Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolution

So yea, this is the first time I am doing this, I am not quite sure how it supposed to be done, point form or essay form? Guess I should do it my own way, so that I can understand better?

First thing first, since I never buy myself anything during my own birthday, I am getting myself a present! Anything affordable, but I am looking forward for a hair straightener. I just can’t believe my teen age is ending real soon!

Talk about myself. I think I should stop drinking too much of cold, sweet and gassy drinks. Instead of cold Chinese tea, should drink hot; instead of Milo ice, should order without ice. Only to consume bubble tea or ice lemon tea once a while, and soft/can drinks, should be reduced. 

Food wise, should consume less meat but more vegetable, I seriously hope I can do that. Avoid oily food and also fast food =( Oh yea, I guess I should try to exercise more too, if there is time of course, or perhaps sign up for gym.

In college. Be a better student, not to play or fool around, be serious and need to hand in assignments on time, not to skip classes without a good reason. Note down all important notes and make sure I manage my time wisely.

Extra co curricular? I will still be a LEO Club member, perhaps not taking any post but just a normal member. Student council? A normal member perhaps. Posts are not important to me now. If time allows, will join more clubs, otherwise, 2 is just fine.

Friends are very important to me. Hanging with the correct people at the correct time is an important thing I should learn. Making new friends, another thing I should do =) Girlfriends? Not so sure, and don’t want to think about it first, will let the fate to decide.

So yea, a short one. If I can realise all these at the end of 2009, then I guess I will be a better person? LOL. But seriously, I hope everything will be fulfilled. May my wish come true!

P.S. - Do these actually consider a year resolution? I wonder...



• Get myself a birthday present
• Stop cold, sweet & gassy drinks
• Stop fast food & meat, more vegetable
• Exercise
• Be a good college student
• Extra co-curricular
• Friendship


• Belt
• Neck Tie
• Cap and/or Visor
• Formal Clothing
• Hoodie
• Digital Camera and/or DSLR
• iPod Touch
• Laptop

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Blek. I feel like puking now. Plus having this serious neck ache due to the wrong sleeping posture last night I suppose, can't seems to turn to my right. Ouch! Anyways, I am thinking of doing a resolution for next year, but it's quite pointless if I am not following it. So I guess I will be making a short list, a very short one, so that I can realise it?

Picture above was taken in Pyramid, in front of a shop, through a Christmas ball-shaped décor, together with Mun Suet and Alden (who is on the left). 

So do you have a resolution for next year?

Monday, December 29, 2008


>click it for a better view< 

It seems that I am changing my blog, like forever! From [J] Style to [J] Strike then this blog, I had been shifting blog for a few times, for the better all the time. I am such not a loyal owner, I hope I can keep this blog running for a long time, I seriously hope. Talk about changing, what do you think about my look, which keep changing all the time, and the reason it started in April, was because that was the time I got my new phone. So, it’s almost been a year and what had I done? Let’s review together and see how much I have grown. 

Like every other student, checking the result of the previous exam is the scariest thing to happen in life. And just like any other students, we just have to go through it. I was so scared that I fail one of my subjects and fail to proceed with my degree, but it seems I was worrying too much. Yes, I passed and managed to go on with my hectic degree and now, I am finishing my first year, that is, if I pass all the subjects. My birthday, was kinda special, I did celebrated with my parents, and bought myself a cake, and also celebrated with the Fab 5!

Not really having a long holiday, but I spent most of my time in college, working. Of course, I managed to spend some time to have my second holiday trip with my friends to Penang. I had almost a week long vacation due to some problems occur during the trip. So yea, fun trip. College started around the end of February. Imagine I have another 2 years to carry on the same routine, wake up early in the morning, sleep late at night (midnight), rush through assignments and research paper, and facing lots of two-faced, life is not that fun after all!

I just can’t stop quoting what Miss Catherine said about me, “We were just talking about you, everytime when we see you, you will have another look...” That explain why I changed throughout the months with the picture shown above. Got my new phone (the current one I use to take most of the pictures in this blog) on 11th April. One memorable day, and I am going to use my phone for a long long time. I am protecting it well and it looks still as new now!

Just realized that I am not a happening person, I have been reading through my blog, and all I have is complains and complains. I complain mostly about my assignment, how lazy am I, how tired I was, how sick I was and yea, that’s all, complains. But somehow, I still managed to make my life fun! By taking pictures and start editing it, haha!

By the time in May, I starting to remember names and getting better with my classmates. Even though small problems do occur once a while, but I am handling it quite well, at least I am not showing too much of my temper in front of them, and through this, managed to reduce lots of unforeseen circumstances. At least, that’s what I think. It’s good enough that I don’t carry too much trouble on my shoulder and play smart all the time, making sure I get rid of them.

