Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy Life

Being quite busy recently due to assignments and stresses I got from the college. Extra co-curricular activities added extra burden to my shoulder but what can I do? Beside accepting the fact that I am a college student now and I have to bear with all assignments and tasks given by the lecturer, and being responsible to what I had signed up last year, there are not much choices for me to choose right?

I am now in the Media Hub, downloading notes from BlackBoard7, a site where we 'collect' our notes and assignment topic, also we can read the announcement made by the lecturers. It will be quite convenience but if you somehow forget to read it then you might have a possibility missing out something important.

Actually I am having a dilemma now. A dilemma of mine whether to work or not to work. Someone asked me to work not long ago and I sort of rejected her but thinking back, what is so hard working, it will just take 4 hours per day and I just need to work for 3 days that's all. Alicia was right, she said that if you have the will to do it then you can manage it. She can manage her time wisely why can't I? However, the problem I am having now is 'Can I really manage my time wisely'? 'Can I really force myself to focus more on my studies instead of doing something else'?

Yet again, I told myself that I need to be more hardworking this semester cause all the subjects I am having now are quite dull and heavy. So much of readings to do and I seriously need to be very hardworking in order to get a Distinction or even (which is quite impossible) a High Distinction.

I also promised myself that I am going to sign up a membership in Celebrity Fitness with the vision of getting a healthy and good-shaped body. As for my other part of my body for instance my face, I will need some time for it as I will not have that much money to invest on myself.

So money is my main factor and I need to work in order to get money... It comes back to my problem, and that is why I am having a dilemma now. Sounds sad right?

Alright folks, it's 5.20pm and I guess I should head home now. I can't stay too long in the Media Hub though because they close the hub at 6pm. And I had sent my computer for a 'body check-up' so I won't be updating my blog these few days. See you guys real soon alright?

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Gideon Yoong said...

i think this blog looks nicer. a bit simpler than ur previous one.
anyways take care man.
uni life is hectic, at least u got frens like me rite haha.