Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Day

Kinda rare seeing I have such jolly title in my blog. But what can do? I am really happy today, so I shall jot this very moment down before my happy mood goes to some other places.

Well, as you can see, there are a set of computer accessories placed randomly in front of a white wall, and if you see clearly, you will notice there is also a black laptop bag on the right. So guess what? What you think might make me so happy?

Yeap, you are right! My parents finally got me a LAPTOP!!! Damn happy can! 

Went to Digital Mall in PJ this evening, and straight away from the first shop we entered, I've chosen this very laptop (a Compaq CQ40-401AU), which I think he has this fate with me, otherwise I won't be buying him right?

Such cool outlook, I think this fella will be with me for quite some time. I believe if I am going to Adelaide next year, he will be my best-est friend ever who will accompany me no matter I am happy or sad. Happy happy indeed!

Sorry, no pictures available at the moment, but don't worry, since this fella will be following me for a long long time, you will eventually meet him one day. I promise.

This baby of mine, cost almost RM 3k. Of course, I will not be able to purchase it without the help of my parents, so I will really take care of him. Will pat him when he's sad, will tell him bed time story before he goes to sleep, and...

ENOUGH. Just because I got a laptop, am happy with it, and wanted to take care of it, doesn't mean that I will act that way. Haha!

Phew~ My headache kinda went off already. Earlier was seriously painful when i was at my grandmother's house. I even look kinda death while purchasing the laptop.

Anyways, the other thing that bringing me my jolly mood is because of what happened this morning.

As usual, after the club meeting, those members will go for lunch together. Since dad had just came back from China yesterday, he will be home and can send my sister to her Japanese class. So instead of rushing home, I join the fellas for lunch and later on tried something I never tried before. Guess what?

I played Left 4 Dead in Blitzone (a cyber cafe) at Damansara Jaya with them! This is the first time I stayed in a cyber cafe for more than an hour playing games! I am not suppose to do that for your information, if my parents caught me there, I'm doomed!

But since this is not like those old school kind of cyber care, which is dark and smokie, as in the whole environment filled with second hand smoke, I guess it's alright to go in once a while with your friends to play some game, with the main reason to distress and to entertain yourself.

Gord, I am looking for such lame excuses for myself!

p.s. For those who keep asking me to cut my long ugly fingernails, tell you a good news, it's short now! Hahahaha~

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What A Waste!

Gord, I got emo a bit suddenly, for some personal reason I suppose. Anyways, I guess I can handle it myself, hopefully.

Well, a three-month holiday is going to end real soon and class is starting next Monday. Guess what? I had wasted three-month time of my youth doing nothing, how wasted when I start thinking about it. Felt so useless like a sleeping beauty and boo! I need to wake myself up from my fantasy land and start fighting for my studies!

Imagine what will happen when my friends start yadda yadda-ing about what they had done during the past three months? I will be damn shame of myself for being so absent in the society when my classmates are out there doing internship, working for so and so company and getting extra knowledge which you can never get from a book!

While me, besides the fact that I've mastered the technique of "stoning" and make friends with some maggots while rotting at home, and learned some web-building tricks from the spiders which normally hide at the corner of my room, I know nothing else! What a loser!

Suddenly became so clueless on what to blog about already. Anyways, I recalled some of my friends tagged me and one of them insisted me to do it or else she will break our friendship, so here you go. [click here for the tag]

I'm feeling kinda down now. WHY?!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back 2 School

A theme party, something I'm interested in, especially the previous one I've attended, a "Back 2 School" theme party! Wooo-hooo! I like it!

Well, I've always wanted to organize such interesting party, and had tried so many times to set the theme for the orientation night or prom night to this. However, my buddies don't really like the idea of it so a "Back to School" theme never happened.

Thanks to William, the organizer, who had made this party a success and somehow "fulfilled" my little dream. And this is really a great party I can say. Even though I was a bit lost in the beginning, knowing not many people, I managed to meet some new friends and had a enjoying session with them!

Out of my anticipation, he actually created a Photo Shooting Spot for us to take photos. What I mean is like modeling kind of pictures. I had one too, just that it does not look as great. Regretted for not being narcissistic that night, I did not take extra pictures of myself like how I will do last time, but I think it's okay la.

