Saturday, August 22, 2009


That day when me and few of my classmates were talking, we happened to come across the topic of rebirth. The main reason that lead us to this topic was because one of them told me that the doctor usually cut (a bit of) the woman vagina when delivering in order to get the baby out. Due to it, she said it was so freaky and she doesn't want to have baby.

The topic cam right after that. She said she would like to be a man the next time, seeing that there are much for 'advantages' being a male than a female. Being a male, according to her, can go anywhere he wants and get to come home late. The freedom of being a guy is 'obviously more' than a girl (which I doubted it) and never feel afraid of being rape by the the guys.

Myself on the other hand gave a total different view from them. I told them that I would like to reborn as a female instead of a male. Why? Reason is simple. Because what I think being a female you get more privilege than a male, and I believe her life would be much more happening.

Let's talk about fashion. Female has more selection to choose from, girls attire, dress, skirt, male attire, anything! I believe they can be so versatile and have so many things to choose to wear! Accessories for them to mix and match and look at the amount of shoes they can select. Guys, only the typical dressing, always the same, never changes.

I am not going to further explain why being a girl is so nice. I did not do much research about the benefits of being a female so yea, I'll let you guys do the searching and inform me later.

If I get to be a female, I would like to be a slattern I told them. I said I wanna see how good I am in separating the couples and see how many people I can seduce. I would like to be evil and see how popular I can be. I know I am evil, but what can I do? I want fame, I want money, I want popular, I want...

Guess I am insane. Pure insane. Pardon me please...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too much of Final Destination

I always have this wild imagination running through my head, a lot of "what if..." pops in whenever I look at or concentrate on something sharp, moving, big, large, dangerous... I always thinks that I might die in a horrific way and that's it.

For instance, when i am sitting in the KTM station, and I see the KTM coming from far, and the longer I stares at it, the faster the imagination goes. It approaches, something happened to jam the railway and suddenly the KTM ran out of it railway and move towards the platform! Ka-boom! It crashes on the people waiting on the platform and killing hundreds!

Or maybe another example, you are walking happily in one of the malls around KL. And this particular mall has this special deco where long pointy object sticking up on the wall/ceiling above. It's supposed to be a nice interesting piece of deco and some people might just feel impress on its design.

But whenever I walk through these decos, I would wish to leave the please as soon as possible. Thinking that perhaps there is an earthquake suddenly and the jerking of the quake causes those long pointy object to fall simultaneously or one by one, poking into the human body, killing them slowly.

These are some examples of my 'Final Destination Thoughts' (FDT) and I guess it's all because I watched too many movies last time and thanks to my good powerful imagination, I've created a movie myself, a real life movie of me being the main actor (otherwise I would die early) and trying to find my way to escape all these horrible accidents.

Meh. Me and my wild imaginations. Should stop thinking already.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Future Plan [Part 2]

[Continue from the previous entry...]

Go for an interview: What interview? Actually I always wanted to be an air steward, can enjoy life while working. But of course I know it's not easy and I might start complaining about the working hour, the colleague, the guests, and the countries. So assume if I get the job after coming back from Australia, I might stay in this line for a few years, 5 years perhaps? Or longer. You will never know what happen in future!

Look for job: So I failed during the interview, it's time to work. Blast my resume out to any and every company that I can find, which suites me the most and wait for reply. If there are no replies within the 2 to 3 months after sending it, I will consider coming back to Taylor's. Since I have some connections here, as in I know some staffs here I might able to get myself into this line. By the time, I will be in the lakeside campus! Cool~

Or maybe not Taylor's? We will see how then.

Enjoy life: This is basically what I call, lazy! But people do say you will hardly go travel once you step into a working environment unless you are the boss yourself. So basically I have a few places in mind that I would like to visit. Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. Since I am not working yet, and I might need to 'apply' for loan from my parents to one of these places. Other even more expensive location, shall wait till I get myself a job. Who wanna join me to those places I've mentioned?

Continue studying: This is one hard decision since I am not quite sure whether to study in one of the institution in KL to get a tour guide license or just to pursue my post graduate studies instead. If I were to take the tour guide license, I would probably 'apply' loan from my parents and pay them back later. If I were to continue my masters program, I don't know whether to do it part time or full time.

These are basically my 'route' I planned for my future, not really a good plan though but I really wish either one of it will come true. If you ask me which would I prefer the most, I might say the first one, which is staying in Australia and have my own life over there, following with the air steward job and might go for the masters program next.

But life isn't easy after all. Who can ever predict my future? I might accidentally become famous tomorrow and all my plans might be screwed off just like that! (pardon me, I am trying to be positive here) So I shall let it be for now. At least I have a 'vivid sight' on my future, at least when people ask me I can answer them what I want and perhaps, I can (at least) try to make my way there and be successful. (I wish!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Future Plan [Part 1]

I got an e-mail from UniSA yesterday stating that they've received my application forms after a month sending it. I filled up my application form on the first week of July and had Ms Sophia to assist me in sending the form over to Adelaide. Apparently it takes them a month time to get it, and to send me an e-mail saying that they had received it. However, I am happy since they got it and all I have to do now is to wait for the confirmation letter! Cool!

Let's see, if I am studying in UniSA next years, it means I won't be moving to the new lakeside campus of Taylor's. It's bad! I wish I can be part of them who are moving over. Mom said I would get a car if I continue pursuing my studies in Malaysia, or they might use the money they kept for my education purpose to buy (or to pay part of it) the house opposite us (since the owner is selling it off).

