Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random update

Aiks.. I left my blog unattended again!

I so wish I have the initiative to come into my blog and at least type something every day. Make it like a diary. Or something like a diary.

Anyways, stuck in the Mac Lab listing to all my own recordings.. sound of the nature. And a P2 assignment is coming up soon. I knew it wouldn't be a good piece.

My jeans is so tight! And it made me feel so uncomfortable at my crotch.

Bah, talk about being random, I am totally random now!!

I feel like going to the toilet now (oO)

2 inner voice(s):

Danny said...

hmm.. just wondering about the tight jeans issue..
the cause might be interesting horr? ;p

Alan C. said...

er... what is causing ur jeans tight?