Sunday, February 22, 2015

4th Day of CNY

The 4th day of Chinese New Year, as usual we have nothing much to do. Unlike other families, we don't go do house visiting and don't have other people over visiting, so mom decided to go to my grandma's place. As for me and my sister, we are allow to have our own plan.

After dropping my mom at grandma's, I went to the mall nearby and camp myself in Starbucks. This is like my second drink today (drink in pic) and my 2nd visit this week. Decided to challenge Caffè Americano but cheated in the end with some syrups, just can't take the bitterness. Healthy much?

Anyway, purpose of camping here is to do work, but instead of working, I've been chatting with friends, checking Facebook, reading a book which I borrowed almost a year ago, and people watch in the cafe.

Chose a quiet corner for all the activities listed above, which not quite comfortable as the air cond is not strong enough. Speaking of which, I don't think the free wifi is working too, scanned for the connection a few times but to no avail, maybe the modem is broken. Meh!

Okay, enough updating. I think I should really continue slacking my weekend. Next week gonna need to start combating all the workloads and crazy clients again :P

Oh by the way, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Short Getaway to Taiping


I know, I know, another long abandoned blog since the last entry, yadda yadda yadda, busy working yadda yadda yadda, no time for a lot of yadda yadda, and I'm constantly being #tired. Not gonna continue yadda-ing around so let's proceed with this blog entry shall we :P

End of October 2014, I went to Korea with my bunch of high school buddies. By right, I should be blogging about the trip, but due to insufficient time (I have not even select any photographs from the pile yet) and my hard disk is currently with my friend, so posting about it is kinda not possible.

Last Sunday (1 Feb 2015) I went to a small town called Taiping (which means "everlasting peace" in Chinese) in the northern state of Perak in Malaysia. Reason? To visit my beloved brother. Well, not biologically related but when you have this one friend that you're well connected with, you tend to call them your "brother" or "sister" of different parents, right?

This is my first time going to Taiping, and this is also my first time taking a bus from Pudu Sentral all by myself. The other time I took a bus to another state was with a friend to Penang and we departed from One Utama bus station via Aeroline. Anyway, I experienced so many first time through this trip, one of the significant moment was when the bus I took (apparently the most trusted coach company) decided to take a stop at the road side while going uphill exiting Ipoh.

Luckily a back-up bus came for the rescue, in the end, we were only about an hour late from schedule.

Our first stop - The Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve which is located at Kuala Sepetang. It was quite a journey even though the friend claims that we completed the walk within 30 minuets, but throughout the journey I kept thinking about horror nonesense like how a group of people walking through the mangrove forest and one by one being killed by some murderous devilish creatures. LOL.

We then moved on to the fishing village. Since it was mid afternoon when we arrived the village, all the villagers were chilling and resting at home while doing their daily chores. What impressed me the most wasn't the fishing village nor the carefree villagers, but when I look up the sky, I saw eagles soaring/gliding in the sky. Many of them!!! It was so awesome!!!

The least expected place always brings you the best surprise. I never consider to visit the charcoal Factory because to me, they are just some light, black residue, consisting of carbon and any remaining ash - what is there to see? But like I said earlier, it was full of awesome insights and stories.

Perhaps it was the uncle's (who told us about the stories and processes of charcoal making) way of presentation that sparks my interest, or it was the aunty's (another group of visitor) reaction to the story made everything seems so funny and lively. Anyway, every single process in a charcoal factory is manually done by human power. Charcoal production is a long process and involved lots of man power.

This time I didn't manage to visit the zoo nor the Lake Garden (only drove pass at night), but I will definitely try to make it the next time! I had a pleasant stay at my friend's place and his parents we very accommodative! I guess besides Kuching, Taiping's gonna be my next favourite town in Malaysia. Looking forward to my next trip :)