Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This entry was supposed to be uploaded a few nights back. But due to the connection problems and all sorts of problems I am facing now, I've keep dragging it and ended up not doing anything. Sorry.

And to tell to truth, this entry is supposed to be very happy and enjoying and that's the reason why I chose this photograph I've took from the Botanic Garden in the city. Unfortunately, something happened last night, it totally kills my happy mood I've tried to maintain for the past few days.

The reason why I can still managed to keep myself happy despite the problems given by Ms Who is because of a group of family-like people were around me. Felt that my life is warmer and being part of them, the sense of being in a family I supposed?

But whatever! It's gone now because of the Internet Connection problem caused by Mozilla Firefox. Though the problem is currently settled, (I've changed my web browser from Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer) I certainly hope that this is not a temporary issue and hope it last forever!

But overall, I am coping well and just need to be more hardworking in everyway. Hopefully I will be able to do whatever I want myself to do. Assignments due dates are coming up soon, one by one!!

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