Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thinking of the Past

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide

Sometime when I view the photos taken in Australia via FB or from my external hard disk, I cannot help but to think how happy I was when I was over there alone, staying with my friends, away from my family. 

No, please don't get me wrong. It's not like I hate my family or whatnot. I love them, and in fact I don't mind staying with them. However, thing's different when you are overseas studying and back home working. Like duh!

I might be wrong, I may be right. Who knows if I work in Australia I get to find a nine-to-six job and able to settle down with just a simple yet satisfying life? I get to pursue with the things I like to do and even make it a part time job maybe? 

Life could be different compare to what I'm going through now.

Or maybe not? I might suffer from depression due to the vary in culture or because of financial issue or even cause by relationship issue with whoever? Life if full with unexpected possibilities and there is no right or wrong for what I've selected.

Well, guess I should be grateful for having what I have now. At least till today I'm still okay with my life and work and appreciating all the people I'm working with.

Photograph above was taken in Glenelg Beach in Adelaide. I still remember I was supposed to do an assignment related to sound/audio capturing. Got all my friends to tag along and had a wonderful time there. It was so nice as thought it just happened yesterday. Time flies so fast, it has been almost two years by now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wong Fu Productions @ Taylor's University

Wesley Chan & Philip Wang from Wong Fu Productions

On Saturday I was given the chance to meet 2 special people, who actually did somehow inspire me to my passion and they are no other than the Wong Fu Productions! I was lucky that my boss offered me a free ticket to the event and I got to sit on the second roll with the media and get to go up front to take photographs as near as possible.

You might wonder why is Ted not in the photograph. Well, this is because he was caught up with something back home, hence he did not fly over to Malaysia with Wesley and Philip. Nevertheless, Ted had created a video presentation to show us his "existence" in Malaysia.

There were 3 different Wong Fu sessions thoughout the day and I've only attended the last "Wong Fu 4 LYFE" session at 7pm where they tell us all about themselves like a casual chat/talk show and a Q&A session open to the floor at the end.

What I was jealous most that night was this guy who got to submit his application to be an intern over in LA this summer! I've always been dreaming to be in position (if he ever gets in) and guess this is not gonna happen to me. It will remain as a dream.

One thing I remember Phil said that night was, we must put your ego aside and must not act as though you know everything. Indeed, compromising is important when you are in a team and with this attitude will make the team stronger! (That's what I think-lah)

Well, that's all for now, please visit The Cube Productions for more photographs of the event and last but not least, THANK YOU BOSS!! =D

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Comparing past and present

Photograph was taken @ Bagan Lalang, Sepang

I must make sure I'm doing this at least once a week. Let's do it!

Yesterday, I went to Bagan Lalang with some of my friends for a one day trip and guess what, I'm all burnt up and feeling the pain on every inch of my body. From my face to my neck, my shoulder and to the arm, shouldn't have act hero to just wear a sleeveless shirt. I thought Malaysia is the same as Adelaide, now I know I thought wrong.

The last time I went out and expose myself under the sun was a year ago when I was still in Adelaide. That day was my 22 birthday and decided to celebrate alone by taking photographs of the city. It was really fun and memorable and I didn't get any sunburn!!

Time flies. And I'm still missing those days.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year - The year of Water Dragon!

Photographs taken at the Mausoleum of the former King Tu Duc @ Hoi An, Vietnam

Today, is the first day of Chinese New Year. And this, is my first blog entry for the year 2012. Initially, I was thinking to start blogging sometime around early January, then it got delayed and was thinking to blog on my birthday, which happens to be a Wednesday hence it got delayed again. Since today is also consider a new year (to the Chinese), I would like to take this opportunity to start my first post and hopefully will continue doing so consistently.

A quick update of what happened during the past 22 days of 2012:

21 December 2011 - 1 January 2012
I ended my 2011 by stuffing food into my stomach non-stop until past midnight. Was at KL for a dim sum session with the Fab5 then countdown with TheCubes at Snowy's place.

4 - 8 January 2012
Went for a short trip to Da Nang, Vietnam with the family and their friends. Was with all the aunties and uncles for a few good days. This is also my first time in Vietnam and I've decided to visit there again if there's an opportunity!

16 January 2012
First day of work at Taylor's University, located at the lakeside campus. Switching from an Account Executive to Marketing Executive is definitely challenging, different things overall and need to pick up everything real quick. Learn Jason, learn!

18 January 2012
My birthday. Initially planned to have an "underground" day, try to get as "low profile" as possible, even hid my birthday notification on Facebook and decided to sleep early on the night before. But heck! The Fab5 dropped by at 12am, giving me a surprise and shock of my life with a cake.
The company dinner falls on the same day too, but being as discreet as a mole rat underground, no one realize about this. Which is not really an issue to me, as I have TheCubes who met up and celebrated with me again after that.
Really happy though it's a small scale celebration, and am grateful to all the messages sent over to me even after my birthday when they find out about it. Thank you guys once again!

23 January 2012
So it's today! The first day of Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai I'm wishing to all my fellow readers (I wonder how many readers I have left?), friends and family! May the year of Water Dragon brings you luck, prosperous and fortune! As considered part of the Earth Dragon member, I wish all the best to the people around me, and hopefully I'll have a better ahead too. See you guys during the next entry then!