Friday, May 21, 2010

Noisy morning

Some of you were asking what is the cause of my tight jeans? Well, the answer is simple, really, it's all because I've already gain weight! My tummy is getting bigger and I assume sooner or later I need to buy new jeans!


This morning. Around 8am, I was disturbed by all these birds outside my room (like obviously). I believe they were all on the tree top and making love or what not, waking me up is not really nice.

I try to go back to sleep but I couldn't. There were too many of them and I feel so annoyed. I mean, those annoying and noisy birds, should die! LOL. I feel like getting a flamethrower and burn them all down!!

Not long after the birds flew away, the next wave of annoying noise attacked me! Alarm clock. It triggered off at around 0845 to 0900 and going on and on non stop! I didn't know what to do about it. Feel so depress cause I got to wake up earlier than I am supposed to be. (=.=)

On a Google page with "ways to destroy an alarm clock without a trace". Hehehe...

When I was on my way to the Uni in the city I felt so tired and not feeling that well.. Feel like puking somemore.. aiks!

Anyways, needa go off for a stage play. Tata!

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