Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visiting China Town

Another backdated entry on 10 Feb. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.


10 Feb 2010 1145hr Adelaide time

Well, what happened today? We went to the Uni thinking of doing some amendments on our fees and health care insurance but they ended up telling us to make an appointment with the person in charge tomorrow. So after that, we went to the computer barn and log in to the net in order to go through on our subjects since we are supposed to enroll tomorrow. I really don’t know what to do, or which subject to choose as there are so many courses available. Some of them seem to be really interesting but I am not allowed to pick that due to some reason.

Well, we will see how tomorrow.

William contacted me today and we met up in the city. Basically I went to Randle Mall and met up with Ivan and Javin first then William came over to their place for a meet up. Had a chit-chat session at their place till dinner time, only we headed to China Town for dinner. Woohoo, first time going to China Town!

After that, we pass by this ice cream shop, Ivan said that it’s really nice and he bought a tub of ice cream. William got me a cone and guess what, it cost $4 per cone!! We went back to Ivan’s place and had some more ice cream!

I left around 2150hr to the bus stop, and my bus reached around 2215hr. Well, basically had a great day today =) It’s supposed to rain today, but it’s still not raining! And I hate the wind cause it creates some weird noise on the roof and it sounds so freaky!

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