Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting Well

Well, after suffering for almost a week, I am feeling much better now. Thanks for caring everyone. And guess what? I am not blogging with my laptop, my first entry with the help of my new laptop, so nice! Should I really consider what my sister told me earlier, by naming my laptop? Hahaha~

Even though I already feeling better, my eyes still look kinda swollen and I am wondering why. Can anyone help me to cure this problem? People keep asking why is my eyes so... bengkak? Hahaha, and they have been asking me for 4 days straight!

So let me update you guys a bit of my class. This semester, I have 3 male lecturers and 1 female lecture, and I believe I will enjoy my class (in fact, I must make sure I enjoy those classes) even though it requires lots of reading and essays writing. In this semester, I will be learning something about broadcasting, advertising, video digital media and as well as media context.

So yea, I just hope everything's fine.

Oh yea, there will be education fairs next weekends on the 14th to 15th in Mid Valley Exhibition Hall (Napei Fair) and KLCC Convention Hall (Facon Fair), and I will be working for Napei Fair. This time, no more yellow shirt with black cap, but I will be wearing formal with neck tie!

So you know what to do, come over, say hi, and possibly, let's go for lunch or dinner together! LOL~

2 inner voice(s):

Ban said...

Fuyo, someone is enjoying his new laptop. Give it a good name, yah?

Stephy: said...

hey..congrats wor for a new laptop. i alwiz wanted to buy one for myself but since my company alr given me one, i dink i dun need to waste my money first hor..:) but i do like to hv one eventually so that i can download whatever stuff i like. no restrictions. just wondering wat model of laptop better??? is HP good?