Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gord Damn!

Totally no mood today!

Screw the KTM Q-System, not working at all, and a total failure too!

This Q-System allows people to know the entrance earlier, and so, allowing them to KILL each and other, in order to get into the limited-space sardine can.

Colour coded line is not working, try using the bar method like those can be found in Genting Theme Park. People cannot cut queue and will move accordingly.

How ironic seeing people queuing up before the train arrive, and started pushing those who wanted to come out, back into the train again, when it arrives. 

What on earth?!

3 inner voice(s):

TZ said...

hahaha... Malaysian Boleh! when come to train ride ... I was pissed one time and i had to pushed myself out from the train... people was blocking my way out ... ended up i pushed a guy and he felt down together with others ... I just walked away without even look @ them... Ouch! Served them rights. Blek!

Joanne said...

Haihz...this is not the first time la~Pity you saja. That's why have to be super rough when come to rebut KTM with ppl, if not dun dream that you will reach home lo.

Ban said...

Lol, they should at least allow the people out first. But commuting is a hassle even in developed countries.