Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not eligible for graduation?!

Today, when I checked my student e-mail, I found out that I've received a notification from the University stating about my program condition. Below is a snapshot of my notification:

Feeling puzzled. Unsure what had happened. I'm sure that I pass all my subjects, and by right, I can graduate without any problem. But this message says otherwise. I don't want to spend another half a year repeating the same thing anymore, if I want to carry on studying, might as well go for a master course, right?

Checked my academic result since Saturday, out of 3 subjects I enrolled this semester, 2 of the results were already posted up. One more left - my performance subject - which always gave me unnecessary problems, and I believe if anything happens to my graduation status, this subject will be the blame!

Got a phone call from the campus central not long later, telling me about the news. Apparently the results were out later than it was supposed to be, hence I did not 'complete' my course as per required and so I am not 'eligible' to graduate. Meh, scares me!

So, I'm done already! Finally finished my degree! Woohoooo! So, for those who wanna attend my graduation, it will be in April. And I'll also be back in Malaysia in April. See you guys next year!

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ian-ization said...

Congrats JC! You have grown up! lol~