Friday, November 28, 2008

Crazy Moment

Boo! Did I scared you?

I know. Halloween’s already over and people are now busy preparing Christmas, and this picture of mine, do look scary and creepy (in a way) but I found it cute. Look, there are some certain time you need to love yourself, like how I shown you in my previous entry, but there are some certain time that you need to distress yourself, you need to release, before you go cuckoo! So like me, in order to make sure I don’t go cuckoo, I try something different to make myself look like one (what an excuse!), and I believe I did that, successfully. =D

What you need to prepare is a plastic bottle full of water, a tripod (or someone else), and your body part. Me, I chose my eyes and… wanna know what else I used? Go check out my photo blog, or click on [J] Style on the side bar. You will laugh your butt off after the photo shooting session, like seriously! A fun game to play indeed, shall walk with a bottle during next year Halloween.

p/s: this is what you will look like if you have nothing else to do, beside playing with your maggot friends and learning their language. I am officially CRAZY, need a job, seriously. Something to do =D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love Yourself!

I was feeling lucky yesterday! LOL. And I am feeling good today. Had this awful haircut which I got scolded by my mother because it looks the same, still as ugly. How am I supposed to go for camp with such awful hair? Imagine there is no mirror in the jungle for me to check my hair, surely look damn bad, I can already foresee how bad looking I am for those 6 days.

Anyways, I took a set of pictures today. Believe me, narcissism is not a sin. Tell me, how are you supposed to love someone else, if you don’t even love yourself? Whatever it is, love yourself first, then your family (parents especially), following by your friends or even, if you wish to, your partner before friends. 

So, I love myself. Not a sin, nor a shameful action. Bear with me or leave me, muahahahaha! Pictures already uploaded in my photo blog. If you have notice, I have 2 other blog links at the side bar, click on [J] Style if you wish to have a look. Remember, do enjoy yourself, make yourself happy and love yourself! 

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fallen Utopia 《灰色城市》

Presented by the Oh-Beh-Gong Drama Studio (OBGS). The Fallen Utopia is set in the year 2038, the world is facing challenges beyond what we have at present; our once fertile lands are turning into deserts; natural resources are scarce, the human race is dying out…

The main objective of this production is to deliver a message - through this production, we hope to be able to educate the audience. This drama featured all kinds of pollution, wars, and the fall of mankind. Our actions today will affect our future, our planet, and the coming generation. Thus, we hope to instill a sense of urgency, and to give the audience a variety of thoughts to ponder upon.

Our production is absolutely non-profit: every performer and crew member is not receiving any monetary benefits. Our achievement is the best reward we can receive. We look forward to making contributions to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah; all profit from the ticket sales will go to charity.

Details are as below:

Venue : Auditorium Taman Budaya
Date : 26 December 2008 (Friday) till 28 December 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm (first session) & 8pm (second session)
Targeted Audience : Public
Entrance Fee : RM 25

If you are interested or have any queries, please contact Mr Hoh at 012- 7048 707. You may also log into the official website for more information.


JC:"I believe this is a good event (drama), and hope that all of you join it too. I will be going though. And if you have any question please contact Mr Hoh as stated above. I am just a middle man, I know nothing much about it" =)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Silly Me

Red represents love, happy and prosperous;
Red also represents evil, danger and violent.
But in this case, I will give you the third representation:
It represents anger, my anger, and you will not like it.

Obviously, I am not quite happy with what had happened lately, and I am gonna start complaining again, here, in my blog.

Seriously, at this age, you should know what ‘responsibility’ mean and I am expecting you to do what you should do but not the other way round.

You know that this is your job, unwillingly accepted by you, but you agreed to pick up this ‘responsibility’ then please make sure it is well done. Procrastinate will never help you success your job but to drown the whole team into the deep blue sea.

You think you are the mighty, the power, and you expect your followers to listen to you. The fact is, you are no mighty or power and you are just an ordinary human being. So please bear with it, and command your peers no more.

You are small and I believed that you debate well but if you can’t mirror those points to yourself and think about it, why should I listen? I mean, no point telling someone not to do so and so but you yourself are doing it in the end.

