Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009; Welcome 2010

*sorry for not having a suitable photographs, but...*


.:. guess I will continue blogging real soon =) do stay tune!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Resolution & Wish List (pending)

Actually, I so wanted to talk about my 2009 resolution and wish list but I am in Taiwan now and can do nothing. I shall keep it pending and hopefully I will talk about it early next year. Gonna plan my resolution and wish list when I am in Taiwan, hopefully got time for it =)

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance people!

p.s. people, do take note that my photo blog is still posting photographs every 2 days. do visit!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recent Life

So sorry guys. I have been quite busy lately, and I don't have much time to blog about my life. Recently, have been busy packing and working, going out and enjoying life. Been sleeping quite late and waking up late too. Hopefully I will still remain healthy =)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Visitation tomorrow!

Woohooo! Guess what I gonna do tomorrow?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Taylor's Lakeside Campus Exclusive Live Visit

So, I believe most of you have already heard of Taylor's Lakeside Campus, and knowing that it's gonna be ready by 2010, right? TCHT students will be (the first batch) moving in and start using the new campus next year! Lucky them. Anyways, have you ever visited that campus? Do you want to be one of those lucky ones to visit the campus even before the TCHT students get to use it? Then what are you waiting for? Register now to secure your participation!

Click here to submit your registration form

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Expert Forum: Pete Teo

When it comes to Malaysian production, not many people will know about it. Likewise, when I mention Pete Teo is coming for a talk in a online forum, some of them actually asked who is Pete Teo. Well, I don't mind posting who Pete Teo is but I think it's not necessary to do so. If you want to know more about him, you may go to the 15Malaysia site and look for his profile.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guess who's coming?

Come try have a wild guess who's next on the list coming to give a talk tomorrow?

Yeap! You are right! Pete Teo will be joining us at Taylor's College Petaling Jaya tomorrow from 10am to 12pm at Lecture Theater 1 (next to B1-01-06) the Auditorium (Annexe). Do come for his talk/forum regarding the 15Malaysia project!

Dedicated to you, my friend

"dude.. previously and maybe now.. our blog are emo too.. XP but well .. i'm fine now.. so feel better and guess everything should be better now.. no worries.. thanks.. (:"
-James Khor-

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Expert Forum: Speaker from Al Jazeera

A speaker from Al Jazeera, Mr K Parkaran came to Taylor's College Petaling Jaya on Wednesday to give a talk on the topic of "Aljazeera English TV – Setting the News Agenda". Part of the series of talks organized by Taylor's College, everyone (including students, lecturers and the publics) was welcome to join the forum.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm feeling better now

Actually I think it's needless to feel sad or angry with myself. Sorry for the mood swing, you know, we can't really control our emotion sometimes, can we? No matter what it is, it's already over and I am feeling better now. Thanks for all your concern!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I hate myself.

Actually I was not quite satisfied with myself lately. I tend to be sad easily. There are so many things in college which trigger my emotional feeling. Not that I want to, I just can't help feeling that way. Am I wrong acting like this?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting sick?

The fact that I am still feeling sleepy and tired after having about 8 hours of sleep giving me the feeling that my health is going down again. The similar feeling and symptom happened during my liver infection occur again especially when I see my swollen eye bag this morning.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When good gone bad...

just... a random picture

Was awake at 5.45 in the morning thanks to my piggy alarm clock. Was thinking that I still have another 15 minutes to rest so I fall back to sleep once I shut the alarm off. Have a glance at the window, the sky seems pretty dark. It's barely 6am and the sun is still sleeping happily. 15 minutes should be just nice.

Friday, October 9, 2009


And I finally get to blog after dumping my blog for almost a week time. This week is seriously the most hectic week I've ever gone through throughout my tertiary life. However, I believe I am consider the lucky one seeing that my life, isnt that bad as compared to those who never get enough sleep. Sleeping for an hour or 2 isn't really a big deal.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Being Random

I'm being random again.

My mood had gone down these few days. When I start thinking about people who are leaving me one by one and those who begins ignoring me. What have I done? Just because I show you the real me? Reveal more about myself? Or being too sincere?

Monday, September 28, 2009

End of Holidays

My semester break has finally comes to an end. Without the need of stating the fact, I did not touch any of my assignment, which is quite a big deal actually as all the assignments are gonna due soon! So hopefully I will start gathering my lost souls and concentrate on my assignments. I need the focus!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Computer Fried!

Just a simple mistake I made causing it goes lagging and the next step I did - Press on the restart button, can caused me such miserable moment! I don't know if you understand what I am saying now, but all I can say is my Computer is no longer functioning anymore! It keep restarting itself, like no body's business.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tsunami at Haeundae

What a great Sunday! Never been so nice for such a long time. Since I am a really kind and good brother, and I know my sister has not been to One Utama, I've decided to bring her over today for lunch and movie. In fact, I let her decide whether to go One Utama, The Curve or even Mid Valley.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Cut-Away

"click on me"

Guess I need to do a better coverage on this if I really want to promote my new blog. So yes people, since I have a D-SLR (been bragging about it for so long) and I wanted to improve my skills (in a way), I've created a new blog just to post photographs I took.

I believe I will check my old entries in the future and hopefully I will see improvement in my skills. So people, come visit and link it if you wish to. Do leave comments and let me know how should I improve on my composition or whatnot.

Thank you.

p.s. You may access to the new blog by clicking on the teaser above.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm crazy! =D

I've not been updating my blog again since 9 days ago. Not that I was busy all the time, in fact, I was like wasting my damn whole week doing nothing but playing Plants vs Zombies.

(Side track a little bit) Blogger now has this brand new feature where we can hide the whole blog post and create an expendable post summaries instead! Cool! Been wanting to have this feature for quite some time! Let me have a try!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

25th Anniversary

If today is not September 9 I wont be updating my blog. I don't know why I feel so tired and lazy recently? And the next assignment is going to due soon, still want to relax huh me? C'mon wake up boy!

