Sunday, September 4, 2011

Motivational Talk

Guess I've failed to keep my blog updated as stated on my previous entry. Instead of searching for another lame excuses (bust with work for instance), maybe I should just update something here right?

I got myself a book recently during the book fest - 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself - and I want to make sure I remember some of the things I read. Take it as a short revision for myself. I don't know how long I can maintain this but let's just hope I'll have the determination to finish off the whole book and have something here too.

I've always been an emotional boy and always thing side ways whereby I relate almost everything to the negative reason. This is not really good and it does more or less effect the way people think about me. Guess they are getting bored cheering me up and I figure I should at least do something to help myself. If I don't have the determination to help myself, who else can help me?

Let me begin by sharing the first 10 chapters I've read today:

1. Get on your deathbed
To simplify what I've read, it basically tells that you need to appreciate your life and not waste a single second of it. Fully spend your life as though today's your last day and be motivated to work on everything you've planned on. Quoting from the little book as stated by the author: "People living deeply have no fear of death".

2. Stay hungry
Everyone should have a vision for himself. A vision of what he will be in the future and start acting towards it. It's better than you have no vision at all and it can always changed at the later stage of life. It's never late to create the vision.

3. Tell yourself a true lie
Apparently most of us cannot image who we could be in the future, we can then try to fantasize about something/someone we wanted to turn into in the future. Our mind will then subconsciously begin creating the necessary blueprint, and we will act towards it. "Without the picture of your highest self, you can live into that self. Fake it till you make it. The lie will become the truth."

4. Keep your eyes on the prize
We tend to focus the wrong thing when we are trying to achieve our goal. If we worry about the negative possibilities whenever we are working on something, we will never get to it. Most of the time we are distracted by our fears and worries, but when you focus on what you want, it will come into your life. "When you focus to be a happy and motivated person, that is who you will be."

5. Learn to sweat in peace
The harder you push yourself, the easier you will find the later in your life. Challenge yourself, fight through your fear, push yourself through and you will find it easier to handle the issue later. "If you've something hard to do and you are hesitant to do it, pick up something harder to do that first."

6. Simplify your life
By simplifying you life, you tend to see things clearer and you know what you want at the end of the day. It would be much easier for you to do things. "It's hard to be aggressive when you are confuse", try not to drag your time to finish a task, get it done as soon. "It's hard to stay motivated when you are confuse. When you simplify your life, it gathers focus. The more you can focus, the more motivated it gets."

7. Look for the lost gold
Who we are is what we see. If you are happy you see things happily; if you are depress you feel people around you are sad. You have the choice to decide what you're getting/seeing. Your chances will multiply if you see it coming.

8. Push all your own button
Learn from everything you can. Whoever inspires you - people, music, movie - note it down on a note book. Read the book a few months later and try to get back the same inspiration from them and try to motivate yourself by that. Learn how to bring yourself up, motive yourself. You can decide who you want to be, by focusing all positive energy towards you, you will learn to be a focus and motivated person.

9. Build a track record
Have a note book to track all your progresses, your work. Make sure you get it done and with that, you will know that you can finish everything you start. You will be more confident with proves stated on your notebook. You will be a person with better confident.

10. Welcome the unexpected
Never relate creative to "original" as no one is "original". Instead, you should be unexpected. "If you are willing to see yourself as creative, you can begin to cultivate it in everything you do. You can start coming up with all kinds of unexpected solutions to the challenges that life throws you."

I believe there are grammatical errors above. But it's okay, the most important thing is, as long as I understand what I am expressing now. But do correct me if you find any mistakes, it's all about learning, no?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

WooHoo Picture

The last blog entry was about 4 months ago and I've been absent for quite some time. I admit, I was busy doing my stuffs, having my own sweet honeymoon time and I guess it's time to start blogging again? (since I start working already)

Yes. I'm now on contract with WooHoo Picture Sdn Bhd as an Production Assistant. The contract just valid for a month so I will be jobless later in June. Gonna need to start looking for job opening as soon as possible.

The photo above is 2 of the movies created by the company. Since I cannot find any logo of the company, I thought might as well I create one myself. By combining 2 different movie posters, I've created this. It's just a normal simple one though, didn't spend too much time on it.