You are indeed wealthy physically but not wealthy mentally & emotionally, and that’s what fail you causing everything you have in your hand. Let it go and start collecting those important items you lost in your life, bit by bit. Listen to me and it benefits you.

Talk about being random. I am random now. Excuse me if you don’t feel nice about this entry. I know I am not a good person, being an ostrich hiding my head in my blog, shooting anyone and every one who touches me when I am not in a good mood.

‘You’, obviously is not just one specific person. I can be 2 of them, or 20 of them, or even YOU. Yes you, who are reading my blog now. So, wanna have a good luck guess on who I am pin pointing on? I will not tell you, even if you mentioned the correct person. Bah!

If you think I am not a good friend, ‘back stabbing’ you here in my blog, then I shall say nothing. That is, if you think the effort I am trying to make sure there are still friendship between us, is wrong. Seriously, I am just being critical, in my own way. Which I think it’s fine.

It’s okay, I can do it on my own. I will change for myself, for what I think is best to me. I am not dumb. Smile for me. I'm a big boy now =)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Freedom, I Need

Have a good guess on the amount of maggots I've collected within these 3 days, 1 big bucket full I tell you. Like OMG (sounds so bimbo, I know). Yea, was still rotting at home but luckily at least I still get to go out for meetings and party, otherwise it will not be only 1 big bucket of maggots, probably 3 or even more. Haha!

After looking through the calendar for a few times and making notes on it, I finally managed to find some entertainment for myself, at least I will not be over bored at home. I will go for meetings and a leadership camp in Kuala Kubu Bharu organized by my club, will be going to work during the education fair in PWTC and Mid Valley, and will be going on a trip to Bukit Merah with my girlfriends (yea, 4 girls with me the only guy, which we known ourselves as the FAB 5).

However, I will still have lots of free time, which I am not allowed to make any plan anymore, as my dad just scolded me for planning more trips after the one I mentioned earlier. I was planning to make probably another 2 more trips but he said I am already being too much. Staying at home being their good o’ little boy is what I am suppose to be. That’s the reason why I say that I have a 19-year-old young man’s body with only a 9-year-old boy’s mentality. Too much of protection provided by my parents. Like what William likes to call me, a Twitty Bird. I don’t like it but it best describes my life – always locked in a cage.

How am I supposed to meet people if I am always at home? Something has to be done on this matter, but what? I need to find some job, which able to get me out. Too bad I can’t find one, no one wants to hire me, can anyone help?

My parents are just being nonsense. I went out for a club meeting on Tuesday night. I went for a dinner reunion with 2 of the FAB 5 members on Thursday night. I attended a party on Friday night. And my mom complained to me that I go out every night. Again, I am expected to stay at home. I wish I can move to Australia as soon as possible, that is if my results are good.

Now I have a 2-hour meeting, a 6 days leadership camp, 4 days education fair job, and a 3 days trip for me until the end of December. Am I supposed to be satisfied or need to fight for more human rights? Or what I call, youth freedom (do I still consider youth? Or a young man?).

Hey people, come look for me on those 4 days when I work, make my life interesting can?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Mind

Seriously, I feel damn bored at home. My body is rotting and maggots are drilling their way out of my body. I just sit still in front of my computer, and expose every inch of my body to the radiation that is produce by the computer, while observing those tiny little maggots successfully craw out and fall onto the computer desk. It then fall onto the ground, and start drilling their way from my leg into my body again. They just like to play! 

Excuse the exaggeration. I am just bored. Too bored. I wish I have something else to do besides going through the normal routine like how the maggots craw in and fall out again and again and again. LOL. Imagine every day after waking up naturally, I switch on the computer and log in to my Gmail account, then my Friendster account, following with my Facebook account and then Plurk. After that, I will go to my blog to check my Cbox, and then Nuffnang. After everything are done, I will consider singing signing into my MSN or not. That is, basically what I normally do.

However, I am not like those other famous people with lots of messages and comments to reply. That’s why I feel bored after finish replying my messages. Then what next? Wait for my next meal, take my bath, sit and rot again. If I can go out, I will. But there is nothing to do outside, and no point going to the mall alone as I will end up walking blindly without a purpose. Waste patrol, waste my energy. Who wants to ask me out? Or rather, bring me out?

