Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthdays + Updates

As promised, I have to post an entry of my "son" birthday celebration, once my presentation is done. Since I still have a lot more assignments awaiting for me, I guess it's better to do it now before I lost the mood of doing it.

Tasuke Shibuya, had his birthday celebration on Saturday, I was invited and was the eldest among the youngsters in the afternoon. Felt kinda stupid somehow, not knowing many things they do know. Like, I am the uncle but I know nothing about the computer or Internet. LOL.

Anyways, we did quite a few things that day. Wendy's for lunch, went to arcade and see them play like a horrible monkey, which is a compliment, cause they look cool, as compare with me. I look like, again, an old uncle, trying to act like James Bond when playing with one of the machine.

Then pool hour, at least I did not score badly. Team up with one of Darius's friend, Darren, quite a nice person I suppose. Acted kinda strangely sometimes, and I don't know why his friends called him gay when he is like holding his girlfriend's hand the whole time.

Had to leave early that day. That's why I did not join them for movie and the other programs. So sorry son, hope you enjoyed your birthday.


Well, before I forgotten again, yesterday was Yi Lin's Birthday, and silly me, I forgotten to wish her Happy Birthday. Ended up sending her a message through Facebook hoping her read it as soon as possible. 

Was busy preparing my presentation for today actually. I didn't want to forget about it, in fact, I remembered is was her birthday when I was taking my bath. Yes, I tend to think of others stuff when i am bathing, that's why sometimes I don't remember whether I washed my face or not, ended up, washing twice.

Anyways, that's not my point. The main point is, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY YI LIN!!! Hope you are good and well in Thailand. We miss you alright?


Well, not that I don't have assignments now. But I just feel like procrastinating again. So, I started creating such long entry and yea, guess I am going to sleep soon. Perhaps clean my room a bit, as it is so freaking messy now!!!

Kinda tired now. Not much updates here. So yea!

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