Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chillaxing night.. not so

Well, since i can go online by my phone, I think I can try something random. So from today onwards, I might update whenever I feel, by sending to my mail and upload later to my blog. Troublesome? I know, bah!

Apparently I am not really that happy today but it is not considered a bad day though.

Somehow, I just felt outcasted like all the time. Even in Malaysia I am like always being 'left out', and it has already been a norm already. By right I should already be used to it, but now, I just feel pure emo.

I don't mean to be sad or emo, but what can I do right? It's a kind of feeling/emotion and you just can't control it if you understand what I mean.

So yea, sitting down in a pub with some friends, watching them drinking. Surprisingly I did not order anything tonight.

Feel like drinking though, just don't know what I want :)

Sweet.. Good night peeps.

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