As you can see from the title and photo above, it's someone's 25th Anniversary! Obviously it's not mine since I've just reached the number 2 of my life, so try have a guess?

It's MUMMY & DADDY's 25th Anniversary!! And this is the cake I bought for them specially, and my sis did contribute too! Basically it's more like a present from their children.

I bought this cake from Cake Sense in SS15. Tiramisu Block for RM 24.90, quite reasonable right? For parents wor, should be alright. I wanted to get the RM 50 cake initially but due to the tight budget I've got, I decided on this.

Okay alright! Good night people! Pray for me, hope I start becoming hardworking soon kay? I've literally wasted my whole day (again) and I seriously need to start working on my work!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lesson of the day

Guess this is the second time I did 2 entries on the same day. Or maybe the third time?

Lesson learned:

Never drive if you don't have enough sleep. I almost dozed off while driving this morning you know? At the end, in order to make sure that I am in a clear state of mind, and am contious, I made myself shout and scream (literaly) throughout the journey to my campus.

So I was like driving, and screaming/shouting with unknown languages (mainly "lalalalala") and created a song, or follow the rythm of the song from the radio.

I tried to sleep in the Media Hub though at 2pm but I failed. Even though I was very tired at that moment, which I can doze off anytime possible. I wonder why I couldn't sleep?

Went to Pyramid with CPE colleague to have a farewell dinner with Govin. Had a cup of white coffee from Zen which I've forgotten the name of it. And I accidentally asked my mom to buy me supper later since she is out with my father and my aunt's family.

Tried to call everyone but it seems like non of them bring their handphone along.

Been awake for 40 hours now and counting... tick tock tick tock tick tock... another half an hour had passed. Wow! What a record?!

I'm tired!

The knocking on the door indicates that it’s really late already and dad is warning me to go to bed soon. However, I have assignments to rush on and I cannot afford to even take a nap. It’s already 2 something in the morning when my dad knocks on my door, I can’t do anything but to tell him that I’m almost done hoping that he will go straight to his room. Think about it, if I don’t have assignments to rush on, will I be awake at that hour? No, definitely not!

Listening to Golden Eye by Tina Turner, a soft and calming kind of music, just suite my mood now.

I’ve already AssignIT my Journalism Ethics first assignment and done e-mailing my quiz’s answer to Mr Justin. Next assignment on this list, Introduction to Film and TV Production preproduction documents which due next week. Guess I need to start doing it already before I ended up not sleeping again.

I’ve been sleeping quite late and wake up at 6am in the morning for this week. Today I did not even sleep since my brain was quite slow while doing my assignment. I hope I will be alright later, need to drink lots of water and consume more fruits!

Touched my forehead, it’s kinda warm. Hmmm, I seriously need to take care of myself already!

Gonna wait for the clock strikes 6 and off I go to take my bath and to print my assignments out. Geoffrey requested me to give him a morning call at 6.30am and insisted me to shout at him to make sure he’s awake.

Not going to have much rest time later also. After my morning Journalism Ethics class will go to CPE to work and then gonna go work some more. Not that I am desperate for money, but I’ve promised to help my friend so that’s why. I didn’t know I will stay awake throughout the night when I agreed to help him.

Tata! See ya around or in college!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back with News!

If you asked me hows my life recently, I would say bad. I'm now under attack in many way by different torturous method! Say for instance, in physical, something bad happened inside my mouth; emotionally, due to the amount of assignments.

I had an ulcer on the lower part of my lip. It used to be a small one, a tiny dot with still managed to provide powerful pain senses to me, so I decided to apply some Chinese medicine instead of letting it be. From pass experience, I will ignore it and let it torture me for a few weeks sometimes even for a month as Mr Ulcer visits me quite frequent (around 12 times a year!). However this time, instead of leaving it aside, I've decided to cure it before it starts attacking me.

Unfortunately, it grew bigger the next day and it's useless to do anything now. All I need to do is wait. Patient plays a major role here now! Painful lah~

Besides that, both sides of my upper gum has something wrong with it. It started bleeding 2 to 3 days ago, especially after I brushed my teeth. Now both of the area became so fragile and it keeps bleeding once a while, especially when I accidentally hurt it. I wonder what makes it become like that. When it is not bleeding, I will just feel the pain, as if the blood is trying to rush out from my gum. Will I be ended up loosing blood and get low blood pressure? (what am I talking about?)

Picture above was taken before all these physical problems attack me. Thought I look good in this picture with my double eye lid. The hair was flat due to long hours of wearing a cap, which I've removed it for the "photo taking session".

Please don't get me start on my emotional problem. Assignments is just killing me and I guess this is why I am feeling so lazy to do it. I even thought of skipping class today but luckily I did not follow what I felt to do.

I wonder why we as Communication Media Management student need to study about Journalism subject. Yes I understand that everyone needs the basic of journalism knowledge as we might be ended up doing write-up for our future company, but not to that extend please! We have been taking journalism subjects since semester one and not only me, I belief the whole class is feeling quite angry about it.

First assignment for Journalism Ethics requires us to do at least 4 interviews and write a Hard and a Soft News article. I do have my own sources but I am afraid it's not enough for me to write a total 1000 words of news. (500 words each)

First assignment for Introduction to Film and TV Production is due on the following Monday and I have lots of things to settle before that. I hope I can manage it well.

I am so sorry, I don't mean to have such long entry. But I need to find a way to vent my problems out. My gum is giving me so much pain and trouble!

Since the title said "Back with News!" Of course there are good news as well! Remember the entry My Future Plan Part 1 and Part 2? I've stated that I want to study overseas in Adelaide, Australia. Guess what?

