacation spot.
Tips for having a fun vacation: Do not bother too much about the pricing, otherwise you will be suffering.

We headed to the Japanese Garden the next day. Thinking it might be another boring and dull day, who know we found something exciting, and ended up with tons of pictures. Do you know what is a Kimono and Yukata? Yes, we were allowed to rent those costume with RM 20 for 30 minutes. And yes, it's picture time !

First, ask you guys a question:
Why did the water level of the pond raises?

Because the water keeps flowing into it !
Haha~ (sorry for being so lame)

Second and final question:
Have you ever seen a real Japanese couple?

Now you did !
With 2 wifes somemore !

Alright then ! Guess this is the end of my entry. If you ever want to visit a place, to relax than walking around, besides Genting Highland, you may try Bukit Tinggi. As there are nothing else to do but sleeping ! Remember to bring extra cash as there are no ATM or bank services. Enjoy !


If I have a SLR, I guess I will get pictures like this.

Too bad I don't have it. However, I plan to buy one, if I am rich.
Anyways, I just came back from Tall Hill (Bukit Tinggi) yesterday and will be blogging about the trip soon (with pictures provided). So stay tune !

The central of France Village

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I went to MyHeritage website and play with it the other day. Here are some results I got from Celebrity Morph. Some looks a like but most don't, what you think? *Don't know whether you guys can view it or not?*

What you think?

p/s: Some complain that the page loaded quite slow. So I deleted a few and only put in the top 3.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lame Questions

Kinda moody now. Even though I tried not to be moody but I just can't help it. Sorry friends.

However, I am in a mood of asking some lame questions. Do you guys dare to take part answering it?

Question 1
There is a Black Cat and a White Cat playing next to a dirty drain. The White Cat accidentally falls into the drain and saved by the Black Cat. What did the White Cat says to the Black Cat?

Question 2
There is a pond with 10 fishes in it. One died and had been taken out. Why did the water level of the pond raises still?

Question 3
Which artist isn't afraid of the rain?

p/s: answers will be revealed a few days later and hint for answers, it's LAME, don't think it rationally, haha ! AND please leave your answer in the comment area NOT my Cbox. Thanks :)
p/p/s:No present for those who got it correctly, unless you want my kiss, which is not worth it.


Answer 1

Answer 2
Because the other 9 fishes cried

Answer 3
Rihana, because she has an Umbrella

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Jogoya

Going to Jogoya is always a dream for me as I like Japanese food and I heard that this place has a lot of fresh, high quality and nice Japanese food (and other cuisine as well). Furthermore, it is served in buffet style, which mean I can go walk around and choose whatever I want to eat. The reason why I said going to Jogoya is a dream of mine is because I heard that it is quite expensive to dine-in over there. I heard we have to pay about RM 80 per person prior entry. Moreover, the restaurant is located at Starhill Gallery, which caters to high class and rich people especially. So what can a commoner, like me, do in Starhill without money? Walk and take picture like a 'mouse deer went into a village' or act like a jacoon? So nope, I never been into Starhill, ever, in my life, until today...

Yes ! I finally get to step into the gallery and get to dine-in at my dream restaurant. You can say it's a dream come true ! Yeah ! And also, something really nice and special happened today, on me and one of my friend and I am quite happy with this even though I am suppose to be feeling guilty. But whatever la, I did not do it on purpose so I just take it happily la !

Mun Suet asked me to be her partner for lunch in Jogoya last week. According to her if you go with a partner it will be cheaper, which means we are paying RM 60 instead of the normal rate. I guess this is meant for couples but who cares? Since I worked part time for Biotherm and I will get my salary soon, I decided to be her partner and went there together with two of her friends, Robin and Jasmine for lunch.

Too bad some of them can't make it for this lunch gathering, otherwise I can bet that they will enjoy themselves very much. The restaurant is just like a food paradise. Verity of food from different range can be found here. From sushi to sashimi, cawan mushi to dim sum, herbal soup to curry soup, ice-cream to Chinese herbal jelly, fresh coconut juice to wine... You name it, they have it ! Even if you are a vegetarian, you will definitely get to find something to eat, so don't worry !

