Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not eligible for graduation?!

Today, when I checked my student e-mail, I found out that I've received a notification from the University stating about my program condition. Below is a snapshot of my notification:

Feeling puzzled. Unsure what had happened. I'm sure that I pass all my subjects, and by right, I can graduate without any problem. But this message says otherwise. I don't want to spend another half a year repeating the same thing anymore, if I want to carry on studying, might as well go for a master course, right?

Checked my academic result since Saturday, out of 3 subjects I enrolled this semester, 2 of the results were already posted up. One more left - my performance subject - which always gave me unnecessary problems, and I believe if anything happens to my graduation status, this subject will be the blame!

Got a phone call from the campus central not long later, telling me about the news. Apparently the results were out later than it was supposed to be, hence I did not 'complete' my course as per required and so I am not 'eligible' to graduate. Meh, scares me!

So, I'm done already! Finally finished my degree! Woohoooo! So, for those who wanna attend my graduation, it will be in April. And I'll also be back in Malaysia in April. See you guys next year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ggrrr... now I'm hungry!

I shouldn't choose a food photograph to post at this hour, now I'm hungry. Darn! The food above may not look delicious due to the blurriness, but trust me, this dish is delicious!

Well, I'm supposed to be on my bed now, but I'm just feeling quite refreshing at the moment so decided to make a short entry. Let's see what I can discuss at this hour?

All I have in mind now is food, and the more I think about food, the hungrier I get. Guess I should head to bed now and sleep, better think of something nice to eat tomorrow, but the house is out of food to eat! Sounded so pitiful. Haih~

Anyway, what I need to do now is to survey for University, check my final subject's result and apply for job, if there is any. Hopefully I can get some of it done by this week? Hahaha!

Oh, and I was also thinking of having a photo shooting around Adelaide, again. Hopefully, I can produce a bunch of good photographs. At least, I will have some memories next time when I go back right? Also, I need to brush up my photography skills. Not that I'm good but at least I should try to maintain or improve a bit. Heck?! What am I talking about? Not 'should' but it's a must! I MUST at least maintain what I've learn or at least get improve!

It's a deal then. Good night peeps! Thanks for bearing all this craps of mine tonight. If you wanna know more about the photograph posted above, do let me know, then I'll blog something about it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I wonder if you guys remember the blog entry KIDNAP I've posted in mid October, it was about my Drama Production individual assignment - a 3 minutes narrative piece - and I posted a poster for it too.

This time, I'm gonna blog about my second assignment - a 6 minutes narrative piece group work. In the beginning of the course, I teamed up with Rachel and Sophia (as per course requirement - to team up with 2 other classmates) in order to assist each other during our project and the second assignment require us to come out with a 6 minutes story with the same requirement as the first.

After a few session of brainstorming, we decided to come out with this story, a story which goes around this ribbon hair clip. Rachel was sort of the scriptwriter while me and Sophia did most of the directing job. Editing was done by all of us together and we are quite happy with what we've produced. Though, there are some mistake which can be avoided if we are more careful.

Have a look at our short film:

(The quality of this video is not as good as the previous as this is not recorded in HD)

We spent 3 days getting all footages we needed, got help from so many people as our talents, and work in different setting and time. It was indeed tiring but at least it's worth it.

Of course, I wish and I know there are room for improvement for most of my production. Hopefully, I will able to direct a better video/short film soon. Do comment and let me know if this is good or not. Point out my mistake and let me know how can I improve from it. I would much appreciate your help.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped us during the production especially the talents, for your time and cooperation. Thank you so much and I would like to work with you guys if there is any other opportunity!

Thanks and take care!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A dedication late at night

There is this Chinese saying goes: "We rely on our parents at home while we need help from friends away from home". It should be quite easy to interpret and understand. It merely means we all need friends and tends to depend on them especially when we are away from home.

Staying out of home is what I always wanted, when I was still in Malaysia I always thought of getting permission from my parents in order to stay out, living all by myself thinking that it would be fun. But I know it was impossible.

Today, I've got what I wanted. I am now staying in Adelaide, even further from where I expected. Before enrolling into Taylor's College, I did propose to my mom that I would like to further my studies in Penang, also to persue Communication course. Of course, my proposal has been rejected and hence enrolled into Taylor's College.

Not that I want to complain or whatnot. But I just want to say how thankful I am that my parents pay for my studies in Taylor's College and now in Adelaide. It's not a small sum of money and I know I should be grateful.

Thanks to them I get to know so many more people and got so close with them. The bond between me and them, even though it might not be as strong as the other people, but at least to me, I find it good enough.

I miss everyone back home! How wish I'm back home now meeting up with all of them. Take care everybody. And good night. I should go to sleep now. (It's 4 in the morning now =D)