Wednesday, January 20, 2010

21 already!

I've finally turned 21!! Finally reached my legal age where I get my golden key to unlock the golden pad lock. It's supposed to be a very good day to celebrate... but wait, wait a minute, where is my golden key? Where is my golden pad lock? Where is my legal age contract? What? You are telling me I don't have all these on my 21st birthday? "NOOooOooOoOOoOOOooooo!!!!"

Yeap. Happy Birthday to myself. It has been ion years since the last update. Sorry readers. I've been busy with so many things: My preparation of getting over to Australia (which requires me to have a body check up in order to get my VISA done), upload photographs I've taken in Taiwan, and go out for farewells, birthday outing (not like I have lots to attend but still consider going out), and was busy replying messages in Facebook/MSN/SMS...

I am kinda exhausted now actually. Been so busy, lazying around the house. I am afraid I cannot cope with my studies when I am in Australia. I told myself once I cannot let myself be lazy during the break as I might develop this "laziness disorder" and it will be quite tough for myself to "regenerate" from the disorder.

But, here I am, going through the same o' routine again! Been lazying for such a long time, guess my back bone is going crooked and my belly is getting bigger! Which is a oh-my-goodness thing happening! Considering it's a bad bad thing.

My room, is messy as usual. Mom, nags me as usual. Luggage, not packed as usual. Hahaha, and I am still wasting time here, or should I say, taking my own sweet time. Bah~

Anyways, I am looking forward to my new life over in Australia but felt kinda heavy hearted to leave everything back in Malaysia. Gotta start a new life on my 21st birthday. Spending my 21st years old overseas, alone. Just hope I can cope with it.

Guess what? I am really tired right now. Gonna post this, and get to my comfortable bed. Good night everyone!!

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