Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Presentations & Assignments

It is 8.11pm now and I am currently in the campus library. Trying to do my assignments since IPD presentation is on this Thursday and GS assignment is due this Friday. Kinda worry now as nothing is in done so far, not even 1% and that's bad. Imagine having 2 days to finish reading 100 plus pages of notes and make a good 6 minutes in-depth presentation slides. It's kinda impossible.

Besides that, I spent an hour plus searching for sponsorships for the event (SOC Media Carnival), which is organizing by us (the UniSA year 1 semester 2 students) but I failed to do so. Not that I did not try my best searching but the search engine did not give me what I wanted.

Or perhaps, the information I need was never on the net.

Seems like I had wasted 5 hours of my youth rotting in the refrigerator. Agree? But it's not like what you think. I mean, at least I managed to print some notes, managed to find some definition, and managed to send an e-mail to one of the clothing company. Will be sending 2 faxes tomorrow though. So nope, not wasting my much of my youth.

Is blogging here consider wasting? Hahaha, probably ! Just need some time to relax a while. I am very hungry for you information and don't worry, I will be eating soon. I am that stupid to skip my dinner for these.

Alright then. Got to leave now. Have to continue searching for some notes before going for dinner. That's all for my update !

p/s: Hope Ms Shereen forgives me for not working for her these few weeks.

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