Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Inspiration Needed

Remember this?

[Banner 1]

Now I have more, which I think it's not good.
Comment please, let me know how should I make it better?

[Banner 2]

[Banner 3]

[Banner 4]

[Banner 5a]

[Banner 5b]

Comment please. Thank you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Inspiration Needed

Am I photogenic? Am I? Am I? A photographer said that to me today, am I? LOL.
But whether I am or not, I'm still plain o' me! No different. 

Like what the title says, inspiration needed. This is one of the banners I had in mind (for my assignment) and this is also the only one I’ve made last night. I don’t know whether is this okay or should I add in any other elements? To me I thought it’s good enough as it’s rather simple and easy on (my) eyes. What say you?

Or maybe you think the whole concept is a total bullshit and I should create another batter one? Do you have any suggestion for me? Well, actually the width of this banner is already wrong and I have to readjust it anyways, why not let me know if there’s anything I can improve on?

People! Due date is approaching you know? And I am having lots of assignments piling up like a little hill in my room. I need motivation, I need determination, I need inspiration! Ush!

Ulcer alert! The one and only one freaking big ulcer on the left cheek inside my mouth is seriously damn painful! It is as big as a quarter of a 5 cent! Seriously aching, and trust me, it’s ugly and you will not want to see it!

Kinda swollen too. Otherwise I won’t be able to bite the exact spot for about 5 times during my lunch earlier. Painful~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moody Day

This is the best I can do so far, I need help on this!

Was quite moody today. All thanks to Principle of Broadcasting. 

I thought I like this subject and I thought I understand how to do all the assignments and whatnot. But the result for my Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 was kinda low and yes, I felt lost suddenly. 

So sad. I am afraid that I can't score well in this subject, I am expecting a D or even HD okay? I am lacking of those in my "result book". Such a loser! 

A higher expectation will eventually bring you greater disappointment.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Thought of being random tonight. So I posted a totally non related photo and I am going to complain about something. So what do you think about this banner?

I am a slacker. It’s a fact and those who follow my blog would have already known about it. So as usual, I slacked through my weekends with nothing done, when I am supposed to rush on my Advertising 3rd assignment, Media Context 3rd assignment (both major long essay), Broadcasting 10-piece journal and a TV writing exercise, Digital Media website (but need to create a banner first). Hey can I use the one on top instead?

Finally at the end of Lovely Sunday, I’ve decided to edit one assignment of mine, due to result of having 25% of plagiarizing content. But the fact is, the TurnItIn program is not good! Writing something as common as “the fact is” could be considered as plagiarizing as someone else from somewhere in the world, within this 2 years, had already wrote the exact same phrase. 

So what can we do? It seems the best thing we can do is to “paraphrase”. I even have 1% plagiarized from a high school kid, and it was one of my references (not body of content). Why on earth I want to copy a high school kid’s work? I know how to do my own referencing list okay? A few percentages from the other University, and most of them were from the past students (aka seniors) and my fellow classmates.

So I was like WTH-ing the whole while during the editing. I was practically replacing words by words and skipped some of them, and the whole referencing list. I don’t know what to do!

Oh well. Stop complaining. I guess I should go to sleep. But I have a few more readings to do. OMFG. Hahaha! 

Good night my loyal readers!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What a relieve! What the heck?!

Well, the connection is bad as usual, I wonder what makes the connection goes so slow lately?

A few things to update today, things which make me felt so relieve and happy. Read on if you want to know what it is about.

I happened to come across with something terrible last year in November 24. I went to Old Town at Sunway with Geoffrey, Florence and Winnie for some discussion and then that freaking ‘S’ incident happened to me. As it was new to me, I don’t know what to do but just to deny the existence of it.

Few months passes and I was still holding it, in my novel. Some friends told me not to keep holding it but I did not listen to them. Not that I don’t listen to their advice actually, but I don’t know what to do. I tried getting some friends to help me, some agreed to help at the beginning but at the end said sorry.

Fast forward till yesterday, after trying so hard to look for the way and whatnot, I finally managed to solve my problem! Money wasted but still, I am happy. At least I won’t be feeling guilty and scared anymore, hope there will be no letter sent to my place or I will seriously get into trouble.

This time, the picture above is related with my entry. I finally handed in my assignment. Pre-production documents, logging sheets, burned original and finalized DVD of my recording, all put together nicely into an envelope. Finally done! Even though I realized there are many mistakes I’ve made, but I don’t want to think about it anymore!

One to one presentation movie premiere coming soon and Assignment 3 on HTML and CSS is rushing towards my direction. Scary.

Despite good things happened these 2 days, bad luck do like approach me. This morning, I realized my phone was not connected to Maxis’s network so I switched off my phone, thinking of restarting it later and hopefully it will be fine. But after N times of switching on and off, taking out my sim card, searching the network and exchanging sim card with my friend, nothing works.

