Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back from the break!

I know, I know. It has been long, since the last update. But I was busy before this, with tons of assignments and stuff. But of course, my assignments weren't that many to explain that I only come update today. After the assignments, as usual, I went to relax myself. Went out with friends, sleep late, go out, sleep late... and the same o' routine.

So finally today I decided not to go anywhere. 1 hour and 15 minutes before class, I will be sitting down here doing all my personal stuff. For example, update blog? Hahaha! So many problems occured throughout my dissapearance here. But it's hard to tell what happened.

Happy or sad, life must still go on. Mom Skyped my that day, telling me that there was a suicide case near our house. A boy, jumped down from the bridge linking SS15 and Carrefour. Money problem. Apparently he played some online game, with real money, causing his to lost RM14K. I don't know what he played but he ended up commiting suicide.

Mom is worried that I might ended up like that due to not able to deal with my own stress. But need not to worry, I guess even if I am too stressed out I won't choose to end my life like that. I mean, I believe I can still move on with my life, just try to stay away from any harmful, what you call that, temptation.

I went to Perth on the last 2 days of my mid term break, to meet up with my family who went to Perth for a vacation. It's great to see them indeed. I mean, after 3 months aparted, it's nice to see someone who are close to you. It has been quite some time since I lean on my mom. Haha! Or being a mummy's boy. Haih, I missed the good time at home.

Perhaps I will upload a picture or 2 here. But no promises. Keep track on my Facebook if you want more photographs. Currently clearning my external hard disk, till then I wont be transfering photographs to it. So you guys gotta wait if you are expecting for photographs.

Cheers mate! I've finally updated my blog. Shall see when is the next update =P

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