Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday | Sister

Dear Sis,


Well, nothing much to say actually. Coz I am not used to do this. And you know lar, I don't normally give you anything right? I guess all I did was just saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. That's all...

So, since I am not around this year, I am sure you are not expecting much from me too. Better still, less expectation, less stress from me.

But then, out of your expectation, I actually already did got you something. And that something is actually located in my cupboard. So, all you need to do now, is to finish reading this entry, then go up to my room, search through the cupboard.

If I am not mistaken, that thing is in a plastic bag. And it has 2 things inside, and I am telling you to use it instead of keeping it alright. I will demand for prove. Don't understand what I am saying? No worries. Go upstairs now and search for it.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Have a good time and pleasant birthday!

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