I've got my offer letter! I actually got it on the second week of August and thought of sharing it in my blog. But unfortunately I don't have the time to do so. Since I've been missing for a week, thought this will be one good news to share with everyone here =)

So how people? Planning to celebrate with me or not? Hahahaha! Need to tell me in advance you know? For your information, I am like the Prince and I need to do a proposal to the King and Queen in order to get the pass out. Do book your reservation 2 weeks in advance. Thanks for your cooperation.

To those who might probably miss me:
Do feel happy for me since I will be degraded to be a normal teenager like you, I will no longer be a prince when I am in Adelaide, at least for a year! You guys can still celebrate my birthday before I leave though. Hahaha!

What a coincident right? 21-year-old is supposed to be the independent year for most teenager and I am flying away to obtain my independent! Yippie! Cheer with me my friends!!

Hip! Hip!! Hooray!!!

p.s. Got to go start doing my assignments now!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


That day when me and few of my classmates were talking, we happened to come across the topic of rebirth. The main reason that lead us to this topic was because one of them told me that the doctor usually cut (a bit of) the woman vagina when delivering in order to get the baby out. Due to it, she said it was so freaky and she doesn't want to have baby.

The topic cam right after that. She said she would like to be a man the next time, seeing that there are much for 'advantages' being a male than a female. Being a male, according to her, can go anywhere he wants and get to come home late. The freedom of being a guy is 'obviously more' than a girl (which I doubted it) and never feel afraid of being rape by the the guys.

Myself on the other hand gave a total different view from them. I told them that I would like to reborn as a female instead of a male. Why? Reason is simple. Because what I think being a female you get more privilege than a male, and I believe her life would be much more happening.

Let's talk about fashion. Female has more selection to choose from, girls attire, dress, skirt, male attire, anything! I believe they can be so versatile and have so many things to choose to wear! Accessories for them to mix and match and look at the amount of shoes they can select. Guys, only the typical dressing, always the same, never changes.

I am not going to further explain why being a girl is so nice. I did not do much research about the benefits of being a female so yea, I'll let you guys do the searching and inform me later.

If I get to be a female, I would like to be a slattern I told them. I said I wanna see how good I am in separating the couples and see how many people I can seduce. I would like to be evil and see how popular I can be. I know I am evil, but what can I do? I want fame, I want money, I want popular, I want...

Guess I am insane. Pure insane. Pardon me please...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too much of Final Destination

I always have this wild imagination running through my head, a lot of "what if..." pops in whenever I look at or concentrate on something sharp, moving, big, large, dangerous... I always thinks that I might die in a horrific way and that's it.

For instance, when i am sitting in the KTM station, and I see the KTM coming from far, and the longer I stares at it, the faster the imagination goes. It approaches, something happened to jam the railway and suddenly the KTM ran out of it railway and move towards the platform! Ka-boom! It crashes on the people waiting on the platform and killing hundreds!

Or maybe another example, you are walking happily in one of the malls around KL. And this particular mall has this special deco where long pointy object sticking up on the wall/ceiling above. It's supposed to be a nice interesting piece of deco and some people might just feel impress on its design.

But whenever I walk through these decos, I would wish to leave the please as soon as possible. Thinking that perhaps there is an earthquake suddenly and the jerking of the quake causes those long pointy object to fall simultaneously or one by one, poking into the human body, killing them slowly.

These are some examples of my 'Final Destination Thoughts' (FDT) and I guess it's all because I watched too many movies last time and thanks to my good powerful imagination, I've created a movie myself, a real life movie of me being the main actor (otherwise I would die early) and trying to find my way to escape all these horrible accidents.

Meh. Me and my wild imaginations. Should stop thinking already.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Future Plan [Part 2]

[Continue from the previous entry...]

Go for an interview: What interview? Actually I always wanted to be an air steward, can enjoy life while working. But of course I know it's not easy and I might start complaining about the working hour, the colleague, the guests, and the countries. So assume if I get the job after coming back from Australia, I might stay in this line for a few years, 5 years perhaps? Or longer. You will never know what happen in future!

Look for job: So I failed during the interview, it's time to work. Blast my resume out to any and every company that I can find, which suites me the most and wait for reply. If there are no replies within the 2 to 3 months after sending it, I will consider coming back to Taylor's. Since I have some connections here, as in I know some staffs here I might able to get myself into this line. By the time, I will be in the lakeside campus! Cool~

Or maybe not Taylor's? We will see how then.

Enjoy life: This is basically what I call, lazy! But people do say you will hardly go travel once you step into a working environment unless you are the boss yourself. So basically I have a few places in mind that I would like to visit. Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. Since I am not working yet, and I might need to 'apply' for loan from my parents to one of these places. Other even more expensive location, shall wait till I get myself a job. Who wanna join me to those places I've mentioned?

Continue studying: This is one hard decision since I am not quite sure whether to study in one of the institution in KL to get a tour guide license or just to pursue my post graduate studies instead. If I were to take the tour guide license, I would probably 'apply' loan from my parents and pay them back later. If I were to continue my masters program, I don't know whether to do it part time or full time.

These are basically my 'route' I planned for my future, not really a good plan though but I really wish either one of it will come true. If you ask me which would I prefer the most, I might say the first one, which is staying in Australia and have my own life over there, following with the air steward job and might go for the masters program next.

But life isn't easy after all. Who can ever predict my future? I might accidentally become famous tomorrow and all my plans might be screwed off just like that! (pardon me, I am trying to be positive here) So I shall let it be for now. At least I have a 'vivid sight' on my future, at least when people ask me I can answer them what I want and perhaps, I can (at least) try to make my way there and be successful. (I wish!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Future Plan [Part 1]

I got an e-mail from UniSA yesterday stating that they've received my application forms after a month sending it. I filled up my application form on the first week of July and had Ms Sophia to assist me in sending the form over to Adelaide. Apparently it takes them a month time to get it, and to send me an e-mail saying that they had received it. However, I am happy since they got it and all I have to do now is to wait for the confirmation letter! Cool!

