Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Hanson?

If you have my phone number and we are connected through Whatsapp, you'd have noticed that my screen name is Hanson instead of my name. Some may get confused with this, my client even called me Hanson after a few rounds receiving my text.

Now you wonder, why Hanson?

Well, there is actually a story behind this screen name, and it happened 4 years ago when I was studying in Australia. Back then I have a course mate, whom I think he is from Spain, quite good looking and tall, the typical handsome man girls like. His name is Javier.

Javier has a very friendly personality. He has lots of ideas and he is quite creative when it comes to his assignments - I know because I attended the same film production class with him then. For those who don't know the actual pronunciation might have read his name as Jar-v-yer, twice by now. But nope, you're wrong. You know how Spanish people pronounce J with a H sound? So the proper pronunciation should be Har-v-yer (don't even know if I'm 'spelling' it right right now).

Anyway, back to Javier. So one day, my friend whom is a total stranger to Javier happened to sit next to him when we were on our bus ride to town. I don't even know what or how exactly it happen, they began talking to each and other and introduced themselves. So she finally got to know him and was so impressed by him. I wonder how much she knows about him in within a 20 minute bus ride but she was just mad and almost gone crazy for him.

So she was telling us about him - his name, where he's from and the correct way to pronounce his name... and from that day on wards, she has decided to call me Jason - not the normal pronunciation Jay-son, but Hay-son.

I thought it was quite interesting and thought of using it as my screen name for Whatsapp, but Hayson/Heyson looks very weird so decided to use something more general and I thought of the name Hanson. So from that day onwards, I renamed my Whatsapp as Hanson and never change ever since.

Yeap. This is the end of the story. So now, if you like to call me Hanson, I will also react to it. I have too many names for different social media anyway. Just a way to satisfied my 'multiple personality disorder' craves perhaps.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I wonder?

I somehow logged into my blog account and the urge of blogging suddenly came back for a while. Yes, for a good 30 second. Seriously, I wonder who still blogs these days? But in actual fact, there are still people who are passionate about blogging - they usually blog about their daily life, or do some products comparison or events attended? Whatever.

I wonder if my hands full of reader are still passionate about reading blogs, or at least still interested to read mine? Since the last post was posted about 2 years ago, I doubt anyone will bother coming back right?

Whatever. I might continue blogging, or maybe not, it depends. I still dont know what I can blog about, perhaps my life or complaints about my daily work and shits? Let's see what inspires me next.

Okay, time to sleep. Good night!