Sunday, February 22, 2015

4th Day of CNY

The 4th day of Chinese New Year, as usual we have nothing much to do. Unlike other families, we don't go do house visiting and don't have other people over visiting, so mom decided to go to my grandma's place. As for me and my sister, we are allow to have our own plan.

After dropping my mom at grandma's, I went to the mall nearby and camp myself in Starbucks. This is like my second drink today (drink in pic) and my 2nd visit this week. Decided to challenge Caffè Americano but cheated in the end with some syrups, just can't take the bitterness. Healthy much?

Anyway, purpose of camping here is to do work, but instead of working, I've been chatting with friends, checking Facebook, reading a book which I borrowed almost a year ago, and people watch in the cafe.

Chose a quiet corner for all the activities listed above, which not quite comfortable as the air cond is not strong enough. Speaking of which, I don't think the free wifi is working too, scanned for the connection a few times but to no avail, maybe the modem is broken. Meh!

Okay, enough updating. I think I should really continue slacking my weekend. Next week gonna need to start combating all the workloads and crazy clients again :P

Oh by the way, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR guys!

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Naughty Prince said...

Happy Chinese New Year.
Same like my family.
I just stay at home and some gathering during this chinese new year.