Anyway, I'm back peeps and hope that I'll be constant in blogging again. Cheers!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The day I turn 22

Well, obviously it's not today. It was 3 days ago on the 18th. So what I initially planned to do was to have a simple birthday, celebrate all by myself. I did not ask anyone out or ask for dinner, to me I thought I can have some quite time by myself, to be myself.

Who know the night before my birthday, my friends came over to my place and gave me a surprise visit. They've got my house mate to keep me a secret and make sure I'm home. And when they knock on the door, my house mate even asked me to go open the door. It was a planned surprise, and I am happy they did that for me. Thanks guys.

However, the next day, on my birthday, I still gone out alone as I've planned. First stop, was to the Botanic Garden.

Why Botanic Garden you might ask. Well, I was surfing the net the other day and I found a blog entry about the Botanic Garden. From it, I realized that I have not been to some of the spots in the garden even though I've already visited it for a few times (well it's a rather big area so it's not surprise that I've missed out a few area).

I was right. The photographs above, is one of the miss-out spots - the rose garden. There are quite a few more places, and some look really sophisticated!

Off for lunch at Myer basement @ Shogun.

After lunch, I walked all the way to the Elder Park. I've been to this park for a few different occasion, for Million Paws Walk charity event, while volunteering for Moon Lantern Festival and during my friend's graduation ceremony, all happened last year but I never been to the opposite site of the park.

Also, I've seen photographs taken opposite the park and it sort of gave me idea to do some photo shoot at the same place. Hence there I went, and photograph above is one of the photographs taken opposite the park, showcasing the park and some buildings behind, across the river.

It was still quite early to move on to my next destination, so I decided to take a chill under the tree, looking through the beautiful landscape and wait for the suitable time to leave.

As I reached Glenelg Beach, it was still so sunny. I've decided to walk along the beach, towards the housing area on the left. There were quite a number of people playing on the beach, some are doing exercise along the road and these are the life I would like to go for.

How wish I can stay longer in Adelaide. How wish I can come here one year earlier and get to experience a different kind of experience. Who knows, maybe I can get a good job and also a PR too? But it's all a dream now, a dream that I wish it will happen, one day.

Glenelg was so hot that day, and the sun was still up high even at 8pm. Plus, my camera's battery and memory space gone low, hence I've to call it a day. Initially thought of taking the sun set scene, but guess I'll have to go again another time.

It's overall a wonderful time I've spent with myself that day, and I totally enjoy it! It worths a lot to see the results you got from your camera and computer.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A short update

Many things happened after December 14, the last blog entry I've posted. I wasn't really that busy though, but sometime after that something wrong with my student account and I was forbidden to use the University's wifi and hence I cannot go online. That explains why I was missing in action, even in Facebook and Twitter.

Let me update a little about myself. What had happened and what have I done.

25th December, 2010 - "Merry Christmas!!" It was Christmas day but I've decided to lock myself home. Watch some Hong Kong series and at night, do some cooking and had dinner with my friends here.

26th December, 2010 - I went to Adelaide Zoo with a friend of mine. Since I never have been around Adelaide, I decided to have a tour around and the zoo was somehow, the first stop. Saw lots of animals and took some photographs.

30th December, 2010 - Went on a road trip, down south. We started from Adelaide City > McLaren Vale > Victor Harbor > Newland Head Conservation Park > (passing by) Deep Creek Conservation Park > Second Valley > Yankalilla Beach > Carrickalinga > (passing by) Sellick Beach > Aldinga Beach > Adelaide City. It was a great trip (as I get to see a lot), hot and tiring.

31th December, 2010 - New Years Eve. How can I miss the opportunity to go count down with the rest? Went all the way to Gelnelg, and joined the fun. There were so many people in Glenelg and it was a cooling night. When the clock struck 12, along with everyone's cheering, the fireworks went all the way up to the sky, and trust me, it was very pretty and was a great experience as I never have done this.

I was being a homey boy throughout the days in January. Stay home, watch series, cook dinner. Well, I do go out to the city once a while with my friends. Basically enjoying life. That's it.

Take care people!