Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A short update

Many things happened after December 14, the last blog entry I've posted. I wasn't really that busy though, but sometime after that something wrong with my student account and I was forbidden to use the University's wifi and hence I cannot go online. That explains why I was missing in action, even in Facebook and Twitter.

Let me update a little about myself. What had happened and what have I done.

25th December, 2010 - "Merry Christmas!!" It was Christmas day but I've decided to lock myself home. Watch some Hong Kong series and at night, do some cooking and had dinner with my friends here.

26th December, 2010 - I went to Adelaide Zoo with a friend of mine. Since I never have been around Adelaide, I decided to have a tour around and the zoo was somehow, the first stop. Saw lots of animals and took some photographs.

30th December, 2010 - Went on a road trip, down south. We started from Adelaide City > McLaren Vale > Victor Harbor > Newland Head Conservation Park > (passing by) Deep Creek Conservation Park > Second Valley > Yankalilla Beach > Carrickalinga > (passing by) Sellick Beach > Aldinga Beach > Adelaide City. It was a great trip (as I get to see a lot), hot and tiring.

31th December, 2010 - New Years Eve. How can I miss the opportunity to go count down with the rest? Went all the way to Gelnelg, and joined the fun. There were so many people in Glenelg and it was a cooling night. When the clock struck 12, along with everyone's cheering, the fireworks went all the way up to the sky, and trust me, it was very pretty and was a great experience as I never have done this.

I was being a homey boy throughout the days in January. Stay home, watch series, cook dinner. Well, I do go out to the city once a while with my friends. Basically enjoying life. That's it.

Take care people!

4 inner voice(s):

justin net said...

so what's for CNY?

JC said...

CNY. Maybe will just stay home and rot. That's life in Adelaide.

ian-ization said...

U are not coming back?

JC said...

not yet. will only be back in April.