Thursday, January 29, 2009


Currently listening to Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, nice song indeed, thanks Mr Alexio for sending me this nice song!

How's everyone on the forth day of Chinese New Year? How many red packets you guys got from your relative and other married adults? Did you guys went for open house or something? How's your hometown? How's your CNY experience?

Well, to me, it's all the same, same as the usual normal boring days.

Until today, I've collected about 30 red packets from my relatives and neighbour. I don't get to visit any of my friends yet due to the same old rules, I don't know why on earth these rules are valid on festive season! Well, what can I do?

However, I am here to do a short update mainly about the reunion dinner I had yesterday.

Well, every year during the third day of Chinese New Year, we will definitely have this reunion dinner with my aunt and uncle from my father side. But the thing is, my dad has 4 siblings and only 3 out of the 5 will be sitting together every year. Due to some family problem, 1 of them couldn't make it for the dinner every year while the other one had migrated to Australia.

But in recent years, somehow, we are contacting each and other again! And yesterday, after so long, I finally managed to see some changes. At least now 4 out of 5 sit together for dinner, the one in Australia still can't make it on time but they will be coming back next week. So I am looking forward for another dinner reunion with them.

I have another dream. I want to gather all 5 of them to sit in one table. I mean, including their partner, there are only 9 adults (one of them is still single) and only a total of 8 children all together (eldest 32; youngest 17), so we can book a room from one restaurant and have 2 tables in it, everyone will definitely managed to talk to each other, it must be a great reunion. And I will not forget to take a family portrait, it will be very memorable!

Seriously, I wish I am the person who gathers everyone up!

Second dream of my life! Ooo... I'm having dreams now. Hopefully my dreams will come true!

Monday, January 26, 2009


First day of Chinese New Year, wheeezz~
Sounds happening, but in fact, one word is enough to explain my mood today. BORED.

I am trying to calm myself.

Finally sent my profile to some company, hopefully got work in February. Need money urgently.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Wow, what a mood swing I had last night. Due to it I decided to go sleeping at 10.30pm thinking of waking up at 8 in the morning for a morning jog, to distress a bit. However I don't know why was I so energetic last night, I can't sleep till the point that I need to grab some comics to read (until 2.30am)! Plan canceled, woke up at 9am for breakfast instead and hoping that I can sleep early tonight.

Think about what happened yesterday. I guess I should have faith on myself, and believe that beside those things I am thinking so much, I have something else more important to achieve! Something more grandeur!

Yes. Working hard for the future I am now!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Now I feel like being alone, living in my wonderful holy world, my fantasy land, my peaceful secret hideout. Less trouble less problem less stress less pain.

Ignore the fact that I am always being left out, not really a big deal though, but when this is happening to a person who hungers for attention, care and love from whoever he knows, yet he has to be one obedient child and a perfect(but not so perfect) son for one protective family, something must be scarifies!

So, basically everything is actually so near yet too far to be reached. It's just like how much I love animals, I can only see it through the glass container or cage but not having one for myself. Same theory.

I understand all this problem will be solved one day, perhaps what I should do is to be patient and wait. Wait for the perfect time perfect hour perfect minute perfect second perfect moment together with the perfect key of freedom to arrive, and by the time the lock will be unlocked, I will get everything I want.

WAIT, is the one and only thing I should do now. Forgive me if I can't be by your side, as I am not fully ready for anything at the moment. I guess I should be left alone for the time being.

Knowing how much you guys trying to "save" me from my "troubles" but somehow "something" within me can't be changed, at least not now. Perhaps I might "open up" myself one day but to be sincere, this is not the time. I mean, I think there is something else in my life that is more important than what I want and need currently, I don't know what is that but I guess I might know it in the future.

For the moment, I am alone.

And I believe I can still live on my very own special and different life!

p.s. Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Like yesterday, I have nothing to do. Went through the same old routine, sweep floor, clean house, tidy my room... And the main thing is I am still stuck at home! I can't go out~

But, at least I started doing some of my important stuff today. I contacted a friend regarding the costing of the PA System, inquiring the amount of people who attended the previous camp, sort out the money for my beloved classmates, and even wrote a letter, yea, which is the one above!

Not a love letter though, but a friendly request. Well, my friend wants to improve her Chinese writing skills, that's why she asked me to do her a favor, send and reply letter with pure Chinese. And finally here it is! It took me about 1 hour to write a letter, imagine it. I can type it within 30 minutes, but good also la, at least I can train my hand since it has been quite some time I stop writing already. It's a good way to improve my Chinese writing skills too! I actually forgot some of the words and need to refer to the computer, no doubt, that's bad!

