Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4th Day in Adelaide

Wanna know what happened to me on my 3rd day of arrival? Do read on! The following entry will be one of the backdated posts I've typed out on Microsoft Words during my free time. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.


09 Feb 2010 1159hr Adelaide time

Today was considered a special day. In the morning, we went to the city again to work of our stuff. And so, finally we got our self a bank account and an Australian phone number! Finally get to contact people and all I need now is to get more contact from my friends and Uni mates. We went to one of the food court around and had lunch before heading to a shop by the name ‘Cheap as Chip’ for some grocery shopping.

Shopping here you need to bring your own plastic/recycle bag. They will never give you plastic bag unless you request for it and that you need to pay 10 cent each. So if you want to save on that, buy a recycle bag for $1 or 99 cent at some places and bring it along wherever you go.

Guess what? We finally met someone we know from Taylor’s! They are staying downstairs all the while and because we don’t have any kind of connection, they can’t find us and we don’t know how to search for them too! Mas and Rubee are like our savior you know?

We went to the Uni to use the PC. I supposed we are not allowed to use it before registering our self but we were sort of desperate that time. Got online and pay our rental through online banking. Suddenly we saw someone familiar, they were Cindy, Ivan and Javin! What a coincident! Cindy had her friend Ian dropped by and after that, we went back to my apartment for some chit chat.

Later on, Mas and Rubee brought us to Coles. It was a 25 minutes walk from our place and we did some grocery (food) shoping over there. Back home around 2100hr and only get to cook for my own dinner. Dinner was bad though, I had, broccoli, tomato, bacon and an egg. I really need to learn how to cook now! Ish~

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