Let's see, if I am studying in UniSA next years, it means I won't be moving to the new lakeside campus of Taylor's. It's bad! I wish I can be part of them who are moving over. Mom said I would get a car if I continue pursuing my studies in Malaysia, or they might use the money they kept for my education purpose to buy (or to pay part of it) the house opposite us (since the owner is selling it off).

But no. Some scarifies need to be done if I want to study over there. Indeed I will have friends here to help me through my assignments and I might get myself a new car, but I really wish I can study overseas. I don't mind to get my own car in the future, I want to leave this environment for now. And I've been wanting to stay alone all the time, this is my golden opportunity!

Assume that I got accepted and I will be studying a year over there, graduate there. What next? Perhaps I can try my best to look for a job over there? Mom told me I can stay there and never come back, haha! But of course this will never happen unless I am so lucky to get a PR. Does it means I will loose my Malaysian citizenship? I am still not quite sure about this.

Possibility 1 after gradating from UniSA, Adelaide: I found a job, I will be working there and see how good I am and how long I can stay there. Perhaps I can really get myself a PR and stay there forever? Buy myself a house (I've always wanting to get myself a house and decorate it my way to make it as comfortable as possible), and start becoming successful?

Possibility 2 after gradating from UniSA, Adelaide: I can't find any job, then Malaysia here I come! Back in Malaysia, I will have a few thoughts, go for an interview or look for job or enjoy life or continue studying.

= = = = = = = = = =

So what next? Shall continue next entry, since I find the entry quite long if I post everything today.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My weekends with the Fab 5

Gheez, it's indeed nice and refreshing bathing with cold water after coming back from outside, the sun and its heat is seriously killing me man!

I've just got back from Wil and Mindy's convocation at MCA, it was really hot out there and I pity those students in their academic dress because they were wearing it on top of their formal coat, and they were standing under the hot sun outside of MCA taking pictures, sharing their joy with their family, friends and their photographer.

For me, I would like to see snow during my convocation. I hate hot weather!!! And for sure I will sweat a lot if I were them, just imagine I can even sweat in the air cond room.

Anyways, CONGRATULATION to both you MINDY and WIL!

I had a slumber night party with 3 Malaysian girls and 1 Japanese girl on Friday. Yi Lin came back from Thailand, June came back from Finland while her YE, Hanako (unsure about the spelling) reached on the 5th August and we all gathered at Sabrina's place.

I was late due to some work left in college, but we still managed to arrive before 8pm. They were quite angry though as the plan was suppose to start at 7pm, or at least dinner time.

However, this time, I was not allowed to sleep with them, instead I slept outside the room, on the couch outside. It's still okay though as we only slept at around 4.30am and need to wake up at 7am.

This is basically how I spent my Friday night and my weekends. I have not touch my books yet, need to read up on some notes... Hope I will touch some of it tonight.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's time to stop

Blog's gonna be dead if I still don't update it, anyways, I am currently in the library, second time after my forth semester starts. Yes, my semester has finally started but not all the results are out yet. Received a news today through Facebook saying that IDM's result has already came out, have already checked it, not too good.

Okay, alright. I've been venting quite a lot lately, reason being I've encounter something real awful and terrible some time ago and this has causes me to be so emo again. But I guess I shouldn't let these feeling keep bothering me all time, I should get myself out of it.

Thanks for some people I've chatted with these days. Encouraging and giving me moral support day by day, telling me what is the right thing to do and whatnot. Of course, some people still tries to hurt me sometimes, or should I say, they hurt me unintentionally? But whatever it is, it's over!

Getting out of my problem is never easy. I used to go through something similar to this case and I was so terribily upsat that time, I don't want to trust anyone and I tend to keep everything to myself. However, don't remember what I've done, I managed to step out of the shell, and has a wonderful time outside until the next strom strikes.

This time, stronger and scarier.

Nothing I can do, I ran back into my shell again and tend to lock myself in. I don't want to get out and the same shits happen again! It is like a déjà vu, you never likes it when that happens. Chatting with some friends do help for cases like mine. Even though I keep telling myself not to open my mouth, not to share and not to express, I just cannot help it. I know I can never stand alone, I need my friends, I need their care and love.

Thank you. Despite I am in a trauma right now, not knowing what is right or wrong; what is good or bad... I will still try to come out. I will carry on with the life I am having now, I'll just learn along the way, it never feels right, but I need to learn.

This time, I need to be more careful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My first D-SLR

I promised myself not to be emo or moody today, and I did it! The reason is so obvious and yes, it's related to the picture above! I finally owned a D-SLR!!! So when there is a happy and exiting news floating around you, why do I need to feel sad or moody right?

Actually I was not expecting for it so soon, and I always thought I will only get it after I start working so I can get myself a good one. Since I might be going to further my studies in Adelaide (Australia) next year, I told my mom that I might need a new compact digital camera since we only have one at home.

2 weeks ago, mom suddenly asked me about D-SLR and told me to search for one with the budget given less then 2k. So how am I suppose to get a good one, even to get a normal D-SLR, less than 2k is hard to find, I thought. But then I happened to find this model, Sony D-SLR α230 selling at RM 1800.

Talked to the promoter. She recommended me 2 different models. Either the one I mentioned earlier or Canon EOS 1000D for RM 2100. After long hesitated, I decided to go for Canon.

Had breakfast with my family this morning, and mom suggested to go to the shop to have a look at the camera. Today, after knowing I wanted Canon and after a long bargain with her, dad decided to take Canon EOS 500D.