*After 5 minutes checking the
college portal while blogging*

I guess I got a REAL BAD NEWS! I saw this from one of the portal:

I'm not enrolled in any courses?! WTH?

So I went to the next portal wanting to register my subjects and only I found that,

Online Subject Registration Closed?!?! WTF?!

*stoned for 5 second*


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rusty Brain

Kinda bored these days. Stayed at home helping my mom cleaning the house, but I did nothing much, and keep thinking of going out. The computer and books in my cupboard are the only source of entertainment for me, even with that, I've this feeling that I'm getting dumber every hour. 

I need to do something, but I am not doing anything even though I am having a few things that I have to sort out and I can say it's quite important. A few things regarding the club and other college stuffs.

Cannot stand myself anymore, my grammar is getting worst since my brain is so rusty now.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm 20!

I am wishing the jolly mood stay on till Chinese New Year. Anyways, this is a picture of a 20-year-old boy. Look mature huh? Well, I always look mature *wink*. And so, another decade has gone. The beginning of my new self and heading to the number 3, OMG, I am getting older!

So, I promised myself to get myself something this year, and these are what I got for myself. Wang Lee Hom latest album and a book to read, and also a cake. 

So where should I start? I actually separated my birthday celebration into a few days with different bunch of friends, and due to some rules and restriction I am facing in my family, I can only managed to get a 4-day-permit from my mom and it's definitely not enough for everyone, so sorry if I didn't ask you out.

It's all started on Thursday night the 15th of January. I had invited 4 friends I hang around with quite often during my high school period, 2 out of 4 attended. We had dinner in Kim Gary in Pyramid and went for some cake cutting ceremony somewhere outside the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. 

A fresh experience, cool celebration, special birthday! We even whisper while singing the birthday song as there are quite a few couples around the area and we don't want to make it so... high profile. Pictures are not with me, June and Sabrina are still holding those pictures. But anyways, thanks for the surprise birthday cake and the special experience you guys gave me.

Had another dinner outing the next day on the 16th of January, Friday. This time, 3 out of 5 attended. Had dinner in TGIF in pyramid and kinda have a special one too. Because I have to wait for Shaz and Sandra for 1 hour plus together with Tony as we prefer to have dinner with everyone together.

And Shaz, actually managed to excuse himself and told the person in charge of the restaurant that I'm celebrating my birthday on the 18th and got the whole crew to embarrass me in the restaurant. Luckily there were not many people at that hour as it was kinda late.

And thanks to him, Sandra now had became my Fruit Partner! Why fruit partner? Well, we went through this Fruit Dance together and since she was my partner, so yea! 

Lesson learned: If you don't want to get yourself embarrassed, never visit TGIF anytime during your birthday, or else...

On Saturday morning, I went out for dim sum as breakfast together with Alden, Mun Suet, Deborah and Joanne. After that, we went to some bazaar or some warehouse sales around the Subang area. Nothing much to see though even they sell guys shirt and shoes, was quite bored too in the warehouse sales. 

However, I managed to meet up some of my high school friends during the bazaar and had a short chat with them. While doing nothing, I went into A&W for some desert together with Mun Suet and Alden. After that, went to Pyramid to wait for Alex, my brother.

And so, we went to The Curve first to have our lunch in Marche. It's my first time dining in that restaurant and I found that I don't really quite like the concept of that restaurant, it's expensive too!

We passed by Cineleisure and saw this group of cheerleader cheering for Bonus Link card if I am not mistaken. After that, we went to Ikea just to shop for a notice board. Then, we went to One Utama. I went merely just for some window shopping while Alex bought a polo tee for himself.

On Sunday, I went to KL Central and waited for Mun Suet. I actually invited some of my Leo friends to join me for a movie or something and 1 out of 5 attended this time. That's Mun Suet and we went for a movie, They Wait. It was a ghost movie and it's not really scary, in fact, I think it's kinda sad seeing such incident happened to those people in the movie. How cruel people like us can be.

Later on, we went to the garden in KLCC and waited for the rest of our classmates to arrive. Well, we actually have this farewell party for some of our classmates who are leaving to Australia. Good Luck Kien Yang, Deborah, Rachel Au, Sherry, Crystal and Surekha, wish to see you guys real soon in Australia! 

