Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's a CRACK!!

Saw the patch on the ceiling? It wasn't that bad initially. But the size of the patch grows throughout the days and now, it's moving its way to the kitchen... so 'OMG' right? Just like the whole ceiling is going to crack soon.

The funny thing is, it rained this morning. And according to sources, it rained heavily, not so, but slightly heavier then usual. Adelaide seldom rain that much though, but it might increase during winter, that's what my friends told me.

So some of my friends who stay here got some trouble with the rain. Apparently their room or living room were flooded with water. Rain water. Or whatever/whoever's water that came from the ceiling. I rushed out the door to check if there is leakage in the leaving room but luckily nothing on the floor.. yet.

However, I found this:

I found a crack on the ceiling, which I don't remember seeing them before this. Would it be there due to the rain, and it has been collecting water on the ceiling or what? I was thinking what might happen soon. The whole ceiling just crack and all the rubbish on top floor the entire living room? Who knows?

Guess I need to contact Student Living, the agency soon.

2 inner voice(s):

William said...

Do it fast, before it collapses!

tan said...

Jason a... this is my experience :

the ceiling will drop down in 2-3 months.. and will make your floor and every dirty... make sure you ask your house owner repair it.... make it fast before too late...