So yea, me and my new D-SLR! Am happy with it and would like to learn more about it too! Let's have a D-SLR mamak session! Provided I managed to get a permit to leave the Kingdom from the King and Queen.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Ugly Truth

The Emo Prince is back again, after so long and I almost break down last night! Go ahead, laugh all you can, I know you guys might be laughing there thinking how can a guy be so sissy wanting to cry or whatnot, but sorry to tell I have my own life to care of so please do mind your own business too. Close the window if you want cause this is gonna be a long, boring and dull entry. People always say that the 'truth is ugly', believe it or not, that's true! I myself encountered that personally and found that it is so hurtful to know about the truth behind the whole scenario.

These few days was not moving so well, stresses from work, unfairness among colleagues, never ending workloads... This practically makes me feel that my life sucks! Look at some of them, they managed to get big/good company to work/intern for, while me stuck at my own college doing something a 12-year-old can do! Experiences and connections/networking, I always told myself that these are the benefits I will gain throughout the one month semester break time, but is that true? Apparently I don't get along well with them, unlike someone who is good in design?

Enough working. Yesterday I've chatted with a friend of mine, and he actually told me something terrible. Something terrible about me. This is very personal and so sorry I cannot share it openly with everyone. I should learn how to protect myself, the world is so dangerous full with people with thicker layer of masks, I just realised.

The thing is, I always thought that I am cool enough to face all these fakers, I thought I understand these people and I know how to bring myself through them. Not trying to be one faker myself too but I just thought I have the way to avoid being used by them or whatnot. But after what had happened yesterday, after the whole conversation, I realised that my thought, as once told by my friends, are always wrong.

So imagine, you thought you understand something very well and been doing or repeating something you thought you are doing it right, and suddenly someone approach you and tell you whatever you did were wrong, you are wrong the whole while and no one bothers to correct you. You left nothing but a bunch of mistakes you did and a wrong technique, what you gonna do next? The world seems to be pretty ugly when there is no one for you when you needed one.

People are just evil, especially when they know they can use you. 'Naive' and 'innocent' are only applicable to kids. Teenagers like me are not suppose to carry these words with them anymore. Sadly, I'm the unique one with both words written on my face, and I can't help it! People started approaching with motives, with a reason behind, with something bad or evil behind their every thoughts, with knifes in their smile... Fakers they are! Seems nice to you but behind every words they say to you is part of their plan to lure you out of your shell, and to push you down the cliff!

WTF that is! The truth is always ugly, and yes I need to think about it again and again, I need to know what is my mistake, and to avoid being conned again! Are there any sincere people out there in the world? Someone who comes without motives, who are angelic like? None I suppose?

Go to hell fakers, and never have tomorrow in the burning hell!

Life is like a game

So I am now like your entertainment tool?

Someone to be played with,
just for the purpose of entertaining you?

Alright then, you win.

I seriously cannot believe that I actually fall into your trap,
and never thought that you all are such a 'scorpion'!

To the people out there:
Please say something that you sincerely meant it. Don’t say anything for the purpose of entertaining me as I’m not here in this world to be entertained. Just so you know I am not an entertainment tool for you too.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'That' Feeling

Blogged in the afternoon during my lunch break (I did my work during working hour alright):

I don't know where or how to vent my problems away, but that kind of feeling, it's just there all the time. It is somehow getting stronger day by day, and sometimes it's hard to even control it. Jealousy, envious, respect, love. I've already mixed all these feelings up. Never know which is which and what feeling I was going through earlier. What am I? What I want? It is all so unclear...

Something happened earlier during my lunch break, giving me some stupid feeling which I never (want to) know what that is. Loving, hating, craving or wanting? It's so difficult to talk about it, and of course, even if it is easy to mention, I would rather keeping it to myself. Thank you.

===== end of afternoon entry =====

Guess I am feeling better now. But, feeling quite restless.

Was so tired the whole time when I was in the office, felt so sleepy and don't feel like working. However, it only a week more to go, after that will be a full time U student.

Boss will not be around for 2 days, means I will take over her on Wednesday and Thursday, but it doesn't mean I can rest or enjoy myself there. Workloads had already been assigned to me, and I have task to be done by the due date.

Can die. Hahaha, but this is what I chose.

Good night people!

Monday, July 27, 2009 VS

Have you ever had this feeling, that you are angry to see some certain someone hanging around well with some other people through pictures, and you will complain a lot while looking at it. But on the other hand, you will miss those certain someone and wish to meet up with them someday?

I always go through such feeling. This is my personal problem I guess.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Face Mask

Guess I am a very complicated person, even myself don't understand what I want sometimes. Do I need to know who I really am in order to be somebody some day? This is a very tricky question for myself.

I always thought I am a person with clean face, without any masks on it. Well, I believe I used to be one naive, simple kid. However when you start to grow up, you will realised there are a lot of people with many different kind of mask on their face.

There was once, few years back, I kept my naive and simple thinking and hang with the people around me, thinking that they might not use their mask when I'm around, but my thought is always wrong. I never think correctly, the mask will always be on their face even though I treated them with the most sincere heart I have.

Still having my sincere heart though, but hidden behind the False.

Learning how to put on a mask was hard for me. I don't know how to wear a mask properly, and in most situation I wish I can show my pretty face instead of wearing an ugly mask in order to blend in. But in the end, no matter what I do, the masks will always be with me. It's just another way to protect myself.

I do wear masks, but if you are lucky you might be able to see my pretty face.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll be somebody, someday...

Well, just so you know the first four paragraph in the previous entry was just metaphor, and you will only know what it is all about provided you understand what had happened to me. Have a wild guess, the answer will never be revealed anyway.

After thinking about it when I was alone just now, I believe I have my own talent, something that belongs to me! And I know if I work hard I might able to get myself to be somebody one day, and I am looking forward for that arrival of the day.

