Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Did you took part in Earth Hour just now? Well, by judging on my picture, I guess you know I did. LOL. It was taken during the Earth Hour and now posted on my blog. I personally found it cute, what say you?


Well, my son Darius asked me to blog about him, and since I wanted to update my blog, I shall mention something about him before I'm off to bed. (So sorry for the lousy English sentence as I am really tired now) I don't know where to start though, so let me begin with how I know him.

Well, lets go back to one of the Leo Idol meeting. I don't even notice that such person existed before this, maybe because he was too quiet and was sitting at the corner, people will never notice him. Until one day, he sat opposite me (I suppose) and I was bored, started drawing some stupid pictures or whatnot. Grace and him started commenting and there goes our first conversation.

Later on, I got to know his name and exchanged number and email as well. And so happened during that time his club was selling some stuffs for Valentine and I did supported them since someone so sincere called up to promote their items.

Somehow, during one of the meeting, I suddenly became his dad, and he became my son. Darius Beh aka Tasuke Shibuya is his name, with lots of weird nicknames such as Bear Bear and Tashidemon. And so and so and so... (OMG, my mind is so empty now)

Oh, he gave me this Japanese name too since I am the dad, Jyusuke Shibuya. Sounds cool I guess, what you think? Well, at least I 'have' a Japanese name now. LOL. Err, what else. Oh yea, my son is good in shooting people, as in critique. And he likes to bully me too.

A good dancer, always go to arcade to play with those machines. Try catch him there one day (if you want to meet him). 

Arrrgghhh... sorry, brain is jammed now. I need to shut down already. Good night people.

2 inner voice(s):

Ban said...

Wah, not yet married but got a son already! Anak haram ni...

-hanz- said...

The picture reminds me of the movie poster, Quarantine. Haha. Cute? I don't think so. Haha. LOLZ!