Recently, my mind is running wildly, like a wild cat. I keep having this imagination that I am someone special, someone with ability, power, like those in Heroes. I watched too much of it perhaps, and I am over dose now. LOL. Kinda addicted to all these superhero movies. I just like movie with powers flying around, haha, for example Heroes, X-Men, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and et cetera. So yea, either you provide me entertainment, otherwise fulfill my dream of being somebody, to save the world! Whee~ Heroes is just so good, watched Chapter 9 already, and craving for more, like how Syler used to crave for powers. I just like him somehow, his power is great don’t you think so? Feel sad for him since he is always being manipulated by the others.

Now, where was I? I need to stop thinking too much I suppose, otherwise I will be crazy. Work, work, work, work, all I need is to work, but I have meeting and other activities too, I am just funny. I don’t know what I want now. Oh yes, I need some pictures, for my blog.

Talk about pictures, I just took a few pictures of myself, and guess what I found? My face got rounder! I need to do something seriously. I think I should stop eating so much and go for exercise. I want to learn how to swim, I want to learn how to play tennis, I want to… There are a lot of “I want to” but the matter now is can I do that? Do I have the determination or will I have the perseverance for whatever I want to do? I need to think. 

Alright. Blog’s already updated. Hope that I will have a better entry about my life soon. LOL. Till then, see ya!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wild Boy

My pictures are getting limited and I need to go out and snap more pictures! Anyways, since I finished all my assignments and considering having my first day of holiday, I believe this is not really a hard task to be done. Except for the fact that I need to get permission from the warden couples, this is kinda hard though.

I need to go out, instead of rotting at home!!!

I feel like, meeting all my old friends, go out with bloggers, travel, have fun and not forgetting to earn money!!! I am so broke now. Mom took all my money that day and now I left so little to spend. I mean, I can't even spend those money, I promised myself to have minimum RM 800 in my account but now it went lower. I need to work to gain back that amount!

So do you guys have any good connection with good pay for me? I sincerely beg you guys. I need money, seriously. ($_$)

But seriously, I wish to go out, to meet more + new friends. To experience more + different experiences. And the main purpose is to prevent me to rot at home. Cause today itself can already kill me. So BORING!

I need to be set free. I am wild inside. Roar!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


After working in front of the computer for more than a year, almost everyday, and due to the stresses I got from college, club and assignments, I found out something terrible!

The pores on my face are getting larger and my skin, especially on my face, is transforming into an orange-skin! (wonder if the radiation of the computer got anything to do with this?)

For those who don’t understand what orange-skin I am talking about, here is a picture to answer your doubt.
Still don’t understand? 
Nevermind, let me show you one close up shot.

Clear enough?

Beside orange-skin on my face, I also found lots of black head gathering around especially on my nose… what can I do? I don’t want to have an orange skin, it’s so ugly!!! The panda eyes is also still hanging along with me even though I have enough sleep these two nights. Oh dear~

I need advices!

Don’t want to be like this can?

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Am Just Tired

Quote of the day:"I saw the sun rise!"

Feel like sleeping in a white, nice, beautiful, simple, comfortable -- Coffin.

I am tired.

And scared too.

Having this bad bad instinct, that I will be retaking...

I am just tired.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Night To Die For

I think I gain weight

Chillax! I am not emo, the title above was the theme of my Prom Night. Feeling weird right? But actually, there is a story behind the whole event, which suits the title of course. I don't mind to tell but since I am suppose to rush on my Research Paper which is due tomorrow, and another assignment, also due tomorrow, I think it's better that I finish my work first.

Anyways, thanks everyone for the comments, I am feeling much better now. Just that the fact I have to rush all my assignments before the due date and have a very bad instinct that I might retake all the courses/subjects of this semester again due to my bad performances.

OMG! I forgot that I have a exam to go for on this coming Friday! I've already put half of my body into the coffin and don't wish to go in more. Better pray hard now. LOL.

