Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm finally in Adelaide!!

Dear all! I've finally arrived on Saturday (6 Feb) morning and I have no Internet access, so the following entry will be one of the backdated posts I've typed out on Microsoft Words during my free time. It serves as a diary:

p.s. No photographs attached.

07 Feb 2010 2130hr Adelaide time

It’s 9.30pm now and I am still having an empty stomach. Well, was quite tired earlier I slept till 8.30pm just now. Took a bath and still wondering what I want to eat. My second day in Magill, Adelaide and I am not quite used with their closing-shop-at-5.30pm-life-style. I am sorting photographs taken during Jean’s farewell and the more I see, the hungrier I am. Food, I need food.

What is there I can find in this house was, a loft of bread, and a bottle of peanut butter. We did not really manage to get food or cooking materials here due to the time. It’s Saturday and every shop closes so early!

Friends were hard to be contacted as everyone seems to be staying far away. I am looking forward to the arrival of Rachel, Sherry, Kien, Teck Weng and the rest. Gonna need their help especially the first 3 I’ve mentioned earlier.

Yesterday was just rough day. After approximately 8 hours of flight, but only less than an hour of cat napping, I died-ed off quite early at around 5pm. Weather was quite cooling yesterday (and was burning hot today), unless your body part contacted with the sun and you will only feel like your skin is burning. Yeap, I supposed I’m gonna go darker real soon if I keep going under the sun regularly.

While I was in the plane, I watched 3 movies (namely: The Confession of a Shopaholic, Astro Boy, Mulan) and just a few minutes of cat nap. Did hardly get to sleep, and the deepest nap I had on plane, it came along with a ‘nightmare’, and it shocked me up. Bah~

Been going to the city these 2 days and gonna get myself a phone number soon. Tomorrow is Monday, will be going to the University to settle some stuff and might have enough time to head over to the city to get myself a bank account, and then need to start settling with my phone and hopefully the internet service too.

Still hungry (><)” and my tummy is protesting against me! How pitiful~

p.s. I am considering to get myself a bicycle, should I?

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-hanz- said...

You can take my bicycle if you want :)