Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dedicated to you, my friend

"dude.. previously and maybe now.. our blog are emo too.. XP but well .. i'm fine now.. so feel better and guess everything should be better now.. no worries.. thanks.. (:"
-James Khor-

I don't know if I am right or being ethical posting this entry, but I just feel like expressing my feelings. Quote above was left by him in my Cbox and that will be the final message left by him. I was really shocked last night (or rather early this morning at 1 something) when I get to know about the news that he had moved on.

Shocking as I remembered he just left me a message in my blog and I'd also replied him that day too. Shocking as I kept seeing his MSN notification keep popping out on the right corner of my screen. It was like I see you just a moment ago and suddenly you are no longer existing.

Sorry if I used the wrong words or anything here is offending you.

I know him through club event. If I am not mistaken, Pinang was the place we first met and then we never chat with each and other after that. How ironic it is right when I mentioned friends on the title? But somehow, he came to my blog one day and that is when we were connected with each other, and became friends.

Blogging (sometimes) can really connect people I tell you. Starting with the blog tagging game, he tagged me and I replied his tag, and soon chat on the Cbox and through MSN sometimes. Cheering and praising each and other. The feeling is so different to the first time I met him.

I used to thought that he is a stuck up person. Perhaps it's because of my introvert personality or something, I never had good perception towards him. However, after when we started chatting and knowing more about each other, I found him a quite friendly and nice person.

Remember talking with him about my photographs and my newly bought SLR, he seems to be interested in photography too. His blog is full with outing and pictures of food and objects, and I promised him that I will make him one of my subject in the future when I got my skills improved. But it seems like my promise can never be fulfilled anymore. I've to say sorry about it.

Yes, you might find it stupid that I actually blogged about this, since I only met him once, chat with him a few times over the Internet, and had unintentionally made an empty promise to him. But to me, I've already considered him as my friend, and I am not feeling so nice about the 'moving on' thing.

And again, not that he will see this, not that everyone will appreciate this entry, but I will. This is for myself and I will appreciate my blog. Anyhow, if I am a religious person I will pray for him, since I am not I just have to say: "Rest in peace, my friend".

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**~kiNki 小琪~** said...

你的朋友james1 号时才留言给你!!

teapot said...

We all felt the same. Sad and gloomy upon knowing the tragic news. It happened that Kelly, another victim is also my friend. Till now, I'm still constantly asking myself whether this is real, although I know the fact is that they are gone. I know it happened, but just simply cannot believe it. Maybe its my own way to make myself feel better. Anyway, we gotta move on and let them be remembered always.