My sim card is crashed! Now I have no phone to use, so please don’t bother to even call or SMS me anymore. I am so sorry for the inconvenient causes. And since I never sign in my MSN for more than 2 weeks, I would like to tell you that I won’t be signing in for the time being, as nothing much I can do there too. Do send me e-mail if you wish to contact me. 

That’s all for now, have fun and enjoy yourself my friends!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Element Gang [V 2.0]

I spent approximately 8 hours on this can!

Tadaa! Out of boredom, I've created this. Well, sounds familiar right? It's because I've said the same phrase in February, when I created the very first Element Gang group picture with faces of the naive ones. This time, I uses non of the members but attires with the natural element. How was it? Click here to compare with the older version.

Actually I was quite ambitious earlier, wanted to create more than 4 elements for example rainbow and wind, but even to create these four had already taken 8 hours, and it's actually 1am now, so I don't think I want to continue anymore. Perhaps other time if I am really bored. 

Some of you might ask, why Element Gang? If you want to know why? May as well proceed to my previous entry, 《The Element Gang》 and find out why. I don't want to comment much on the group, since it's sort of being 'left aside' now, but still I love you people! (Disgusting right, I know.)

Oh yea, I don't mind comments or critiques on my work, since I know I am not good in Photoshop (pretty much becaues I don't have the exact tools and the exact knowledge), was just having fun though. Do let me know if there is anything I can improve on, but please don't be too harsh on me can? Will be hurt easily... *vomit blood*

So yea! Got to go now, it's already 1.19am, need to wake up early tomorrow for breakfast with my girlfriends! Good night!

Friday, May 15, 2009

CS Supermart

Nope. No updates today, so I thought of posting a picture I took on Wednesday. CS Supermart, near college, in Sunway.

Chong Sheng, I din't know you have a mini mart around Sunway! Will I get any discount once it's open? Since I blog about it, consider free advertising and promotion for you! You owe me big time alright dude!

p.s. I know this is lame. I am just entertaining myself.

p.s.s. I've updated my blog today!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mac VS Laptop

I tell you what, it's really not a good idea to ask me talk about Mac. I really cannot stand it. Perhaps I am just not used with it, or maybe it's really that bad?

I went to college today for my post-production work. Guess what I brought along? My laptop. Since my external hard disk (which is working perfectly for PC) has 'no access' to Mac's program, and the only thing I can depend on was my 4GB thumbdrive, I have to bring my laptop along in order to store all the files I needed.

And because of this, I've lost a folder in my thumbdrive, causing most important files (assignment-related photos, videos, college-related files but luckily not assignments) of mine lost permanently! What a sad news!

Was thinking to snap a picture of me today =)

Now I seriously don't know where to search/download/find my missing files. I know it's not possible, but I hope there's a way. Sigh~

Oh yea, do you know that iLab can be extremely hot at one corner, but freezing cold at the other corner? Urgh!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Hate MAC

If I were to blog an hour ago, you would see lots of foul languages appear here! I was really frustrated earlier due to lots of factors, not that I choose to be frustrated. Imagine waking up at 6.30 in the morning and wasted more than 3 hours in college with nothing done, you will probably have the same feeling too!

C'mon, I am (or maybe my parents are) paying so much to the college every semester, but what I know is the computers and macs in the lab is always giving me lots of problem!

I was in iLab since 9am and trying to capture my video into the Mac. Since I need to use the Final Cut Pro (an video editing program) to compile my videos, I have (am forced) to use the Mac even though I don't like using it.

But see, here is the problem with the Mac in college. Some of the Mac cannot detect my student id, and I have no idea why. Not that I am not registered or whatnot, but they are giving me this stupid problem. 3 out of 5 Macs don't allow me to log in!

Ok, now I am logged in. Time to activate the application (Final Cut Pro) and start doing my video capturing, but again problem occurs. When it comes to this point, you might come across with one of these problems. Cannot open due to some technical problem OR you need to fill in the serial number and register.

So what am I suppose to do with it? Slam the Mac on the wall? I wish to, but I don't have money to pay back the college. 4 out of 5 Macs will give me this trouble!

Ok, now I managed to log in, successfully activate the application and finally finished capturing and editing my videos. Time to save my work in my tumbdrive. Sounds great right, finally finishing my work? But there is always "BUT" at the end of something great.

When I put my tumbdrive into the Mac, guess what? It cannot detect it!!! So what now? It can't detect my tumbdrive, I can't save my work, what can I do now?! NOTHING but to start searching for another Mac that will accept my account info, activate that freaking application and detect my tumbdrive. Redo and save it!
2 out of 5 Macs have this stupid + lame issue.

