Monday, December 6, 2010

A dedication late at night

There is this Chinese saying goes: "We rely on our parents at home while we need help from friends away from home". It should be quite easy to interpret and understand. It merely means we all need friends and tends to depend on them especially when we are away from home.

Staying out of home is what I always wanted, when I was still in Malaysia I always thought of getting permission from my parents in order to stay out, living all by myself thinking that it would be fun. But I know it was impossible.

Today, I've got what I wanted. I am now staying in Adelaide, even further from where I expected. Before enrolling into Taylor's College, I did propose to my mom that I would like to further my studies in Penang, also to persue Communication course. Of course, my proposal has been rejected and hence enrolled into Taylor's College.

Not that I want to complain or whatnot. But I just want to say how thankful I am that my parents pay for my studies in Taylor's College and now in Adelaide. It's not a small sum of money and I know I should be grateful.

Thanks to them I get to know so many more people and got so close with them. The bond between me and them, even though it might not be as strong as the other people, but at least to me, I find it good enough.

I miss everyone back home! How wish I'm back home now meeting up with all of them. Take care everybody. And good night. I should go to sleep now. (It's 4 in the morning now =D)

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Danny said...

the best thing u can do is do ur best there..
c u when u r back :)
take care n add oil :))