Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uni wonders..

You know what? I actually cannot believe things I'd just borrowed from the library. I mean, I never thought I can borrow dvd to watch. Cause all these dvd I borrowed, are not quite educational.

Tell me about it, what can you learn from Desperate Housewife? Maybe it is educational, who know, but I think this is more to entertainment. And yes, I borrowed the first season of Desperate Housewife cause I never watched it and feel like watching it now.

Too bad it only has the first season. Otherwise I can continue getting it from the Uni. It's so much cheaper to get it from the Uni than renting from the shop outsides right? Though selection from the shops are obviously, has more variety. Gah, I don't care, I'm just gonna watch the first season first, then only think about it later.

Perhaps some of my friends might have a collection of it in their hard disk? Who knows right?

I am feeling so tired today. Perhaps it's because of the weather change. From summer to autumn (obviously!) and maybe my body just don't get use to it? Maybe. And hopefully. Of course I don't want to fall sick here. Not worth going to the clinic.

Jeez, some students are drinking (alcohol) in the MAC lab. I thought we can't do that, can we? Alas, I don't care because I ain't drinking! C'mon, and they are creating noises now. What good students they are? Are they drunk? I doubt so, they're just having their first bottle.

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