Rushing through assignments is not really a good excuse to be sick. I mean, why do we need to rush through those assignments if we can probably do and finish it earlier? Quote from Mr Jacob, my high school teacher, “procrastinate is the thief of time”. True, so true. If we finish everything off earlier, we will not need to rush on the last minute, and caused myself fell sick like nobody’s business! I wish this will never happen anymore next year, seriously.

My semester break started on the 20th of June. Started my first ever freelance job (Biotherm Water Boy) in One Utama, this is also the first time I am working out of Subang area. First time going to work by bus, first time getting such high (to me, it’s already consider high) paid job, first time playing Wii during working hour, first time to scan and explain to customer (since I worked for a skin care company), first time… so cool! Guess mom is letting me go bit by bit but somehow, hold me still in another way.

Wanted to go take some studio picture before the age of 20 though, but I guess this is quite impossible. My look is quite terrible with pimples, black heads, scars on my face, my tummy/belly is kinda big now also and guess no one wants to help me to fulfill my dream. Haih. Guess my dream of becoming a model is surely an impossible. I gave up. 

A few things happened in July. Went for a Genting trip with my college mates and had quite a wonderful trip. Besides working, I was sick too, for almost a month. Realising that my health is not really that good anymore, I guess I need more exercise and healthy food. Should take care of whatever I consume next year, no more junk food! My blog officially moved here on the 14th August, and since then, I’ve been blogging here and getting to know more people! Sherry did help me a lot in my blog, thanks so much girl, hope to see you in Australia.

I watched my first football match in September just because both my uncle were betting which team between Liverpool and Manchester United will win. I had my first free lunch in Jogoya and had fun with Mun Suet, together with her CYC friends Robin and Pui San, and when I mean free, it means FREE! Had my first Japanese Yukata costume in Bukit Tinggi and had lots of pictures with my college mates. My first ever slumber party with 4 girls, which I think not many guys get to do so. Had my first embarrassing moment in bus where I got no small change and ended up people (a kind young man) paying for my bus fare.

Yea. So many first time for me this year. Great experience though =) and I‘m loving it!

A few orientations nights, fund raising projects in college, a carnival bazaar and a prom night was organized this year and I’m involved in every event mentioned. Student helper, education fair and Biotherm water boy job, was also taken up by me, just to gain experience and also to get some pocket money. Besides that, I also managed to write myself an English story (my virgin production) and went for another Leo Forum in Ipoh, joined the Leo Leadership Camp for the first time, hurt myself and went for a “Gay” trip in Genting Highland with a bunch of small kids.

Yes. My life in 2008, fill with ups and downs. I was sick a lot of times too, causing my mom to worry about my health. It was pack, just like a normal college student and yes, even though I don’t quite like it, but I am now enjoying my life. Knowing that it will not be that fun in the future during my working time, life and relationships won’t be the same, I need to appreciate more while I still capable. 

Of course, I am wishing for a better life next year. I hope I can just be a better person. I hope I pass all my subjects for this year, and not to be a slacking student anymore. What can I say? I will miss 2008 as there are so many first time here, new and fresh experience. Welcome 2009, hoping and wishing for the best! 


Sunday, December 28, 2008


I can't believe I am actually saying this. But I kinda MISS them. Now I think it's fun too to hang out with the younger generations, it's not really that bad afterall. I mean, at least they are fun to be with, and they make me feel young. I like hanging with elder friends too, as they can teach me lots of stuff. That's why I am so friendly *wink*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Gay Trip

Finally, I got all the pictures from Eric and is about to blog about this GAY trip. Why GAY and how GAY you asked? Well, you must first understand the term GAY before you proceed reading. So let me explain briefly what GAY means.

According to

gay [gey] Show IPA Pronunciation
adjective, -er, -est, noun, adverb
1. having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music.
2. bright or showy: gay colors; gay ornaments.
3. given to or abounding in social or other pleasures: a gay social season.
4. licentious; dissipated; wanton: The baron is a gay old rogue with an eye for the ladies.
5. homosexual.
6. of, indicating, or supporting homosexual interests or issues: a gay organization.
7. a homosexual person, esp. a male.
8. in a gay manner.

1275–1325; 1950–55 for def. 5; ME gai <>

So yea. I can't believe I am actually blogging about the Genting trip before posting up about the Leadership Camp. But the pictures of the camp is still pending. Guess I will post about it next year. However, since there are too many pictures and I think it's too many to be posted on my blog, I took away most of the camwhore/self portrait pictures, and combined some of it to make sure there are not many pictures.

Back to the Genting trip.

I woke up quite early in the morning and left home around 9.30am. It was just about 10 in the morning when I reached KL Central and considering I am the earliest and everyone else will be late, I had my breakfast alone in McDonalds.