Look at that ! Crab meat with cheese, baked tomato, and roasted clams. And did you see the yellowish colour thinggy on the clams? Guess what's that. GARLIC ! Yea man, it tasted so nice, just like garlic bread you can eat from Pizza Hut. Ish, I am missing the food now, wish I can be 'rich' and visit the place again.

Remember I mentioned that you can find wine here too? But of course, you have to follow the rules and regulation and one of it is you must be above 18 years old in order to consume it. I'm already pass 18 so I am eligible for it, haha ! Oh yea, a friendly reminder by the management, which is 'if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant', please don't drink it lo, otherwise next time your baby will come out drunk ! Just kidding~

Being myself. I asked Mun Suet to take a picture of me being emo, lonely, and EMO. Haha, like I was dumped by someone important not long ago, and went to pub alone, drinking white wine. Will this ever happen to me? I wish not !
NOTE: Picture taken by my phone's camera, quality is not that good in dark area.

So have you Jogoya-ed? Go try it out ! I bet you will like the place too. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to complain it to the management and give them tips to improve themselves. Haha, cheers !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Problem

It's quite funny when someone always ask you something (normally questions about your life) but never believes your answer. Then what's the point asking? And I am getting irritated with the connection at home, it is freaking slow and causing lots of problem to me, making me even more irritated.

Bah, forget about it first, before I start cursing.

I lost my mood today when I was in college. So many things happened and so many problems surrounded me, giving me pressure and burden to carry. I can't stand it. Internal and external factors are driving me crazy and I feel like slamming my head onto the wall, NOW !

What else? I am getting sick with those people who can actually smile in front of me but talk bad about me behind my back. What we call that again? Oh yea, a hypocrite right? Or whatever you call them, don't care la. I just don't know who to believe anymore. You guys seems so nice to me, giving me hope and happiness, showing me that I am not alone and there are always friends to depends on. However, when you turn around, behind my back, showing your true colour by back stabbing me, talking bad about me... I just don't know how much I 'appreciate' it and don't even know how should I 'thank' you.

Stress. One of the things I can get from college besides knowledge. How wish I can switch to another college or straight away fly to Adelaide and start a 'whole new life' over there. A sweet escape from troubles and problems. What? Sounds like an ostrich? Well, what-ever la ! I don't care anymore.

Let's say, do you think I can fix my problem if I keep quiet and act serious the whole time?

Tired and feel like sleeping now. Good night.


Updated on September 17, 2008

Was so sleepy last night that I forgot to post about what happened yesterday. Class ended at 2.30 pm and it was awfully boring. I did not pay much attention during class and was quiet the whole while, meditating. Sherry asked me for karaoke earlier before class so I decided not to do anything (as in assignments) and follow her, together with Teck Weng to Reb Box at Pyramid. 

The whole session was quite fun. We were supposed to end at 6.30 pm but ended up with a free extended session and keep singing until 9 pm. We sang for about 5 hours straight without resting. Haha, and this is my first time going karaoke with 3 people and get to sing almost every song non stop for 5 hours.

Reached home around 9.30 pm and rushed to the college library to return some books I borrowed 2 weeks ago, since I will not be free tomorrow and I suppose the library will not be operating today.

Cheers !

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Liverpool vs Manchester United

An information for you guys before you start reading my not-so-interesting football-related entry, just wanna let you guys know that I am not a football person. I don't fancy football, I don't play football, I don't read football news, I don't watch football match, but what you know? I did watch a full match today, and I suppose this is my first time watching from the beginning till the end of one who match. And obviously, the title about already tells you which match I watched today.

The reason I watched the match was quite random.

Well, both my aunt and uncle came back from Australia few days back and we kinda have a small family reunion in my youngest aunt's house. Both uncles and all my cousins are football fans and obviously, they will not want to miss the match. Three of my cousins and their dad are Liverpool fans where as my uncle from Australia was the only Manchester United fan around. 

Before the match started they were already sitting apart and trying to compare which is the best group and ways to prove they are really a fan of their particular supported team. 

Then the match began.

Everyone who were watching the match cheers whenever there was a mistake, an accident, an almost-goal scene and of course, when it goals. Even the ladies who were having their ladies talk turn around and follow the match whenever we cheer. Yeap, WE (including me) cheer.