Sigh. I am still not done with my video yet. But I managed to save it in my tumbdrive. I hope it can still function tomorrow, since I've encounter this problem before: It cannot reopen the file due to some technical problem.

Crossed fingers. Namo Amitabha. Pray hard.

Gosh, now I hated MAC even more!
No doubt they are good in certain ways, but I just don't like it!

= = = = = = = = = = 

You see, another thing about MAC was, it doesn't allows all my files (about 6GB plus) to move into my 320GB External Hard Drive! And I thought it was my hard drive's problem, but when I use it with my PC just now it was perfectly fine! Since I've only left 3BG space left in my tumbdrive, I had to borrow some lost and found tumbdrives to contain my files! But even with 4 thumbdrives, it's still not enough! Urgghh!

Let's talk about something else. 
Today is my non-biological mom's birthday! So...
Happy Birthday Min Dee! May you have a happy moment during the celebration!
Nice or not? The Birthday Cake Tarts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Me & My Randomness

I've created this banner a few days ago, unfortunately due to some circumstances it can’t be placed on the header, so I decided to stick with the normal plain one (as you can see on top of my blog). Well, it’s not really a nice one so forget about uploading it.

So how’s everybody? I realized there are 2 voices heard (comments I meant) in my previous entry, was kinda shocked though, because getting a feedback is harder than going to the moon without the oxygen tank. And it’s very rare, really! 

I seldom read blogs, but I definitely love blogs with less words. I know I know, mine has lots of words, so? This is like my style of blogging for this blog. One random picture (sometimes 2), plus bunch of words below it! That’s why most people hate to read my blog as they don’t get the relation of the picture and text. How sad.

Anyways, I am planning to create some videos, again RANDOM videos, of me talking craps. I thought it might help me in improving my ‘oral speaking’ (in English) since I can’t really speak fluently. I would like to try this and post it in my blog. What say you? Again, do not question me how long the video gonna be or how long till the next updated video, cause it will all be done RANDOMLY.

Hehe, me and my randomness.

So do support, and thanks for being with me all the time! Cheerio!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fresh Look

Nope, obviously I did not change my blog layout this time. Observe carefully and you will notice that I've already had my hair cut. And based on my previous experience, once I had my hair cut, it definitely looks fabulous but after that, it will look sucks. So without thinking, right after I had my hair cut, I took a picture and this is the very first shot! 

Clearly that the other shots are not as perfect as this otherwise I would have posted it up, but what do you think about it based on this picture, I think I look cool (of course, I mean the picture, not the real person). 

What? You don't remember how I looked like before my haircut? Well, click here for the before and after look and compare if you like to. 

I don't feel like interacting with anyone recently, maybe it's just because of my holiday. Remember how I was 'disconnected' from the world during my past holiday? Yea, I am going to do that again. I am not going to pick up any calls or reply any SMS (my phone might probably be left unattended or in silent mode), not signing in MSN nor Google Talk (I might leave it on while I’m away) or whatnot.

Unless it’s an emergency, you will never see me in MSN. Do send me SMS or e-mail if you need help or something, if I happen to read your message, of course I will reply/help since that’s what I consider ‘emergency’. Sorry for that, just feel like relaxing my life, meh~

Anyways, I might be going to college next week, so if you want to look for me, you can probably try your luck in the college library, I might happen to appear in one of those rooms.

Before I leave, let me make a few announcements:

It’s my aunt’s Birthday today! Though she was away earlier, I still managed to give her a birthday hug before I leave. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aunt Mary Ah Yee! (She will definitely kill me if she reads the word ‘aunt’, niahahahaha!)

It will be my sister’s birthday in another 4 minutes. I would like to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY too, hoping she gets to go out (with my help of course) tomorrow and at least have some special brother-sister moment, or even get to do whatever she wants on her birthday. 

It’s also Mothers Day! Would like to take this opportunity to wish my mom HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! May you look/feel/be young forever and let me lean on you like a cute kitten whenever I want but never gets any slap from you. Hope you able to enjoy your day =)

Not forgetting every mother in the world (representing your sons and daughters)HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a waste!

Go ahead, do whatever you want to do, please yourself, be happy. I won't control you, I just don't have the rights to do so. Also, this is your life, why do you want me to take care of you? I can't even take good care of myself, please don't burden me, thank you.

Oopsy, the moment is here again.

= = = = = = = = = =

Feeling kinda bored today. I am wasting my youth, it seems, just like what I did during my long holiday. Better think of something else tomorrow. Or the other tomorrow?

I feel like fixing a lot of stuff, but all these requires money. I just don't have these extra money to be spent on. Dear friends, help me can?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Moment...