Even though I am not living for myself now, I know I will have my day, I know I will be able to find my true self and live my own life, with my own way. I just need to stay happy and cheerful, which is quite hard for someone like me. But I will try.

And for the certain someone (that is if you know that I am referring you), even though things never come as you wish, and you might not like the life you having now, however with the passion I see from your dream, I believe you can make your way out of your misery. Just go for it as you always have my support! Do let me know if you need help, though I can provide you nothing for now, I believe I can still lend you my ears and shoulder if you ever need it. Take care.

I will be someone someday! Just you wait!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Considering today is a lucky day. A pretty lucky one that I must note it down before I go cuckoo and forget everything. Our best buddy gave me a ticket 5 days ago telling me that I am one lucky boy, I accepted it in a very special moment, thinking that I was really that lucky! Whoa! Lucky ticket I am holding you know, of course I was happy.

Today, I was thinking of trying my luck again, after being neglected in front of the redemption center yesterday. Guess what? I am seriously one lucky boy! Our best buddy gave me another ticket again! Seriously need to buy TOTO or 4D already, seeing that I am one lucky dude, follow the number I choose I can assure you for a place place in the bet!

Are you feeling lucky today?

I remember the time of the ticket issued quite well, it was at 1110 on the 15th and 1111 today. Buy this number alright? I will if I am allowed to.

A little update about my job in CPE. I am getting along well with the people in the office now. At least they understand my language and I get their jokes. LOL. Not that I am from Mars and they are from Venus, just that I was not able to blend in on the first week. Getting better now, it a good thing.

Met Ms Jenny last week, and she told me that the result is coming out one by one. As usual, I will not allow my lousy results to destroy my holiday mood, even though I am not having a good vacation but working in college. I will only check it when everything's out. So classmates, do let me know when everything's out alright?

Anyways, I'm already foreseeing my sad face complaining about the results. What can I do? This is happening every year, and I am getting numb with this feeling. It's like a déjà vu, history repeats itself annually!

Oh, something funny I've encountered today.

When you are filling up a formal form, what will you write in the column "Place of Birth"? Normally you will write either the state or the name of the hospital right? Today from one of the forms I was collecting, I saw this:

Place Of Birth: Rumah (Home)

I know you are born at home, but do you think the government know where is your house without stating it? Hahahaha! Funny one!

Oops! I am acting like a 'scorpion' now. Sorry man~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love Myself

Woke up early today thought of going for a morning jog. The weather was kinda good earlier as it was quite windy, but after 10-15 minutes of jogging, it started drizzling and soon it rained. I've got no choice but to go home, and here I am now online and waiting for my turn to use the bathroom.

I wonder what happen with me recently that I keep waking up in the middle of the night (or rather very early in the morning), for almost a week, or more? I check my phone every time after I wake up and found that it was about 2.44am. Kinda freaky though and the next waking up session will be at around 6.40am. Do I need to consult a doctor or the psychologist to ask why?

Talk about doctor, I've got my blood test report yesterday, showing off a very good result, at least I am healthy and not suffering in any liver-related illness. I even thought that my liver had got infected again or something serious happened to it. Now I am all fine, thank god.

Office work is just so-so, but I know I can cope with it. The rate was 2 hours for 10 forms, I did 35 forms within 7 hours, with many things interrupted in between yesterday. I know I am catching up and speeding up too! I can do it!

Oh yea, I am loving myself again! Even though not all angle suits me, but I will try my best =)

Best of luck everyone! I need to go to work now. Tata!

UPDATED (15 JULY 2009, at night) - I've been trying so hard in the attempt of saving money for future use, who knows when I succesfully saved RM 50, it got to be sent out again due to the ticket they issued to me! Seriously what on earth?! Third time in this year!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Look at the amount of forms I have here. A total of 75 forms I have to separate into three different parts, one for the government, one for the college, and one for my boss's reference.

Each of them requires different thing from the 8 requirements needed from the students that applied for these course. Some needed the photostated copy, some needed the original; some needed 2 out of 8 others need 7, stressed.

And after spending 2 hours of photocopying, staple and un-stapling, searching for the application forms and separating into 3 different set (with 3 different requirements), I only managed to do 10! OUT OF 75!!

Tomorrow will be a hectic day!

Usshh~ Feel like vomitting now, had durians earlier, perhaps that's the reason why.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The 4th & 5th Jab

Strange things happened lately. I found that I look a little bit odd recently, especially when I look at the mirror, and no matter how I mix and match my attire, I just don't feel right. I look kinda skinny sometimes and my tummy/belly is extraordinarily wide.

Gosh, I am skinny yet fat!

I realised that my skin colour are kinda yellowish, and am worried that I might still having infection on my liver so I went for a blood test this morning. This is this forth time this year I am getting a blood test, 3 times from the lab and once from the hospital.

Seeing that I might be leaving to Australia next year, and I have no immunity from Hepatitis A virus, mom told the doctor to give me a jab too, cost RM110.

I need to take 2 doses in order to be immune from that virus, so I have to go back after 6 months from today. If I were chosen as one of the participants for the Taiwan study visit program, I have to be careful of what I am eating, in order to stay away from that virus.

I need to take care of myself.

And I don't feel like working anymore, come get me out of the office!! Bring me out, entertain me, make me happy, can?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Short Break

Currently sitting on the bed with my laptop with me, however I am not in my room now... Try guessing where I am now. I actually "blogged" this morning when I was in the office, have a look:

[in the morning, CPE office]

I don’t know what I can do now, it is so stupid that I am sitting down here doing nothing. The company has changed and it is not like how it was in the past (I guess). Well, I’m suppose this is how it is suppose to be anyways, showing me the real working environment. I must get use to it though. Ms Hanita is on MC today, so I am basically free, waiting for orders from the rest of the colleagues, my other bosses.

