Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Report

Today's plan was go take my blood test report, go for breakfast with mom and sis, then go to college for my afternoon class. But guess what? Plan changed. I did not attend class and I went to the hospital instead.

I guess it took the doctor quite a long time to examine and explain my report to me and my mom. Something went wrong in my body and she had wrote a refer letter for me to pass it to the doctor in a hospital. 

Mom was worried, asked me to skip my afternoon class and off we go to the hospital. The doctor told me that my case is not really a major problem, but this is the reason behind my sleepiness and swollen on the eye-bag side lately.

Another blood test was done. I was told to stop all medication immediately. And I need to undergo another body check-up tomorrow in the hospital. Have to skip college for another day!

Hopefully I will get well soon and be as good looking as last time. Haha!

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