It was suppose to be a picnic-portluck kind of party but we ended up sitting near the stairs instead of having it on the ground. So much for having my first ever picnic huh? And since everyone was practically late for the party, I did not get to take any pictures with them, was expecting some nice shots though. Left with Mun Suet and met up Soon Wen for dinner =) Got to eat some nice dishes and I am really happy too!

This is basically how I celebrated my birthday! I am quite happy in a way, since I always wish to celebrate with my friends and yes finally got to do it this time. Actually I am suppose to be in China and should be back home today, but since the plan canceled, I might as well make myself happy right?

This is what I got from my friends:

Birthday card & Wallet from Alex.
T-Shirt from Mun Suet.
Powerless glasses from Alden.

And coincidentally, all these items I got from them were something I wanted for a long long time. I am seriously happy and touched that they got that for me, and I appreciate it a lot!

Time to thank my friends:

Thanks June, Sabrina, Shaz, Sandra, Tony, Alex, Mun Suet and Soon Wen who join me for my celebration. Those who did not turn up: Sue Keng, Yao Wei, Mikel, Gideon, Eric, Chong Sheng, Wen Yuin, Fion and Beatrice, you guys owe me a meal. ;)

Personally thanks Adeline and Angus who wishes me when we coincidentally met on the street.

Alfred, Joanne, Mun Suet, Robin, Alex, Min Dee and Jimmy who wishes me on the phone.

Shawn and Ryan who wishes me on MSN.

Maro, Rachel, Jing  Jing, Wen Yuin, Stephanie, Wai Shun, Sabrina, Anna, Benzemine, Wei Nie, Cindy A-Yee, Kenny, Su Qi, Alden, Chern Lin, Geraldine, Samson, Geoffrey, Sue Keng, June, Kenji, Debra, Eric, Issac, Kok Hooi and Alan. Thanks for your SMS wishes.

Not forgetting my friends, classmates and ex-classmates who wishes me through my Blog, Facebook and Friendster. Thank you guys so much!

And a special thanks too for those who attended the farewell party and those who sang me a song in front of so many random people! 

Thanks for embarrassing, and I appreciate it a lot! Sincerely and seriously!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jolly Mood - ON

Jolly mood - checked.

So I am suppose to be happy now la? In fact, I am happy now, so yea, HAPPY. (like so stupid asking a question while I am already doing it right?)

What the heck?

Asking and answering all by myself? I am crazy, pardon me, too hyper. *wink*

Anyways, will be going to KLCC as early as 12pm and will join my college mates in a farewell port-luck picnic in the garden for some of my friends who are leaving to Australia.

First time having a picnic in a garden, in fact, this will be my first picnic! Must be fun! I should dress nicely and take more nice nice photos!

Looking forward to the picnic session.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This is so gonna be a random entry!
Since there are too many EMO entries lately.
And I don't feel like stuffing all emotional entries in January.
January is suppose to be a jolly month to me,
and why am I suffering like a psychotic madman?

My random entry, here goes:

I just realized,
that I can't even

Random entry ends here.
How random?

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes, it is indeed a fun trip and I will never feel bored saying "I MISS THAILAND". Go with your friends, try it one day, have fun.

*** ~*~ ***

Again and again, you are letting me down. I unsure why, what is the reason behind causing you acting that way? I am not comfortable having such random feeling from whoever, it often causes me mood swing. I just hate it.

You there. Think about it now, a normal human do have feeling and I believe I am also consider one normal human being, not a heartless, emotionless, feeling-less computer. I can't simply click on one specific file which contain all sad memories you brought me and send it to the recycle bin and delete it permanently! It's not as easy as writing something bad on the black board and rub it off with a duster. Even if it's that easy, you will still leave stains on the blackboard, can't rub it off even if you use a wet cloth.

So, it's not easy to start all over again. Sorry.

Money can buy lots of stuff, and can buy lots of heart too. But your money is not everything, I have my way and my brain to make a smart decision. Good work in attacking my other weak point. Friendship is one of the important elements in my life too, but what's the point by introducing some random people to me? Worst still you don't even know that fella well? 

WHAT IS THE POINT? I just don't get it. Do you? Explain yourself.

Why am I avoiding you people? Please be smart, if I don't wanna befriend you, then just move on with someone else, why bother to know me? I am just like a jerk, a nobody. Or perhaps you should think about the reason why I am avoiding you, don't ask me why cause I will not want to answer you.

