Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's WINTER already!

Thanks guys for your comment from the previous entry. Ian and Danny, I will take care of myself no worries! I know I've been sleeping late and I should stop doing that as soon!!

Anyway, it's winter already! The weather is getting colder day by day. But I can still sweat, like mad. I wonder why?

Should I start using winter jacket? But in the afternoon it's not really that cold. However the weather now is like.. cold, at 12.19 mid night.

I wonder how's Malaysia now? Weather wise, probably still the same.. maybe warmer than usual? Haha! I'm experiencing WINTER!!! Woo-hooo!

4 inner voice(s):

Debbie said...

Lately, it's been the "AIYA, SO NICE TO SLEEP LAH, LAZY TO DO ASSIGNMENTS" weather.


Debbie said...

Now we're experiencing the "AIYA, NOW SO NICE TO SLEEP LAH, SO LAZY TO DO ASSIGNMENTS" weather.


amoscyl said...

Winterr... WOOHOOO! I love winter too!

ian-ization said...

Wo hoo~ still hot and rainy days here.. nothing like tat place u are in now... take care of urself though =)