Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sushi anyone?

Where should I start? My second "break" day was quite normal, woke up at 7.30am to fetch my sister to college then went to a Chinese restaurant thinking of buying some "siew bao" (bake pork bun) for breakfast but since the uncle was taking his own sweet time baking, I decided not to buy anything and headed home instead.

I was hesitated to drop by McDonalds but decided not to eat any fast food in the morning. Feeling hungry at home, I drank 2 packets of chocolate milk, 2 cups of orange juice, ate some biscuits and 2 mangoes. Believe it or not, that was my brunch.

Went to fetch my sister at 6pm and went to Subang Parade straight away for our dinner. Dinner was great, we had Sakae Sushi and hell we spent so much today for dinner! Need to cut down budget for tomorrow, oh my.

I did nothing much today. Beside washing 2 cups, did the laundry and hang the cloths, nothing else. The only funny thing happened today was, I realized I don't know how to use the washing machine. My timing was quite bad too, I don't know when to put the detergent and softener, how much I should apply every time and whatnot, but I managed to wash it and I hope it's clean.

Oh yea, before I forgot, I don't know whether should I cut my hair or not. I've sort of decided to cut it 2 days ago but I felt so reluctant to do so since yesterday. I don't know whether I want to cut it, trim it or just do treatment? But one thing for sure, I want to take another set of passport size photograph before my parents come back (hopefully).

Oh look at the time, it's pretty late now, good night.

Monday, June 29, 2009

4 Days 3 Nights "Break"

4 days 3 nights Bali trip, at this very season, seems dangerous and risky but what can do? All the payment had been done long ago, bought the air ticket and paid the tour fair too.

Nope, I am still in Malaysia now even though the flight departed this morning. This 4d/3n trip was organized by my aunt and most of my relatives, including mom and dad had departed this morning and had safely arrived Bali (they called home just now), hope they enjoy themselves over there.

I guess I better stay at my friends' place for a week after they come back, they need to be quarantined after they are home, I insist. (Haha, joking~)

So yea, I will be having a 3-day "break" starting today, but during these "break" time I have to take over my mom's job in fetching my sister to-and-fro college, clean the house (as I am on holiday now) and stay home (as what they usually expect from me). However, I did went out today for a karaoke session with June and Sabrina at One Utama and headed back to Inti, Subang to fetch my sister home. Anyways, so sorry June about tomorrow, I'll miss ya!

Lifeless, but at least I was out. Had dinner with my sister at Carrefour food court (of all places) and had a very short shopping there. Bought a bottle of orange juice and some chocolate milk, ready to serve anyone who drop by my place.

So you wanna come over for a packet of chocolate milk?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

First outing since semester break starts

I finally got to go out yesterday, with a valid reason, that is to celebrate Sabrina's birthday. This was a pre-celebration though since June is leaving Malaysia on Tuesday to Finland and she will be missing Sabrina's birthday.

I only found out yesterday evening that my mom's car was out of patrol, so instead of being a gentleman fetching Sue Keng to June's residence, I got her to be the driver instead. Jyn Weii and Sabrina were already at June's house happily chatting with her parents when Sue Keng and I arrived. We left to KL after a short chat with auntie and uncle. This time, Jyn Weii became the driver.

Our first stop, Lowyat Plaza. June wanted to buy a new camera for herself, and after long discussion she bought the Canon Ixus 110 IS as recommended by Yao Wei. It was already 8pm by the time we got back into the car and everyone was hungry, so our final destination, Bermuda & Onion at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

To me, the food there was just nice. Eatable but perhaps doesn't suite my taste, I was having slight stomach ache after dinner. However the place is quite nice and I believe it will be a great place to hang out with your friends.

Went to June's place for a Wii session before going home, since there were some accidents out there along the way to Subang Jaya, we decided to stay a bit longer before leaving. I got home around 1.45am and as usual, even with a very valid reason for such occasion (reaching home late), I will still get some nagging from my mom and silent treatment from my dad.

They always expect me to stay home, never like me going out. >=(

p.s. Should I cut my hair? Or should I just trim it?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quote of the day

Well, if you ask me what I am doing now, my answer will be "I don't know". Seriously, being useless and do nothing at home is no fun. If you wish, I can start all over again with my “maggot friend” story and begin fantasizing myself being something that is not existing, which I don’t wish my one month semester break being ended off like that.

So what should I do? Seriously, I can’t really go out to enjoy myself, I can’t find a good company for internship (c’mon, who wants to hire a worker for just a month?), I can’t sit down and do nothing and I don’t want to look at the computer for the whole day!

But what I’ve done so far was, playing Facebook game and reply some comments in my blog. For almost a week!

Wanted to start playing with Photoshop but I just don’t have the motivation and determination to do so. I need something to ‘jump-start’ my working brain cells, anyone has a set of jumper cables? Sorry about the randomness, I am reaching the cuckoo stage real soon!

Talk about me and my randomness, I wanted to tell you guys something real random. Well it was yesterday, I have nothing to do and I start doing the same thing I did on the day before, where I logged into my Facebook account and started playing some games, then I started Googling for more mini games and I found thing extremely random card game where its power raises if you win the round pardon me, last night, I have nothing to do, so I started drawing some random comic and I actually ‘mentioned’ Michael Jackson (well, not exactly mentioning him, was just saying that I don’t wanna be him, no offence), and I got the news today that he had passed away.