Well, I've enjoyed myself that night, wonder what the others think about me though. Looking forward for the next theme party, let me know if you have one! If possible, invite me along too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moody 'n' Tired

Yea, the pathetic feeling came back again. So sudden, and I can't handle it well now. I guess she is right, I can't keep things all to myself. He is right too, I need to let it out sometimes. I always think that I can handle it well, at least I thought, deep down in my mind, there is this big locker where I can keep all my 'Secret Folders' there, and it's 100% safe from being revealed.

I even thought that I can 'keep and forget', making sure everything is safe, and continue doing this from time to time till the right time to be revealed or perhaps, keep it as a secret and bring it along with me into my grave. But I am wrong.

I am human, I have feelings, and my mind don't work like a computer, it seems like my problems are not easy to be controlled anymore. I feel like screaming from time to time, and I am afraid I will go crazy one day.

"Share you problems with someone you trust", perhaps someone will suggest that to me, but it is always easy to say than to execute it. I don't mind sharing it with someone I trust, but problem is, who is the 'someone I trust'? I don't think I have one now. I have this invisible wall between myself and my friends, I can hardly trust anyone with my own troubles.

I rather keep it to myself than sharing it with whoever, unless I really found that particular 'person that I trust'. I am so freaking tired now. A can of beer already went into my stomach and with such low tolerance to alcohol, I am feeling a bit unstable now.

Crap. I forgot to contact the uncle to make sure he comes on this Sunday. Otherwise, the whole even will be doomed without the PA system since it's a LEO style singing competition.

That's all for now, I suppose. I just hope I can get over with it as soon as possible.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leo Idol

Been unhealthy these few days, I am even drinking soft drinks now, at 11.07pm. Tsk tsk, need to change, must start exercising tomorrow. You know what? The weather today is so freaking hot, I was sweating the whole day at home, with the fan on directly above me.

Don't know what to blog about, so I am going to do some promoting here. 

As you guys know, I am part of this committee who are organizing a project namely the Leo Idol. It's somehow like the Malaysian Idol but only Leo Club members are allowed to join. 

Finals will be on this Sunday though, if you are interested to know more about the Leo Idol, you may contact me for the ticket. RM 10 per ticket and the venue will be at Summit Convention Hall from 1pm to 5pm.

So, let me know if ya interested okay?

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Yea, go ahead, laugh your ass off! I know it's funny, and the hair look round and weird. Again, since I am so bored and have nothing else to do, I decided to try my luck joining this contest by Nuffnang.

We are asked to create a picture of ourselves or a friend in a Kame Hame Ha pose. So, that's my pose, edited within an hour (and yes I know it looks stupid). As I said earlier, am trying my luck.

I don't know what else to say? Perhaps you guys want to give me some sincere critique? I'll try to accept all the comments and improve from there. I am not a good Photoshoper anyway.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Grandfather Paradox

"OMG, I just realized that I have the ability to open the wormhole and be the first time traveler in history! Time to test out the 'Grandfather Paradox' and see what will happen!"

... ...

Out of boredom, I've created this. It seems that I can produce something when I am seriously bored to the MAX! And since it's not possibly going to happen in real life, or perhaps for the time being, I think I should just fulfill one of my dreams this way.

If you understand what I am trying to say.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day!!! Even though it's not really a big day to celebrate, but people do go out and are trying their best to make this a special and memorable day for their partner. To me, Valentine Day is also consider as a Family Day, it's because I don't have a date and don't even go out to celebrate with my friends. Just like today, I accompany my parents to Ulu Yam to meet their friends.

Oh yea, I also went to trim my hair for the second time, at the aunty's place. If I'm not mistaken, I just had my hair cut 4 days ago, and now I let her trim again for me.

So, how's your Valentine Day?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Go Tenji

You know what? I was this close *showing a small gap between fingers* to post an emo-but-not-too-emo entry. At least I am posting something different this time. *wink*

So, finally after a week or 2 after the last outing, I got to go out again! Thanks to the Leo Gang namely Mun Suet, Eric and Rui Wei. If they did not ask me out, I guess yesterday was just a normal usual boring pathetic day for me.