At the end of the match, Liverpool beat Manchester United 2-1 and of course, uncle from Australia lost and keep searching for excuses to defend for his favorite team. What a funny moment. And as for me, I do watch I do cheer, but I am not sure who is the best. I heard a lot from my friends about Manchester United and Liverpool, I just don't get it who is better than who. 

Well, this match did make me feel like watch football from now on, but I am still quite blur with the rules and regulation and also, which team to support. Well, which is your favorite team?

Friday, September 12, 2008


Talk about weird things happen in our life. We have lots of weird experiences, weird friendship, weird assignments, weird dreams, and whatever la, you name it. Have you ever encounter one yourself? I bet you did ! I have this really weird dream last night, or more like this morning and would like to share with you. Have you ever dreamt of something weird like this? You (in this case, will be me) actually befriended with this little, bright lime green dragonfly and it sticks with you all the time, no matter where you go, on your hair. Just imagine an ice-cream stick got stuck on your hair with elephant glue applied on it. That's the similar feeling when you are trying to remove it from your hair, I meant the dragonfly.

Funny thing was, the dragonfly got angry, went aggressive and gone rampaged when I was trying to remove it from my head, and it keep attacking me until I got something to catch it and throw it away.

That's weird. Really weird.

Okay, let's escape from this freaking moment. Ask you guys a question. What do you guys normally see on the ground after the rain? Not the rainbow. Not the pile of water. Not gold. Can't get it arr?

Okay, have you guys heard of this proverb where it says you may see a lot of mushrooms grow after the rain, which bring meaning like you may be able to do something more effectively if you are in a positive situation or something similar. Do you know what is the proverb again? Either in Chinese or Malay?

So my question again, what do you guys normally see on the ground after the rain? Yeap ! You are right ! Mushrooms ! Haih~ My acne are just like mushrooms after the rain, keep popping out due to lacking of sleep and stresses of the assignments as well as presentation. Can die. I hate it when these is happening, as it is uncontrollable and it will keep pooping out just for the sake of popping out.

What am I talking now? Guess I am crazy.

Kinda sleepy now. Feel like sleeping. Tonight will be going out with my friends to celebrate early moon cake festival. Hope I will enjoy myself and get to know more people la =)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Failure

Actually I was wondering whether to update today or not, but since I forgot to do something early this morning when I blog, so I decided to do it now, again, here.

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary to my beloved Mummy and Daddy.
Yippie ! (wondering why am I so happy as if it's my anniversary)

C'mon, this is a very important date for my parents okay, and as their only son, I should have done something for them, which I failed to, so this is all I can do, for now.

Presentation this morning was not as good as I thought. I expected better. I expected a smooth presentation without much mistakes. I expected I can do better than before. But I failed, again. I am such a failure.

Feel tired. But what can I do? I have some readings to be done for tomorrow's MLIT in-class examination. I hate it when I got not enough sleep. Dozing of in the bus during my journey back home is definitely not enough for me, I need more time to sleep, and I don't feel like reading. Stab me please !

Another thing I feel like stabbing myself which is when I found out that my hair actually curled after I had paid so much to straighten it ! I can't believe it curled again after like... two days? Oh my gosh ! ROAR man ! My hair sucks ! My appearance sucks ! Presentations sucks ! Brain sucks ! What else? Oh yea, EVERYTHING SUCKS TO THE MAXX !

Sweat. I can be damn lame, but then it's all facts. Do you want me to give you a fact sheet about me?

Sorry, I am blur now, not sure what am I typing.

Oh yea, Ms Usha did said that I could have done better, I already have all the definitions, and the presentation was good. Means? It's not really that great without all the other possible facts that I can include into my slides right? You see, I told ya it's not that good ! *grabs a knife and start stabbing right at my chest, where my heart located*

To compare with the other members who presented today, I guess I am one of the worst presenter. My fellow classmates probably have graded me P1 or P2 for my presentation. *continue stabbing*

Okay la... I actually feel like continuing my entry, but no point posting something irrelevant. Somemore I am sleepy and have readings to read. So, bye-bye !


I did mentioned that I will blog at 12 in the morning, which I failed to do so, as I was still doing my presentation slides until 3 in the morning. Consider done for my presentation slides and now I wish I will not be panic and nervous during the presentation, and manage to grab my fellow classmates' attention as they are going to grade me as well. Have to act confidently. Somehow, I think it is impossible. But since I am the first presenter, I think they will still listen to what I am going to say, if it's not that boring.

