Monday, December 13, 2010

Ggrrr... now I'm hungry!

I shouldn't choose a food photograph to post at this hour, now I'm hungry. Darn! The food above may not look delicious due to the blurriness, but trust me, this dish is delicious!

Well, I'm supposed to be on my bed now, but I'm just feeling quite refreshing at the moment so decided to make a short entry. Let's see what I can discuss at this hour?

All I have in mind now is food, and the more I think about food, the hungrier I get. Guess I should head to bed now and sleep, better think of something nice to eat tomorrow, but the house is out of food to eat! Sounded so pitiful. Haih~

Anyway, what I need to do now is to survey for University, check my final subject's result and apply for job, if there is any. Hopefully I can get some of it done by this week? Hahaha!

Oh, and I was also thinking of having a photo shooting around Adelaide, again. Hopefully, I can produce a bunch of good photographs. At least, I will have some memories next time when I go back right? Also, I need to brush up my photography skills. Not that I'm good but at least I should try to maintain or improve a bit. Heck?! What am I talking about? Not 'should' but it's a must! I MUST at least maintain what I've learn or at least get improve!

It's a deal then. Good night peeps! Thanks for bearing all this craps of mine tonight. If you wanna know more about the photograph posted above, do let me know, then I'll blog something about it.

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