The scary part about this is, at this certain point of time in your life, you will feel like slamming yourself onto the wall, looking at the splashed blood stain, adoring and admiring it. The feeling of pain rushes through your veins and receptors. You start staring at the warm river of blood, smirking while thinking how fantastic it is. The desire of getting more blood raises, and this is the moment where you start scratching, penetrating though and peeling off your skin... 

And suddenly all these thoughts disappear as though you had just woke up from a nightmare. By then you realized you are back to your normal self, sitting in front of the computer, doing nothing.

That's the moment... only lasted for a few second.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dentist, I hate!

I'm running out of photographs lately. I better find some way to get more nicer photographs for my collection, since I am sort of having my two weeks holiday.

Went to the dentist today for a check-up. I thought I've got a tooth decay, but ended up the dentist told me that it's fine and it's just some dirt. Oh please, she said that just because she wants me to stay and let her wash my teeth.

And so, I went through an irritating moment. I hated the annoying squeal when the metal or water touches the surface of my tooth! It sounded like fingernails scratched on the blackboard... ugh~ Those feeling, you will not like it either!

Now, there is space between my teeth after she washed my teeth! And she was so rough when flossing my teeth, causing blood leakage in my mouth! No wonder I never visited the dentist after the last time I went there (after Form 1).

Monday, May 4, 2009


Just great! Another debt added into my life now!

If it's not because of this GREAT news that I wanted to share with you guys, I will not be posting 2 blog entries on the same day! First day of my holiday, money flies~

Anyone care helping me? I just need some guide for my summon =(

SOC Carnival 08' After Party

It has been requested since last year. But due to time constrain, and other factors too, the post mortem of the project, as well as the after party had been dragged and dragged for ages. Finally, almost half a year past after the event is done, we had our after party at Ms Natasha's condominium in Cyber Jaya. 

So, no doubt, those people above are my classmates, and obviously I'm somewhere in the picture as well! Try guessing where am I! [It's kinda obvious though]

Well, I suppose this is the first college outing with such big bunch of them. Normally I just go out with a few of them at once, maximum goes to 10 of them. But this time, about 23 of us attending this after party. Kudos people for making it a success!

However, I do believe they did not finish all the food, and thank goodness no one kick me into the pool since I was so annoying keep controlling the budget and whatnot. [Hello, I'm the treasurer, of course I keep track of the money right?]

Oh yea, and I missed the part where all 8 cars drive together, depending on one driver who knows the way, leading us all to our final destination. Beside the fact that some of us drives recklessly and almost got into accidents, the overall part of the driving session was fun. I always wanted to experience such occasion, but I never want to be the driver anymore!

So yea, I am not going into detail on what happened during the event. Otherwise I'll have to type until 4 in the morning. I've have IDM class still tomorrow ok? So once again, good job in making this a successful party. 

Looking forward the next outing together. 
[with good & sweet memories =)]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boring day

Just so you know. I am feeling much better today. I can run, I can eat, I am totally fine! Thanks for caring. I had a minor food poisoning, not a serious one, so I did not go to the doctor or take any unnecessary medication. For your information, my liver infection is still not fully recovered yet.

It has been a boring day today. Watched Heroes Season 4 Chapter 12 today with my sister earlier. Feeling bored. And the weather is so hot!!!

Anyways, I've done a tag. Darius tagged me. You should click here to have a look, as your name might appear in the tag too. =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Food Poisoning?

Yeap, I've changed by layout again. 
What do you think about it?
Comment perhaps?

= = = = = = = = = =

Was really sick the whole day, since 5am in the morning I start waking up and feeling warm. I know I was getting sick so I forced myself to close my eyes. By 8.30am I woke up again, knowing that I can't make it for the club's General Meeting, sent a message to Fion, asking her to go by herself, then went back to sleep again.

Rolling up and down, left to right. I finally decided to wake up at 11am. However my whole body was so weak and I have no idea why. I lay down on the couch in the living room, resting for a moment before brushing my teeth. 

Told my sis to take care of her own lunch at around 12pm, still lying on the couch. It got worst after I came out from the toilet (diarrhoea), and felt like puking. My sis went out and bought me a loaf of bread and I can barely finish off a piece. It tasted kinda sourish though and it took me about half an hour to finish that piece.

Rushed to the toilet 15 minutes later and started vomiting. When was the last time I've vomited? I don't remember. But deeply in my heart, I hated the feeling of vomiting. I was suffering!

Felt better since the-whatever came out from my body. Had some rest/sleep till 6pm, and had a very light dinner with my family outside. I've lost my appetite, din't really have a full meal today. And now I am in my room doing this entry. Feeling slightly better now.

I hope I'll be fine by tomorrow. Doesn't mean that I can be sick since the two-week holiday is on. I need to be cured by tomorrow!