Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Entry

Today is 14th of August 2008 and this is the first entry of my blog. Nothing much to type into the first entry though but don't worry, more entries will be coming up soon along my journey of my life. Pictures will be taken and posted up here as long as I am still holding my Multi-Purpose Handphone, which I will name it M-PH.

Life in college is no longer fun. Assignments, tasks, and due dates have became one major burden to me and relationship has added extra weight on my shoulder. No longer happy now and tend to be more emo these days. Hypocrites are now all over around me and I am clueless on what to do.

Anyways, this will be a blog of me writing for the sake of writing. A blog of my life. A blog about my problems. And everything will be conveyed in English. May I have a better life and happy always.

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