Friday, March 20, 2009

Rumor Kills...

Rumor is indeed a deadly weapon and it can use to destroy someone's life. And I mean it literally! I've face rumors too, but luckily it did not destroy my life, otherwise I will kill the person who spearheaded in spreading the lame rumors.

Well, you see, I was sick 2 weeks plus ago and on and off, I keep having headaches and slight fever and others too. Instead of meeting a doctor, I took my own medicine, Chinese Traditional or Western, you name it, I've tried all!

Went for a blood test last Thursday at a lab near by, wanting to know what had happened with my body. I still feel the same on and off until the day I went to collect my report on Tuesday. When the doctor explain my report to me, she was shocked to see the readings for my liver was quite high as compare with a normal person.

(as you know, when you do a blood test, there are lots of readings with all sort of medical terms. I don't know what are those term, but it's all under the liver category)

She said it was quite shocking to see such result and she is also not sure why is the showing such high percentage. (a normal person will have around 50% for instance, I got about 500% to 800%) So she wrote me a refer letter and asked me go to the hospital for a full body check up.

I went to the hospital straight on that day, skipped class. Did another body check up and blood test. And went back again another day for screening and to collect my report. According to the doctor, I am just having liver infection, and it also causes my sleepiness and possibly the eye bag too. He wanted me to stop all medication and start resting at home.

So, I'm cool now. All I need to do is rest more.

But funny and weird rumors has spread around, saying that I've got Hepatitis A or B (what the heck?!) and as well as Diabetics (how does this relates to my liver?) and needing a Liver transplant (so bladdy creative! a good one though) urgently. Some even said I've already stayed in the hospital for 2 days (I think my own bed is so much comfortable) and they made it sounds like I am dying soon (touch wood!). I heard another one today, they said I got Dengue (o...kay) and caused another friend of mine who was absent Dengue (*speechless*) too! What a joke!

So, let me defend myself:

First of all, I am NOT having Hepatitis A nor Hepatitis B, NO Diabetics too! I am just having, liver infection according to the doctor and I guess it's a minor one.

So liver transplant is needless, thank you very much.

I've been staying at home all these while, so nope, never stay in a hospital.

And nope, NO Dengue too! Government workers are working hard recently spraying repellent fog, so those tiny little mosquito shouldn't be a problem to me now.

Oh, not to mention, I am NOT dying so soon. 

So, don't worry my beloved classmates! I'll be fine okay?

4 inner voice(s):

samanthacje said...

that's what happens when one decides to self-medicate and takes too many medication and pills.

oh crap.

Zach said...

glad that you're fine. ^^

Ban said...

Bwahahahahahahaha... so farny! So bloody creative indeed.

But consider to stop taking the chinese medicine. It could be the herbal medicine wasn't good for your liver.

-hanz- said...

rumours make you stronger =)

rest more!