Monday, August 25, 2008

Talk About Luck

Finally, after a few hours of loading the Photobucket website, it is still loading now and I actually used Jessica's laptop to upload the picture above. Thanks Jessica ! Again, this shows that my luck in this semester is not that good since so many unhappy moments happened. Actually, it's not easy to be lucky. You see, take me as an example, my CPU had been sent to the 'hospital' for more than a week time and now it is still there in the shop being displayed on the rack. As a result of displaying my CPU in the shop for more than a week (or probably two weeks) time, I have to pay RM 230 to claim back my CPU. Thanks to the technician for his 'efficient' work, my assignments are now on pending and I can't play with Adobe Photoshop nor do my own stuff.

Yes, I am in the Media Hub now.

See the unluckiness? That's consider bad you know. I just realised that I have a presentation to do tomorrow which I have not prepared anything yet. Thanks la, now I don't know what I can do. Guess I am going to be in serious trouble tomorrow.

I don't understand why, suddenly feel like prank call someone, and I guess the most suitable candidate for this game is Zheng Joo. Haha, forgive me for being so naughty. Probably it's because of the entry I read from Zheng's blog, an entry of her being fooled by 4 guys when they are having a holiday in Penang Island while she can only stay in Subang Jaya, have a karaoke session with her friends. Click here if you are interested to know more about the story. [p/s: I left a long comment there too!]

Back to my unlucky life.

I have been working for Biotherm since July, during the holiday for 9 days during their promotion in One Utama and Mid Valley. Including 2 more days I work on the past weekends, a total of 11 days I worked. But I don't know why, or what, somehow the agency just keep dragging and don't want to pay us. Otherwise I will have money to save in my account. But that is not the point, I am just afraid that the agency will run away after that leaving us all behind crying.

Oh yea, did I mention that I had been molested? Yes, an uncle at his age of 42, who was on the wheelchair, keep touching my lap and hand. I did not really take any action as I think it's still quite normal and seriously, he has not done anything bad so I thought of respecting but not embarrassing him, since he is physically disable. I stood up later to get the price of the product he requested, then the next thing I know was he laid his hand on my waist, started touching and feeling me and pulled up my shirt !

Felt shocked and angry. I turn around quickly and stared at him. By then, he was in his "I am so sorry" position, with both his hand up as if I am going to smack him and he is defending himself. "Relax" I told myself, and continue explaining to him, until he finally decided to leave us. Thank God !

So, now you know how unlucky I am right? So please be nice to me. I wish to live longer you know? I don't want to die so soon. Give me some lucks okay?

Oh yea, currently I am in the library since the Media Hub closed at 6pm. Waiting for Prince Justin and Princess Mun Suet to come to college. We are suppose to buy something for the camp this coming weekends. They promised to come at 7pm but look at the time now, it's 7.10pm ! So much for being punctual. Luckily I ate a bun before coming up to the library. Left RM 5 in my wallet, and expecting to have a good dinner with them later.

Gheez, I am freezing cold now. The library is like a huge refrigerator, trying to keep us fresh like vegetables. Or perhaps, it is used to preserve corpses. Oh my, I am making the library like a murder scene, and it is so creepy. Haha ! I am just joking alright?

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