Never realised that Eric, Chuo Tung and Chong Sheng were actually in McD too about 30 minutes after I reached, since I was busy reading my novel, I contacted them and together we went to the bus station, and bump into everyone while we are on our way.

We then bought our ticket, went on board, sat down, wait a while, then the bus departed. Everyone was trying to sleep/rest their eyes except for the few of us, who were quite noisy and somehow, disturbed some aunties and uncles. They can't sleep because of us. I know, I know, we are bad!

Clockwise: Chong Sheng, Chuo Tung, Eric Teh, Zu Wen
Clockwise: Wen Yuin, Bernice, JC (myself), Mun Suet

We were quite naughty in the bus. And since I already said that I took away most of the self portrait, so I won't be posting too many pictures of myself and the others too. Most of them will be in pair or group. We reached the skyway about 1 hour after the departure of the bus. The queue in the morning, was quite satisfying. I mean, at least the queue is not like a human dragon where we need to wait for a few hours to get into to the cable car, and there are 2 clowns keeping us accompany, so yea, I'm satisfied =)

*ci-cak* A group photo from the bottom

So we managed to squeeze all 8 of us into 1 cable car. I especially love the part when it stopped half way and it swing due to the inertia. The natural wind blew into our cable car and we were trying to eat it and chew it to fulfill the term "makan angin" which means "eat the air" if you translate it directly but it actually means "to go for a trip".

Since I have longer arm, and have better camwhoring skills, I am proud to hold and take a group picture in the cable car. Smile people! You know what? Waving in the cable car to the other passengers who are going down is quite fun too!

So we finally reached the top of Genting and went to Highland Hotel straight trying to get our room, too bad we need Bernice's Uncle to redeem the room so we decided to go to the indoor theme park first to meet up with Wen Yuin's sister, Wen Jie.

We went to McD after considering the price of the other fast food restaurant, thinking that McD can be considered one of the best selection for the poor like us. Our first bonding session started upon Wen Jie's arrival. She knows all of us, guess Wen Yuin told her a lot about us =P

We talked and talked and talked, then we started camwhoring again and also decided to use the continuous mode. Check out the gif picture I made.

create animated gif

create animated gif

After McD, we decided not to waste our time, so we went for our first ride, the Bumper Car. Not quite a long queue, but pity seeing Mun Suet standing alone while waiting for us, since she is not staying over. After the game, Bernice's uncle called and quickly, we went back to Highland Hotel to unload our luggages.

The thing about Highland Hotel, it stated there saying that it is a Five Star Hotel, but to me, it's only looks like a Four Star Hotel, cause the room is small, and it can barely fit 8 people! I always likes to check out the toilet, since it will always be the most private place where you spend your most private time alone doing your most private thing in this area. And I realised that it's not so private at all! A big sliding window next to the bath tub, can be open, and everything inside can be revealed. So not Asian context! Haha~

And I don't like to talk about this. Imagine when you are sleeping, someone or something actually lie on you and you can feel that the thing is so heavy, you can't move at all! What can you do? Sounds eerie right? And this actually happened to me that day in Genting! Got prove some more!

Haha! Gotcha! I was laying down, Chong Sheng jumped on me following with Eric and the last was Zu Wen. Hahaha, gay or not? DAMN GAY LO! Happy I mean, since everyone was laughing at that point of time. Anyways, we went down after resting for a moment and decided to go for the Outdoor Theme Park.

Our second ride of the day, The Spinner. It goes round and round and round and round and... causing everyone can't walk properly on a straight line after we got down from it. Then we move on to the Cyclone! Cool ride. It was not really that scary, but you can just scream your lungs out XD

At around 4.30pm. Wen Yuin reminded Mun Suet to get prepare and off she go back to Petaling Jaya, alone. I felt bad leaving her alone, but what can I do? I just need to stay cause I simply can't lie to my mom. Such a good boy I am =D

So yea, a lot of them actually keep persuading her to stay, but I know she will not, I just know her too well. On the way back to Highland Hotel, we took a lot of group pictures. And after that, me, Wen Yuin and Wen Jie sent her off to the skyway.

create animated gif

create animated gif

Yup. Mun Suet left us after those group pictures. And guess what? Eric and Chong Sheng were damn emo because of her. Look at this pictures!

So as soon as Mun Suet left us, everyone became damn happy (kidding only) and went into the Outdoor Theme Park again and started with food. Cotton candy, kaya balls, sweet corns bla bla bla while me and Chong Sheng went for another round of The Swing (don't know what it call). While waiting for us, Eric took some shot for us, and he is like the daddy for both me and Chong Sheng. Keep saying, "remember to see here later okay?", so fatherly nice =) (sorry arr, my England not powder-fool)

We then continue with Pirate Ship, which is not so challenging, I can even camwhore during the ride, and take pictures of others. The most happening part was, when we are all at the tip of the ride, we all shouted "Leos, Roar! ROar! ROAR!" Look how spirited we are?

