Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good weather today!

Finally back on track, don't forget to read the entry about yesterday, posted on the same day too. It serves as a diary:

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11 Feb 2010 1045hr Adelaide time

Today’s weather is considered very good! Why? Let’s start with the time I woke up. Since my room is facing the east, every morning when the sun shines, even though there is a sun shade/blanks blocking, the heat can still be transmitted through and my room will become like an oven. I will start sweating and it really feels so uncomfortable! Then from day 1 till yesterday, I will definitely wake up before 0800hr which is 5.30am Malaysia time. But today, with good weather, mainly because it was kinda cloudy outside, I woke up at 9 instead! I do sweat though, but not as much as usual.

It then started drizzling when we were about to leave to Uni. I left the Uni around 1600hr wanting to go to the city and it was still drizzling, luckily it stopped when I reached the city.

Today, I went to Ikea for dinner. William and Javin told me about the pasta buffet in Ikea, meaing we will have unlimited rounds of pasta, and you only need to pay once! How cool is it? Since I skipped lunch again, I had 3 plate of pasta, damn fattening I tell you.

Later on, we headed to Harbour Town and went into Woolworths aka Woolies (according to them) for some grocery shopping (again). Headed back to the city at 2100hr and took the other bus back to my place.

Well, this is it. I’ve spent my day travelling around and spending so much now. Broking soon though!! But I like the way I am going to the city, 6 days in a row since Day 1.

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