By the way, thanks Kelvin for accompanying me over the night/morning. Good luck in your exam !

In the Media Hub now. Waiting for class to start and hopes get over with my presentation as soon as possible. However, my day is not over yet, if I manage to survive through the presentation, as I said in the previous entry, I will still have other things to do, for instance, in-class examination for MLIT tomorrow, which I have not read anything... yet.

Ewww, some fishy smell is surrounding the room. Guess it's from the clogged toilet bow. Oh yea, one think before I forget, feel like saying sorry to Joanne as I don't feel like doing the tag she tagged me. It was like freaking long and I am lazy for your information.

Back to my assignments.

Besides having an in-class examination, I have one more assignment and another task to do which is due on Friday. RFP assignment 2 on link paragraphs, slug, and intro writting, and have to search for one article written by a Malaysian and an Australian journalist on the same issue and conpare it. Articles have to be prepared by Friday.

Today is Tuesday, and I thought it Friday. Was trying to be smart earlier and told Casper that's the reason the college is so empty today. But since today is just Tuesday istead of Friday, where are all the other students? I better get some sleep before I mistaken some other things else, was planning to take a cat nap during class though.

Alright. I will be stopping here, have to continue reading chapter 9 of my GS text book. Ms Usha might ask us question on that topic, that's what I heard from the other group. Cheerio !

Monday, September 8, 2008

Presentations & Assignments (Version 2.0)

Assignments after assignments, presentations after presentations, projects after projects... I am just going to die due to all the pressures I am getting. Another presentation coming up tomorrow on the title of Fragmented Identities (in Taiwan), and yet not even 1% complete again. Gonna die tonight, and might follow Fleur's footstep by staying awake whole night and have a cuckoo day tomorrow... ROAR~

Gheez. I sounds so Florence, or maybe, Diana. *laughs*

Chatting with K3l and Kyo now, while waiting for my turn to use the toilet. Daddy gone to China this afternoon I suppose when I was still in college. And I will not worry too much that my dad will knock on my door asking me to go to sleep at 2am while I need to keep myself awake to finish off my presentation. Luckily ! *grins*

So many things to do la. GS presentation for tomorrow will kill me first. If I manage to get through that presentation, then I will have in-class examination to go for, then RFP assignment 2 and some articles to bring.

Knock me out, please !

Oh yea, I totally forgotten about Ms Shereen ! I have not been meet her up for more than 2 weeks and I guess she has a lot of work for me to do. Once I done assignments and presentation I need to suffer through another work, oh my ! Can faint already!

Ooohhh~ Guess what? Sam messaged me in MSN. And my sister had just came out from the toilet.

Okay la then. I shall stop here. Might be blogging early morning tomorrow, which is 12am. I might be complaining about my presentation. Hehe ! Anyways, good luck people !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Presentations & Assignments

It is 8.11pm now and I am currently in the campus library. Trying to do my assignments since IPD presentation is on this Thursday and GS assignment is due this Friday. Kinda worry now as nothing is in done so far, not even 1% and that's bad. Imagine having 2 days to finish reading 100 plus pages of notes and make a good 6 minutes in-depth presentation slides. It's kinda impossible.

Besides that, I spent an hour plus searching for sponsorships for the event (SOC Media Carnival), which is organizing by us (the UniSA year 1 semester 2 students) but I failed to do so. Not that I did not try my best searching but the search engine did not give me what I wanted.

Or perhaps, the information I need was never on the net.

Seems like I had wasted 5 hours of my youth rotting in the refrigerator. Agree? But it's not like what you think. I mean, at least I managed to print some notes, managed to find some definition, and managed to send an e-mail to one of the clothing company. Will be sending 2 faxes tomorrow though. So nope, not wasting my much of my youth.

Is blogging here consider wasting? Hahaha, probably ! Just need some time to relax a while. I am very hungry for you information and don't worry, I will be eating soon. I am that stupid to skip my dinner for these.

Alright then. Got to leave now. Have to continue searching for some notes before going for dinner. That's all for my update !

p/s: Hope Ms Shereen forgives me for not working for her these few weeks.