But no. Some scarifies need to be done if I want to study over there. Indeed I will have friends here to help me through my assignments and I might get myself a new car, but I really wish I can study overseas. I don't mind to get my own car in the future, I want to leave this environment for now. And I've been wanting to stay alone all the time, this is my golden opportunity!

Assume that I got accepted and I will be studying a year over there, graduate there. What next? Perhaps I can try my best to look for a job over there? Mom told me I can stay there and never come back, haha! But of course this will never happen unless I am so lucky to get a PR. Does it means I will loose my Malaysian citizenship? I am still not quite sure about this.

Possibility 1 after gradating from UniSA, Adelaide: I found a job, I will be working there and see how good I am and how long I can stay there. Perhaps I can really get myself a PR and stay there forever? Buy myself a house (I've always wanting to get myself a house and decorate it my way to make it as comfortable as possible), and start becoming successful?

Possibility 2 after gradating from UniSA, Adelaide: I can't find any job, then Malaysia here I come! Back in Malaysia, I will have a few thoughts, go for an interview or look for job or enjoy life or continue studying.

= = = = = = = = = =

So what next? Shall continue next entry, since I find the entry quite long if I post everything today.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My weekends with the Fab 5

Gheez, it's indeed nice and refreshing bathing with cold water after coming back from outside, the sun and its heat is seriously killing me man!

I've just got back from Wil and Mindy's convocation at MCA, it was really hot out there and I pity those students in their academic dress because they were wearing it on top of their formal coat, and they were standing under the hot sun outside of MCA taking pictures, sharing their joy with their family, friends and their photographer.

For me, I would like to see snow during my convocation. I hate hot weather!!! And for sure I will sweat a lot if I were them, just imagine I can even sweat in the air cond room.

Anyways, CONGRATULATION to both you MINDY and WIL!

I had a slumber night party with 3 Malaysian girls and 1 Japanese girl on Friday. Yi Lin came back from Thailand, June came back from Finland while her YE, Hanako (unsure about the spelling) reached on the 5th August and we all gathered at Sabrina's place.

I was late due to some work left in college, but we still managed to arrive before 8pm. They were quite angry though as the plan was suppose to start at 7pm, or at least dinner time.

However, this time, I was not allowed to sleep with them, instead I slept outside the room, on the couch outside. It's still okay though as we only slept at around 4.30am and need to wake up at 7am.

This is basically how I spent my Friday night and my weekends. I have not touch my books yet, need to read up on some notes... Hope I will touch some of it tonight.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's time to stop

Blog's gonna be dead if I still don't update it, anyways, I am currently in the library, second time after my forth semester starts. Yes, my semester has finally started but not all the results are out yet. Received a news today through Facebook saying that IDM's result has already came out, have already checked it, not too good.

Okay, alright. I've been venting quite a lot lately, reason being I've encounter something real awful and terrible some time ago and this has causes me to be so emo again. But I guess I shouldn't let these feeling keep bothering me all time, I should get myself out of it.

Thanks for some people I've chatted with these days. Encouraging and giving me moral support day by day, telling me what is the right thing to do and whatnot. Of course, some people still tries to hurt me sometimes, or should I say, they hurt me unintentionally? But whatever it is, it's over!

Getting out of my problem is never easy. I used to go through something similar to this case and I was so terribily upsat that time, I don't want to trust anyone and I tend to keep everything to myself. However, don't remember what I've done, I managed to step out of the shell, and has a wonderful time outside until the next strom strikes.

This time, stronger and scarier.

Nothing I can do, I ran back into my shell again and tend to lock myself in. I don't want to get out and the same shits happen again! It is like a déjà vu, you never likes it when that happens. Chatting with some friends do help for cases like mine. Even though I keep telling myself not to open my mouth, not to share and not to express, I just cannot help it. I know I can never stand alone, I need my friends, I need their care and love.

Thank you. Despite I am in a trauma right now, not knowing what is right or wrong; what is good or bad... I will still try to come out. I will carry on with the life I am having now, I'll just learn along the way, it never feels right, but I need to learn.

This time, I need to be more careful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My first D-SLR

I promised myself not to be emo or moody today, and I did it! The reason is so obvious and yes, it's related to the picture above! I finally owned a D-SLR!!! So when there is a happy and exiting news floating around you, why do I need to feel sad or moody right?

Actually I was not expecting for it so soon, and I always thought I will only get it after I start working so I can get myself a good one. Since I might be going to further my studies in Adelaide (Australia) next year, I told my mom that I might need a new compact digital camera since we only have one at home.

2 weeks ago, mom suddenly asked me about D-SLR and told me to search for one with the budget given less then 2k. So how am I suppose to get a good one, even to get a normal D-SLR, less than 2k is hard to find, I thought. But then I happened to find this model, Sony D-SLR α230 selling at RM 1800.

Talked to the promoter. She recommended me 2 different models. Either the one I mentioned earlier or Canon EOS 1000D for RM 2100. After long hesitated, I decided to go for Canon.

Had breakfast with my family this morning, and mom suggested to go to the shop to have a look at the camera. Today, after knowing I wanted Canon and after a long bargain with her, dad decided to take Canon EOS 500D.

So yea, me and my new D-SLR! Am happy with it and would like to learn more about it too! Let's have a D-SLR mamak session! Provided I managed to get a permit to leave the Kingdom from the King and Queen.