Till then.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Suddenly feel like blogging but I don't know what to blog about. I received this picture not long ago from Florence which was taken during our Prom Night. Three of us were part of the committee members and picture taken while we are chillaxing backstage. Awesome right the picture? 

Anyways, thanks people for cheering me up when I was down. I don't know what to say but THANK YOU. Thanks for being there for me. Do come to me if you are sad or need a shoulder or even a pair of ears. I will definitely help you and listen to your story.

I have 3 more assignments before the holiday. And all due this week. And seriously, time is not enough for all assignments yet I am still here blogging. Or maybe I am just trying to keep my blog running. LOL.

Once again. Thanks people, for everything you had done for me.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This time, I am seriously sad. Feel very down and not in the mood for anything. However, assignments still have to be done and I can foresee myself with deep dark panda eyes. I am going to find ways to reduce the panda eyes problem during the holiday.

I don't know. I just feel kinda bored and exhausted with my current life. Quite sick being the shadow of other people, but I realised I can't really live on my own, that's the ironic part.

Yes, people do say life is like roller coaster as it fills with ups and downs but I found out that my life is not that challenging. At least not as challenging as those who are in my age. Now I feel like I am a physically 19-year-old but mentally 9-year-old super ultra ordinary college kid with nothing much interesting in life. Thanks to the protections given.

Now I feel like cutting myself away from people, isolating myself, being just me, alone. But of course this is not possible to be done. As I know I will go psycho if I really, seriously and totally stop communicating with others or stop myself from using the net. I just can't. So only my phone will be shut down these few days.

I can't help but to agree with the point I raised long time ago. That if you want to survive in this cruel world, you must have this three special element: Money, Look, Power. Without these special element, it's kinda hard to stay in this reality society. Besides that, you must not be too nice to anyone as they will make use of your "niceness", and take you for granted. Plus, you must be smart in playing with tactics to archive anything in life. 

Too bad. I am not such person. Not special elements, and neither good in playing with tactics. So I will never survive in the realities. I need to change, for the better of course. However, being too nice, is my biggest weakness. Sometimes, I don't even know whether am I doing the right thing or not, for being so nice and knowing people are taking it for granted.

Tell me my fellow readers. I am not good in writing, at least not as good as those famous blogger. What makes you stay, read and comment on my blog?

Let's talk about Friendster. Before this I put a picture or myself, which is not quite attractive and after a few months no one add me or message me, nothing. But when i changed to other better looking picture, there will be people adding me up once in a blue moon and keep telling me that I am handsome and interested to know me more. You see, look's important !

Prove me wrong if you don't agree.

So sorry, the mood of writing had gone. I am kinda lost and don't feel like writing more already. Enjoy your day.


For your information I don't like (or more like don't know how) to download movies, videos, musics whatever it is, I just don't download. And now since I am having a major mood swing, can anyone please tell me where can I find soft, sentimental, blue, emo kind of songs? I prefer those soft music or songs which somehow you can only listen it while you are on the way to heaven, peaceful. Sorry for the exaggeration. Uncertain why, I think these songs manage to clean and heal my wound, and I just like it. Examples of songs probably like Gregorian's Close My Eyes Forever or Enya's Everning Falls. These are my kind of genre. So can anyone help? Perhaps you can send it through MSN or something?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Read Out Loud

So what did you read from the picture above at the first glance?
A) Kid-sex-change
B) Kids-exchange
C) Something else

Be sincere !

A little update about my life. I am not really in a good mood these few days. Attempted to blog about some emotional entries but the mood just gone when I was typing the first sentence. No point continuing if the feeling no longer there right? 

Don't worry, I'll be okay. 4 final assignments awaiting me. After that, will be having my independence day. Future plan? Will decide later. Now I just need someone to do assignment with me. Or at least make sure I do my assignments.

Cheers people!

p/s: picture were found in some random website

Monday, November 3, 2008

Slap Me Please

I wanted to post a picture of my sick, red-face look but it's quite unethical to spread my viruses around. I know "sharing is caring" but sometimes, you would not want to share something (bad) with those important people just like your readers, would you?

