Saturday, May 9, 2015

Penang Trip

There was a long weekend last week lasting from Friday (Labour's Day) till Monday (replacement public holiday for Vesak Day which fell on a Sunday), and I was invited by my Penang friend for a short getaway. Ignored the fact that it's gonna be a full of tourist, I agreed and went along with the plan. 

Wrong decision. It took us approximately 6.5 hours to get there! Departed at 12 mid night sharp and only to reach Sg Nibong bus station at around 6.30am, which is a bloody long journey. Worst still, I thought taking the night bus would be the best decision ever as we can save some travel time plus start our Penang tour as soon as we arrive. Wrong again. Not only it was a long journey, I didn't even get to sleep at all due to the constrained space and loud snoring from the other passengers. Sometimes I just feel jealous that they are able to knock out so easily.

(Left) A shot taken from Chew Jetty (Center) The view on top of me @ The Mugshot Cafe (Right) Bagel for lunch!
View from the Penang Hill 
Done ranting. Penang is quite lovely overall, we started our tour by cycling around George Town. RM8 for a bike per day with bicycle lock provided, you are free to cycle wherever you go, which is quite nice as you get to explore more places, alley ways and lanes where all the murals are hidden.

Beach & Sunset view via Hard Rock Hotel @ Batu Ferringhi

Besides travelling around George Town and the Penang Hill, we also went took a detour to Batu Ferringhi for the beach and sunset - which I took a lot more photos then. It was a chillaxing 2 hours over there for us, we took some photos, chat a bit, people watch while enjoying the cooling sea breeze.

Mother-son moment on a guided horse

Wish I get to experience this someday
Well, Penang has nothing much to do since the traffic was bad practically at any hour of the day. Met up with some of my friends who are staying/working there for some catch-up-over-coffee-session. And also visited the Chinese Medical Hall for some traditional treatment for my back which unexpectedly cost me a bomb!! But then again, let's see if the Chinese Medicine helps. If it doesn't, at least I know I can strike this option off my list, no harm giving it a try anyways.  

One of the shot I love most, but it can be better - in terms of the composition and exposure level. Perhaps I should start picking up my camera again?

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