I always say I can be nice to be with but can also be very evil if you make me angry. So can you guys behave yourself? I am feeling weird with all your attitude. Why? I am asking, WHY?!?!?!

Stay away, back off!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Krabi Trip

So, if you happen to follow my blog lately, you will know I've been to Krabi, Thailand with my family. A total of 14 of us plus another 2 colleague of my aunt. Had a fun trip, I am still missing Thailand, and I believe I will definitely have more fun if I go with my friends. So, I am looking forward to it.


The story started 1 and a half hours after the plane left the airport. We took Air Asia and managed to get a zero fair kind of thing. Special promotion. We then reached the airport, picked up by a local tour guide, Ah Chai then went straight to the Tiger Cave.

Tiger Cave is actually a temple. There are not tigers at all, not even a shadow of it, but monkeys are all around the area. According to Chai, all the tigers ran into the jungle when the monks started conquer the area. We were then brought into the temple and saw a big section with a big container kind of thing. Inside the container have all these ashes of the greatest monk from all over the world.

Chai says that once the other new temple are done, these ashes will be brought into that temple, and visitors are not allowed to go near that area, but to see from far and we are consider lucky for being able to go near to have a closer look.

After that, we went in deeper into the cave, and there is a cage and inside of the cage there is a big table kind of thing. They said if you throw a coin and managed to keep it on the table, you will get to make a wish. 

Before we leave the temple, Chai told us something funny. The monkeys there are not afraid of people. They ever steal or rob your bag and run away with it to search for food. I kept holding my glasses thinking that they might need some vision adjustment. The fun part was, monkeys are afraid of crocodile, so if you are in the jungle with lots of monkeys, he will recommend you to bring a toy crocodile. They will not come near you. And it's true!

After that, Chai brought us to a restaurant for lunch. Duck noodle or seafood friend rice, your choice. I chose the duck noodle and it's really nice, just that the smell of the restaurant is a bit... too "nice". LOL.

We went for some fish-watching activity under the damn hot sun after lunch. Got to see lots of different fishes and seahorses too! So cute! Just like those you can see from the Chinese herbs shop, but a smaller version.

The last destination of the day, Chai brought us to this souvenir shop, which sells expensive souvenirs which I can't afford. While the adults are purchasing their chilly paste (yea, chilly paste instead of souvenir) I went out of the shop and have some pictures for myself.

Back to the hotel, it's more like a hostel to me. Got our room key and off we go to our room to get some rest. I took a few pictures went I went into the room, and have a look, they have both bath tub and shower area too!


Free and easy. Nothing to do, after our delicious breakfast, we went to walk around the hotel. There are so many shops selling so many things. Too bad they only serves the Westerners instead of the Asians, otherwise I might have got more things home for myself and everyone else too. 

Had lunch in this restaurant which serves western food. Had coconut as drink and sandwich and vegetable salad as lunch. Then they saw this ice cream car around, and some of them went to get one for themselves. And you know what they have in the ice cream? Rice ball! Can you imagine it? It tasted weird though, luckily I did not buy one for myself.

While the others went for shopping, I follow behind them and have some photo shooting. 

While waiting for another few members to arrive, I went to the lobby to use their free internet service, where I go online to update my blog and appear in MSN. 

At night, when everyone is ready, we went for our 4800 Baht seafood dinner. Actually, the dinner is not really satisfying, because I don't get to eat lobster! Plus the lobster over there are quite small, won't have enough meat for me. Neither way will not be satisfying either, so sad!

However, all 16 of us got this promotion where we can get 1 cocktail free for each purchase of cocktail. Which means, buy 1 free 1 la. So we ordered 8 and another 8 we got it for free!

My sister ordered Long Island Ice Tea. I ordered Singkapore, Mom ordered Krabi Sun Set. Dad ordered Alexander.


After breakfast, we went for a jungle tracking. Then we reached the Emerald and Crystal pool where you get to swim (if you know how to swim of course) and play with water. Me on the other hand, did not go down to the natural pool but took quite a few pictures over there.


It's time to go home. Chai sent us to the airport in the afternoon after breakfast and some last minute shopping in the town's pharmacy. Yea, those aunties wants to buy lots of medicine back home. So funny right? 

It's the end of the trip. Sorry that I use simple English and I am doing this very briefly. I am really tired now after coming home from work and really not in the mood in blogging. Hope you guys enjoy reading and looking through the pictures.

Last but not least, the guy below, is Chai. Our tour guide, a funny and nice man who speaks good English.