Wanted to post some picture of me having my first sushi lunch after my combo-sick attacks, but think again, after the attacks, I don't really look good and definitely will destroy the whole picture. So, forgive me people. All I can give you is the picture of the décor of the restaurant.

Judging by the title of this entry, I think you guys will start thinking that I am throwing myself into the world of EMO. Drowning myself in the water of DEPRESSION. Locking myself in the DARK CHAMBER. or even torturing myself with... whatever, you name it.

But no. I am happier than happy. I don't need to torture myself in such young stage.

Yes I know my life can be so boring. My blog can be dull. But I got my supporters, or I should say readers who provides comments regularly. Readers from Singapore to Ireland, and some from Malaysia. I love you people ! Thanks for supporting. (and yes, I like comments too. Do not hesitate to leave one but don't spam it please, a sincere thank you by me)

May this be a random entry. I don't know why or what to write about.

Slap me please, and make sure I am awake. I can't believe after going through so much hassles, I am still slacking like a slacker. Being myself like how I am usually like. Not a bad thing though, but it's very terrible. When am I going to wake up?

Or slapping is not the only way to solve my slacking problem? Perhaps I need someone to pour a bucket of cold-freezing-ice-water onto my face, to make sure I am awake. (I don't support the idea of pouring hot-lava kind of liquid as I don't want to disfigure myself, thank you)

So yea. I am still slacking. Call me a slacker. or whatever you like. Hope this entry will entertain you. Hahaha~ It did entertained me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Long Draggy Update

I was chatting with my primary school ex-classmate earlier in Facebook and it is all started with a picture tagged, a picture of a few of us during one of the gathering in Sunway Pyramid. Not many turned up but a gathering is still a gathering. I like gatherings as I know I can hang out with all my old friends and get updates from each other. That feeling is just... nice. However, I am not going to focus on this topic, but will blog about it one day.

Facebook. A new social networking website that was launched in 2004 where user can apply for free account and get connected as well as interact with people all around the world, just like Friendster. However Facebook has more features than Friendster and I suppose more people are now using Facebook instead of Friendster.

To me, I am still a loyal user of Friendster. I log in everyday to check whether there are updates or messages from whoever. I found that Friendster has became less active, or maybe it's just me? Whatever it is, I also created another Facebook account, and not regretting having it. Before this, I was hesitating whether or not to apply for another Facebook account since they banned me from using after sending for about more than 10 messages a day to my friends who added me. They said I had misuse the application and claimed that I was spamming the users out there.

Anyways, I am now happy with Facebook and will be using them to get connected with all my old friends. 

I reckon you guys are thinking why did I posted this girl's picture and wondering who she is, right? First of all, I would like to ask you guys: Don't you think she looks familiar? Don't you think she is pretty? Don't you wish your girlfriend as pretty as her?

Still don't know who she is? Check out the picture below and see whether it helps or not in reminding you who she is.

Yeap! She's Kelsi, oops, I mean Olesya Rulin! Born 17 March 1986 in Moscow, Russia, a ballet dancer and model, who play the role of Kelsi Nielsen in High School Musical. I have been noticing her since the first season of HCM and she looks prettier from the first season till the latest season ! Trust me ! She is so much better than anyone else in the show. Or maybe I am just being bias to her.

Well, you have to agree with me that sometimes, the co-actors or actresses are so much better looking than the main character. So, you can't stop me from liking Olesya Rulin as I think she looks so much prettier.

Oh yea, I also quite respect these dancers. I can say I like seeing them singing and dancing at the same time! I just found that they are so cool and also from the movie, I can see the passion of them towards the show and their career!

Kaycee Stroh from High School Musical

Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray

They are big size, but doesn't mean that they don't have the ability to dance! Yup, they are good. So good. I like them too!

I like music. I like musical. I always wish I can be a singer, or an actor, a dancer, or even a model. However, I think I don't have such great talents like those characters above. Worst still, I don't have nice voice box like a singer. I don't have good expression as an actor. I don't have great agility as a dancer. I don't even have prefect body shape like a model. And I guess I should stop thinking about all these impossibles.

Alright. Enough updates for now. I don't remember what I want to tell anyway.