Luckily I am working half day today, means I will be leaving at 1 o’clock. Thank goodness, otherwise I might even rot in the office, seeing that they might not have anything for me to follow up. Oh gosh, now I am assigned with one difficult task, to create a catchy name for a program. How can I do that? Me no creative student. =(


[after work, before lunch, Media Hub]

I left the office at around 12pm. Headed straight to the Media Hub and started playing Facebook game, Bejeweled, I didn't know the time passes so fast that it has already been an hour after I left the office when Alan came look for me for lunch.


I've found some tutorials on Photoshop after lunch and am interested in working on it, let's see what I can do soon =) Anyways, people let me reveal the answer. I am currently in Vistana Hotel, Kelantan Kuantan, accompanying Alan on an outstation work trip. Will be going back tomorrow =)

It's late now. Good night =)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Guess I am always linked with the word "emotional".

Forgive me if I come into your room one night through your dreams and slaughter you nicely one by one before sending you to hell.

Sorry, I'm EMO.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Gheez, nice right the photo above? I've edited it last night from 12 midnight till 2 in the morning, finally got some 'determination' to play with Photoshop. What do you think about it? Don't tell me you are getting nightmare or goose bumps ok? LOL.

This picture is my current profile picture in Facebook, with this sentence noted beside it:

Jason Chong is currently sitting in the living room with his laptop, accompanied by some fat juicy maggots which have successfully dug out from his body since this morning... Oh, part of the left earlap just fell to the floor. Yucks! Rotting at home is so no fun!! 22 hours ago

Like so lame right? LOL.

Well, today was not so bad. Jackie dropped by in the morning and we had breakfast together. Kinda early for a heavy meal though, I am not used to eat heavy breakfast in the morning.

I made soup in the afternoon with the stuff I bought from Carrefour after the sushi feast yesterday. I don't know what is the name of the soup, but it contained white taufu, onion, crabstick, pepper, oyster sauce, salt and egg. Quite filling as I consumed 2 big bows and there was extra some more!

Din't really do much house work for today except washing the things in the kitchen, starts my dad's car (to make sure the engine is working still) and collects the laundry. Guess I need to sweep the floor and wash the car tomorrow before my parents reach home.

Yes, they are coming back tomorrow! Quite fast for my 'break' time to come to an end. Kinda miss my 'break' time now, hoping that they stay in Bali longer. Haha! Oh yea, I am planning to sign in my MSN later, after not signing in for 2 months. Finally decided to 'expose' myself after stay hidden for so long. Come chat with me if you want =)

p.s. I've decided to cut (or trim) my hair tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sushi anyone?

Where should I start? My second "break" day was quite normal, woke up at 7.30am to fetch my sister to college then went to a Chinese restaurant thinking of buying some "siew bao" (bake pork bun) for breakfast but since the uncle was taking his own sweet time baking, I decided not to buy anything and headed home instead.

I was hesitated to drop by McDonalds but decided not to eat any fast food in the morning. Feeling hungry at home, I drank 2 packets of chocolate milk, 2 cups of orange juice, ate some biscuits and 2 mangoes. Believe it or not, that was my brunch.

Went to fetch my sister at 6pm and went to Subang Parade straight away for our dinner. Dinner was great, we had Sakae Sushi and hell we spent so much today for dinner! Need to cut down budget for tomorrow, oh my.

I did nothing much today. Beside washing 2 cups, did the laundry and hang the cloths, nothing else. The only funny thing happened today was, I realized I don't know how to use the washing machine. My timing was quite bad too, I don't know when to put the detergent and softener, how much I should apply every time and whatnot, but I managed to wash it and I hope it's clean.

Oh yea, before I forgot, I don't know whether should I cut my hair or not. I've sort of decided to cut it 2 days ago but I felt so reluctant to do so since yesterday. I don't know whether I want to cut it, trim it or just do treatment? But one thing for sure, I want to take another set of passport size photograph before my parents come back (hopefully).

Oh look at the time, it's pretty late now, good night.

Monday, June 29, 2009

4 Days 3 Nights "Break"

4 days 3 nights Bali trip, at this very season, seems dangerous and risky but what can do? All the payment had been done long ago, bought the air ticket and paid the tour fair too.

Nope, I am still in Malaysia now even though the flight departed this morning. This 4d/3n trip was organized by my aunt and most of my relatives, including mom and dad had departed this morning and had safely arrived Bali (they called home just now), hope they enjoy themselves over there.

I guess I better stay at my friends' place for a week after they come back, they need to be quarantined after they are home, I insist. (Haha, joking~)

So yea, I will be having a 3-day "break" starting today, but during these "break" time I have to take over my mom's job in fetching my sister to-and-fro college, clean the house (as I am on holiday now) and stay home (as what they usually expect from me). However, I did went out today for a karaoke session with June and Sabrina at One Utama and headed back to Inti, Subang to fetch my sister home. Anyways, so sorry June about tomorrow, I'll miss ya!

Lifeless, but at least I was out. Had dinner with my sister at Carrefour food court (of all places) and had a very short shopping there. Bought a bottle of orange juice and some chocolate milk, ready to serve anyone who drop by my place.

So you wanna come over for a packet of chocolate milk?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

First outing since semester break starts

I finally got to go out yesterday, with a valid reason, that is to celebrate Sabrina's birthday. This was a pre-celebration though since June is leaving Malaysia on Tuesday to Finland and she will be missing Sabrina's birthday.

I only found out yesterday evening that my mom's car was out of patrol, so instead of being a gentleman fetching Sue Keng to June's residence, I got her to be the driver instead. Jyn Weii and Sabrina were already at June's house happily chatting with her parents when Sue Keng and I arrived. We left to KL after a short chat with auntie and uncle. This time, Jyn Weii became the driver.