Well, Tenji is a Japanese buffet restaurant and it's located in Soho KL, Mont Kiara. I was charged RM 55 and according to them, it is consider very cheap for a Japanese buffet restaurant. I don't know how true it is, but still I agreed to go with them for the sake of going out.

It's not a wrong decision joining them for this lunch outing. Although the food selection is not as wide as Jogoya, it's still nice to dine in there. Well, at least I tried oyster, first time in my life man! It's raw and tasted kinda fishy.

So yea, those who want to know how good the food is, go try it yourself! Don't know where is the place? You may go ask Mr Google or Ms Yahoo. Friends, thanks for inviting me for this wonderful lunch outing alright?

p.s. Happy Valentine Day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sibling Love

Today I'm gonna introduce my brothers to all of you. I was extremely bored and don't know what to do, lazy to go online and watch movie as I have been doing it everyday throughout my holiday, so I gather up my siblings and had a card game instead.

Do you know I have a twin brother? Now let me introduce them to you, the one who wears a cap with green stripe shirt is my twin brother, he is just a few second younger than me and his name is Justin.

The other one who is topless lying on the bed is my elder brother name Jesse. He is one year elder than me. And the one who is wearing a white jacket and blue pants is me. My sister, who is a camera shy, decided to stay behind the scene and help us take this photo.

Very lovely right?

Anyways I feel like trimming my hair soon, or should I go for bald?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recent Stresses?

I have been thinking quite a lot recently, and I am not sure why, I can’t seems to control my own mind. It keeps thinking and thinking till the point that I can’t get to sleep at night. I slept at 3.30am last night, not really a good thing though. 

Trapped at home as usual and never get a chance to hang out with my friends lately. Jack’s surprise birthday celebration, Sherry’s farewell outing, a friends reunion dinner, June’s gathering plan and so on, I have been rejecting all sorts of activities and events planned by my friends, and I can bet they are all mad at me for not attending.

I don’t have a choice to make, my mom prefer me to stay home. Confronted her yesterday and (unwillingly, I can feel) she asked me to go out with my friends after me rejecting everyone. So I ended up going nowhere. Bah, I need to freaking forget about it! 

Things I thought it has already ended, always appeared without prior noticing, it just pop out like that! And now, I am having a few things on my shoulder giving me unwanted stress. I want to be alone now!!! All these stresses, makes me feel like procrastinating it day by day, but something can’t be dragged too long, otherwise unwanted problem will occur, and I don’t want to be the person to be blamed off. 

I hate stresses! But I suppose people grow mature after facing them, don’t they? 

I have been sleeping quite late recently, all because of my stupid brain thinking lots of nonsense stuff, don’t ask me what was I thinking about as I never register whatever I thought of. It’s just like I think about it now and forget about it 5 seconds later, lame right?

I had this disturbing dream few days ago. The dream was about how I escaped from some danger, and need to face with lies, SARS disease, and lots of terrible problem, and at the end, when I managed to overcome all these freaking stupid horrible problems, and thought I am finally safe from all sort of disasters, only realized that I am lock in this freaking space with 2 freaking psycho madman and madwoman who successfully lured us to this psychotic space, just to kill us in a very horrible way! I was so helpless in the dream, until I was killed! What the heck?!

Guess I am too stressed up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Element Gang

Out of boredom, I've created this.

I don't know what should I name this, but considering this as something I make for this group of people who have this similar naive thought, the element gang.

Well, I was somehow forced to post this picture, since I personally think that my Photoshop skill is not as great as some other people and also, not creative enough, I just did it for the sake of doing it.

But anyhow, picture posted and here we are, The Element Gang. 

It's all started with 2 lame individual who suddenly have this thought of creating the element group. Starting with the lightning and water element, and slowly the fire, earth, ice, metal, rain, wind, rainbow and finally the rock element. What a lame group right? But well, it's fun though being part of the team, even though we don't really create or produce power, it's just for the fun of it!

So if you are interested, perhaps you can go to Ms Penguin's blog and inquire about the remaining element slot. Have fun people! 

So... How's your Chinese New Year? Mine sucks! >=)