After that, we thought of getting wet, and went to Sungai Rejang. The only thing I am not happy was the queue, we waited so long just for a 5 minute ride. Yeap, I am very inpatient but the ride is quite fun also, cause I managed to splash water to the others. Look at the picture below.

First group: Wen Yuin, Bernice, Chuo Tung
Second group: Zu Wen, Eric, Wen Jie
Third group: JC, Chong Sheng

Guess which group is the wettest? I shall leave this question as a mystery for you, if you wanna know who got wet the most, go search the answer out by yourself *wink*

On our way to the next ride which is the Corkscrew (I actually went for Space Shot before that), we came across this "fun fair" kind of booth games, and I saw a pool of duckies swimming around. I paid RM 4 for 2 token thinking of saving one of them, but I failed. Eric on the other hand, managed to grab one at his first attempt and win himself a red mouse.

Tadaa! Our first new member of the trip. Not knowing what gender the mouse is, and lazy after arguing for a few minutes, we decided to name it Shemale [Char-Mail].

Realising that Eric is not a good father, and attempted to give it to Chong Sheng as present, I hold on her all the while during the trip and play with her all time, in mostly all rides. Luckily she is small, can fit with me and all the kids found it cute seeing us riding with Shemale.

I even taught her how to ride an elevator!
create animated gif

After Corkscrew, we went for Gold Kart racing and what you know, 10km/h only? Not fun also, I can just maintain my ride but not to over take anyone? Not fair! I waited for them and at the end, I lost from the first place to the third. Haha.

While we were walking back, we heard someone shouted "Tiga orang lagi" (3 more person) and we realised Space Shot is needing 3 more passengers. So what are we waiting for? Let's go!

It is, indeed scary, but fun too! You guys should give it a try!

And this, our final ride of the night, Toboggan. Too bad Chong Sheng and Zu Wen can't enjoy the ride due to weight problem, but I think, height is also a factor too. I was bending down my body cause I keep thinking my head will be ripped off somehow by all those metal! Scary!

We then, decided to go out. Waited for Fion, our final member! Had a very short bonding session and then we started with Pepsi-Cola (some leg kicking game). Guess who is the best kicker, Chuo Tung the Sotong! LOL. You are the man wei, I thought I will be the winner.

After the game, we went to Old Town for our dinner. And later on after dinner, we were separated into 2 groups, me and Chong Sheng in a group, continuing our "sweet moment" while the rest went back to our room. Actually, I am just a decoy to move Chong Sheng's attention away while the rest, went to prepare a surprise for him. For your information, 20th December is his birthday, so as friends, we should do something for him, and we did!

create animated gif

And these people on the other hand, went to camwhore themselves in front of the Genting sign while me busying entertaining Chong Sheng. We had a long deep conversation that night, not bad buddy!

Finally, I can't hold him on for too long and went back to the room instead. Of course I sent them a SMS warning them that we are coming back just in case they are doing something in the room. When we reached the room, they are actually playing "Chor Dai Di" (a kind of card game) and came out with lots of lame plan.

We then moved on to Starbucks. While Eric, "forgotten to bring his jacket", and went back to the room, took the cake and followed us from behind. When we reached Starbucks, it was so full with people and we decided to sit on the floor like some desperate kids for Starbucks, managed to get Chong Sheng away while the others went to prepare for the cake. Lights, camera, action! We managed to give CS a big big surprise, and I think he is quite happy with that planned.

As usual, the birthday boy or girl will always got smacked on the face with their own cake, so does him! Then while everything was going on, someone accidentally dirty the floor with cakes and coffee and I, as the modern-male-version-of-Cinderella, started cleaning up the floor and the mess. After that we went to make a few videos and a few picture of us jumping.

We did not go to sleep after that. We actually went on walking walking and walking around and had some personal meeting at McD. Yea, McD again, we can't seems to leave McD right? Went to sleep around 5am and woke up at 10am. Sent Wen Jie off as she needs to go back to college and left the rest of us, breakfast in the room, while watching TV.

The whole trip actually ended with a few rounds of "Chor Dai Di". We waited for our bus and went home. This last minute is indeed fun. I enjoy hanging with all of them. I mean, they are really fun and happening. My crazy friends indeed! Thanks for being my side too when I am sad. What a Gay Trip right?

People! I am looking forward for the next trip okay? And also the next video shooting too! Let's make it a tradition XD I can't believe I actually sit in front of my computer and blog about this trip for the whole day! I sat in front of the PC since this afternoon, and started blogging until now. It's now midnight 1 o'clock already. Got to go now fellas! Good night =D

P.S. - Guess this is the longest entry in year 2008, with the most pictures and videos in this blog. Cool!

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