Erm, random right? Let me tell you another quote by Scott Westerfeld (2004), “Sometimes the facts in my head get bored and decide to take a walk in my mouth. Frequently this is a bad thing.” Anyways, let’s move on, shall we?

So, why am I still awake now? It’s currently 1.35am and yet I’m blogging here. By right, I should be in bed now. But forgive me, I just had supper, that’s why I don’t want to go to be now. Haha.

Forgive me for whatever I’ve mentioned today. I’m just tired and bored.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Napei Education Fair

I’ve been waited long for this photo from Boon Seong, since he was the only one who brought a camera during the Napei Education Fair and was so passionate in photography. Got to know a few new friends during this fair, and met some of my high school friends too. The feeling was quite different as compared to the previous fairs I’ve worked before.

Guess what is the reason I requested to work for all education fair? Meeting new people and get to know more friends was one of the reasons. As for your information, I like making new friends. Friends are indeed important especially when you are out in the world alone, they can help you and encourage you whenever you need, and that’s what I think and believes what a friend can do for you.

Communicating, convincing and helping out by giving information to the parents is the other reason why I like to be in education fair. Especially those friendly and open minded parents, I like talking with them. And when you see them smile back to you, and say thank you in a very sincere manner, you will feel the achievement and happy too!

I don’t know whether you understand what I am saying here, but this is just how I feel as a Student Helper. That’s why I always (well, used to) work for Taylor’s College, as a student helper.

p.s. NAPEI actually stands for National Association of Private Educational Institutions.
p.s.s. I might start signing into my MSN in July, after not depending on it for 2 months time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another (possibly) Conned Incident

WooHoo! Assignment’s done and my semester is officially over! I need a job, anyone hiring? Preferably some job relating my course, hopefully I get it.

I was happened to be in college today after coming back from Mid Valley, setting up for the Education Fair tomorrow. Yes, I’ll be working this weekend during the Education Fair. Come look for me if you want, spot me around Taylor’s College booth.

I took the KTM home from college today since I was not allowed to drive to Mid Valley. As usual, I need to go through Carrefour and that is when I encounter this (possibly conned) incident.

As when I walking directly under the red hot sun, a (/an Indian) guy stopped me and he was asking me whether am I a student from Taylor’s College. Later he kept asking me whether I am taking Computing, Hospitality or any other courses. I told him I was a Communication student and then he started his story:

According to him, he was from North India (or somewhere else) and he came to Malaysia, LEGALLY, a month ago. However, the Immigration Officer treated him as one of the illegal immigrants and sent him to one of the detention centre, beaten him up (he showed me his upper arm wrapped with bandage), took all his money and his cell phone. Leaving him his empty wallet with a picture of Jesus and his daughter, together with a Cross necklace.

He kept assuring me (by showing me the Cross necklace and the picture of Jesus in his wallet) that he was not lying and he was trying to prove himself that he used to work opposite my campus, taking care of the cars at the temporary car park. He told me that he needs some money (about RM 8 something) to take the KTM back to his wife and daughter.

The tone of his voice was very pitiful, as though he was about to cry. I did not think too much that time, and I felt bad if I just ignore him at the moment. I gave him RM10 and refused to provide him any information for him to contact me (even though he asked for my number). I only told him my name as he insisted for it, so that he can pray for me.

I’ve been bothered by this incident. I don’t know whether I am doing a good deed or not? Or whether is he telling the true? It will be very stupid if he was telling a lie, it means I’m easily being cheated. But if he is telling the truth, then I will feel disappointing towards the Immigration Officer, how can they treat people like him that way?

I chose to help him, never know what might possibly happen to me. If you were me, what will you do? Was I wrong giving him RM 10? I don’t know myself.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Screaming Moment

I thought screaming can help distressing myself, that's why I feel like screaming. However I am at home now, so if I started screaming, my parents will definitely slap me. (Tried that once though, when I was young)

Anyways, allow me to wish Sue Keng a belated birthday! I was surprised that my mom actually allows me to go out at night (11.30pm) for a short-surprise birthday celebration with Sue Keng. Reached home around 1am that day. First time =)

Finally finished my Advertising and Media Context final assignment. A total of 3800 words major essay! I hope I fulfilled the requirement and at least pass the assignments, I don't wish to retake any of these subject for goodness sake!

Introduction to Digital Media's 5-page Webpage on Monday & Principle of Broadcasting's 10 journals on Tuesday. I can only utter "OMG" for knowing the truth. The truth is always cruel! Sigh~

Think positively! My holiday will start (unofficially) once I hand in my POB journals!! Yippie!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Love-Hate Situation

Undergoing a love-hate situation now, if you ever understand what I mean.

My mood had gone down these few days. I felt lost and lazy suddenly. Seeing that all of my classmates are fighting in the war (of assignments) but I am still here blogging. Nope, not that I've finished everything, in fact not even a per cent done, what a procrastinator? I am like the King of Procrastination now!

Kudos to what I am capable with! How "proud" I am of myself!

Saw the picture above? What do you think? Is it nice? Was helping Taylor's in creating a new brochure. First of all, thanks Alan for choosing me and had fulfilled part of my dream. Thanks Remic the photographer taking nice pictures for us. Thanks to the other models/new friends, you guys had made my day (that day). 

A nice experience, looking forward for the new brochure!