Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Long Update

Finally I started updating again and this time, with a recent picture I took while I was driving home yesterday. Gheez, I look so good in the picture right? But in reality, I am not! Please be noted that this picture went through a Plastic Surgery in Photoshop Hospital a moment ago.

Have been really busy lately with assignments, shall known this the Assignments Month. I've 6 essays writing assignments, 2 presentations and 2 video shooting to do this month, and I've been sleeping quite late recently.

I am a patient and am supposed to have more rest you know? The slight-dark eye bags indicating my liver is not in a healthy condition. And because of the busy schedule, I keep forgetting to take my medicine some days and I know, it's my fault too not remembering taking it.

Joined Mass Colympic on Saturday organized by the Degree students from Mass Comm cause I got a free ticket. It was good overall, but the game was not quite organized. Was exposed under the sun for like, the whole morning and I've got sun burned as reward of attending that event. Guess I should feel satisfied since Alan Wu (as our school's ambassador) was there, just felt bad for not taking a picture with him.

So yea, I've turn darker now. If you look at the picture clearly, you can see the skin under my neck was shining while the top part were quite dull.

Sidetrack a bit, the picture above was taken when I was washing my mom's car. It's the shadow of a pot of flower outside the house.

Back to my entry. Assignments are quite hectic lately and seriously, I am feeling quite stressed out. But if I really want to compare with the others, I guess I should keep my mouth shut before some people ambush me from all directions.

A tiring day today. Went to college for my first video production assignment. I was the cameraman and the talent today and will be the audio person and the white board holder next week. Things did not goes smoothly as I've expected, of course I was disappointed at myself. But the production overall was... good? 

Guess I shouldn't expect too much from myself. 

It is just pure luck if I get good result. Got credit (72 marks out of 100) for my Advertising first assignment but this is just a pre-moderated result. I believe it will not be the same for my second assignment. Did not read any readings and it's due next week!

I wonder is it just pure luck that I've come to Semester 3 so far?

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