Our first stop, Lowyat Plaza. June wanted to buy a new camera for herself, and after long discussion she bought the Canon Ixus 110 IS as recommended by Yao Wei. It was already 8pm by the time we got back into the car and everyone was hungry, so our final destination, Bermuda & Onion at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

To me, the food there was just nice. Eatable but perhaps doesn't suite my taste, I was having slight stomach ache after dinner. However the place is quite nice and I believe it will be a great place to hang out with your friends.

Went to June's place for a Wii session before going home, since there were some accidents out there along the way to Subang Jaya, we decided to stay a bit longer before leaving. I got home around 1.45am and as usual, even with a very valid reason for such occasion (reaching home late), I will still get some nagging from my mom and silent treatment from my dad.

They always expect me to stay home, never like me going out. >=(

p.s. Should I cut my hair? Or should I just trim it?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quote of the day

Well, if you ask me what I am doing now, my answer will be "I don't know". Seriously, being useless and do nothing at home is no fun. If you wish, I can start all over again with my “maggot friend” story and begin fantasizing myself being something that is not existing, which I don’t wish my one month semester break being ended off like that.

So what should I do? Seriously, I can’t really go out to enjoy myself, I can’t find a good company for internship (c’mon, who wants to hire a worker for just a month?), I can’t sit down and do nothing and I don’t want to look at the computer for the whole day!

But what I’ve done so far was, playing Facebook game and reply some comments in my blog. For almost a week!

Wanted to start playing with Photoshop but I just don’t have the motivation and determination to do so. I need something to ‘jump-start’ my working brain cells, anyone has a set of jumper cables? Sorry about the randomness, I am reaching the cuckoo stage real soon!

Talk about me and my randomness, I wanted to tell you guys something real random. Well it was yesterday, I have nothing to do and I start doing the same thing I did on the day before, where I logged into my Facebook account and started playing some games, then I started Googling for more mini games and I found thing extremely random card game where its power raises if you win the round pardon me, last night, I have nothing to do, so I started drawing some random comic and I actually ‘mentioned’ Michael Jackson (well, not exactly mentioning him, was just saying that I don’t wanna be him, no offence), and I got the news today that he had passed away.

Erm, random right? Let me tell you another quote by Scott Westerfeld (2004), “Sometimes the facts in my head get bored and decide to take a walk in my mouth. Frequently this is a bad thing.” Anyways, let’s move on, shall we?

So, why am I still awake now? It’s currently 1.35am and yet I’m blogging here. By right, I should be in bed now. But forgive me, I just had supper, that’s why I don’t want to go to be now. Haha.

Forgive me for whatever I’ve mentioned today. I’m just tired and bored.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Napei Education Fair

I’ve been waited long for this photo from Boon Seong, since he was the only one who brought a camera during the Napei Education Fair and was so passionate in photography. Got to know a few new friends during this fair, and met some of my high school friends too. The feeling was quite different as compared to the previous fairs I’ve worked before.

Guess what is the reason I requested to work for all education fair? Meeting new people and get to know more friends was one of the reasons. As for your information, I like making new friends. Friends are indeed important especially when you are out in the world alone, they can help you and encourage you whenever you need, and that’s what I think and believes what a friend can do for you.

Communicating, convincing and helping out by giving information to the parents is the other reason why I like to be in education fair. Especially those friendly and open minded parents, I like talking with them. And when you see them smile back to you, and say thank you in a very sincere manner, you will feel the achievement and happy too!

I don’t know whether you understand what I am saying here, but this is just how I feel as a Student Helper. That’s why I always (well, used to) work for Taylor’s College, as a student helper.

p.s. NAPEI actually stands for National Association of Private Educational Institutions.
p.s.s. I might start signing into my MSN in July, after not depending on it for 2 months time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another (possibly) Conned Incident

WooHoo! Assignment’s done and my semester is officially over! I need a job, anyone hiring? Preferably some job relating my course, hopefully I get it.

I was happened to be in college today after coming back from Mid Valley, setting up for the Education Fair tomorrow. Yes, I’ll be working this weekend during the Education Fair. Come look for me if you want, spot me around Taylor’s College booth.

I took the KTM home from college today since I was not allowed to drive to Mid Valley. As usual, I need to go through Carrefour and that is when I encounter this (possibly conned) incident.

As when I walking directly under the red hot sun, a (/an Indian) guy stopped me and he was asking me whether am I a student from Taylor’s College. Later he kept asking me whether I am taking Computing, Hospitality or any other courses. I told him I was a Communication student and then he started his story:

According to him, he was from North India (or somewhere else) and he came to Malaysia, LEGALLY, a month ago. However, the Immigration Officer treated him as one of the illegal immigrants and sent him to one of the detention centre, beaten him up (he showed me his upper arm wrapped with bandage), took all his money and his cell phone. Leaving him his empty wallet with a picture of Jesus and his daughter, together with a Cross necklace.

He kept assuring me (by showing me the Cross necklace and the picture of Jesus in his wallet) that he was not lying and he was trying to prove himself that he used to work opposite my campus, taking care of the cars at the temporary car park. He told me that he needs some money (about RM 8 something) to take the KTM back to his wife and daughter.

The tone of his voice was very pitiful, as though he was about to cry. I did not think too much that time, and I felt bad if I just ignore him at the moment. I gave him RM10 and refused to provide him any information for him to contact me (even though he asked for my number). I only told him my name as he insisted for it, so that he can pray for me.

I’ve been bothered by this incident. I don’t know whether I am doing a good deed or not? Or whether is he telling the true? It will be very stupid if he was telling a lie, it means I’m easily being cheated. But if he is telling the truth, then I will feel disappointing towards the Immigration Officer, how can they treat people like him that way?

I chose to help him, never know what might possibly happen to me. If you were me, what will you do? Was I wrong giving him RM 10? I don’t know myself.